HAWRR Chapter 266

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (10)

This time, their discussion meeting did not have any big resolutions. Ultimately, the base decided to send a message to several other large bases to hold a conference.

Gu Shengyin also started chatting with the system at this time.

“System, how did the zombies of this world form?” Gu Shengyin furrowed her brows.

This catastrophe was an unfathomable mystery, as if the whole world mutated in one night.

The white light on the system flashed: “This did not appear in the original plot. The system can only detect abnormal energy fluctuations in the south.”


Gu Shengyin’s eyes turned to look towards the distance. Was that the destination of the zombie tide?

Gu Shengyin went to officially report to her group today.

Group 1’s headquarters was in the eastern district of the base. In terms of their resources and facilities, it was one of the best in the entire Imperial Capital base.

Gu Shengyin had been intrigued by many facilities on the way there. There was a lot of equipment for training physical fitness and abilities. Many ability users were either training their abilities or sparring with each other.

In this world, strength was power, and made the possibility of surviving greater than those without strength.

No one dared to slack off.

She also attracted a lot of attention.

As Gu Shengyin walked into the innermost office, those ability users began gossiping:

“Who is that great beauty? Is she a newcomer to our group?”

“You don’t recognize her? That’s the renowned and prominent Li Jia’s eldest lady, Li Shengxi ah. I heard that she awakened her ability.”

“She joined this group when she just awakened? It seems that her potential is not low ah!” Someone sighed with sorrow.

During the apocalypse, there were a total of nine levels to an ability.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

After the ninth level was the legendary king level.

When abilities first awakened, they were all level one abilities. At first, everyone thought that the level of an ability always awakened at level one until the appearance of a high-leveled ability user proved otherwise.

Later, they discovered that not all ability users were at level one when they first awakened. There were a small number of people who, when they awakened, had reached level two, level three, and even level four.

Similarly, their abilities were more powerful than the average abilities and increased at a faster rate.

Now, the only king-leveled ability user on Earth, Lei Ting, was said to be a powerful level five ability user when he awakened.

The minimum requirement of Group 1 was also level five. Could it be that this Miss Li from Li Jia was also an awakened level five genius?

“How could that be possible? With an ability power as strong as Lei Ting’s, there’s only one person in the whole world. You can’t use some average person to compare with him.” An arrogant man said disdainfully.

His words were not very pleasant to hear. Although some people frowned when they heard this, nobody refuted him.

At a closer look, the people around the man looked at him with eyes that contained a trace of fear.

This man was called Mu Yi, a level seven metal ability user. 

Level seven ability users, even against a group, were also very powerful experts, let alone the metal ability power, which was known for formidable attacks.

Mu Yi’s temper had a bad reputation within the base, and he hated people born from prominent families.

It was said that the cause of this was when the apocalypse broke out: Mu Yi’s parents, who were ordinary people, were not rescued in time and died in the mouths of zombies. From then on, he harbored malice towards those who enjoyed privileges.

As for him disliking Li Shengxi, there was another reason.

Mu Yi had once confessed to Li Shengxi. At that time, Li Shengxi, who had just learned that Zhao Ziqi did not hesitate to betray her, had refused him with a very nasty attitude.

JMin’s Corner:

Poor Mu Yi just happened to confess at the wrong time. Smh. *Wipes fake tears*

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao im winging my semester so hard rn

i started studying for my midterm today less than 2 hours before i had to go take it

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