HAWRR Chapter 265

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (9)

After Gu Shengyin’s ability power was tested, she was incorporated into Imperial Capital base’s ability team, which was headed by Li Jia.

Even if she was the most favored and spoiled daughter of Li Jia, she also needed to shoulder the responsibilities of an ability user.

It was precisely because these ability users had been fighting bravely at the front lines that the safety of ordinary people was guaranteed. They enjoyed better treatment than ordinary people, but no one felt that it was unfair.

Gu Shengyin was a member of the Imperial Capital base.

(Ari: therefore she has to fulfill her duties)

The ability users of the Imperial Capital base were divided into ten squads. Each group had a maximum of one hundred people and were divided according to their strength. Squad One was comprised of the strongest ability users in the Imperial Capital base.

That evening, Gu Shengyin sat there quietly, waiting for the results.

Li Jia informed the other executives of the Imperial Capital base. Although those people did not believe that there would be a zombie tide, under the urgent request of Li Jia, they still ordered their ability users to avoid the area that Gu Shengyin pointed out.

The Imperial Capital base’s satellite also began to monitor that area.

Even though it was now the midnight, they still had not seen any movement.

Many people relaxed. Li Minglang even comforted Gu Shengyin: “Don’t worry, perhaps there was a mistake in your premonition. This is very normal…”

Gu Shengyin’s eyes stared at the screen attentively: “Wait, look!”

Her words attracted everyone’s attention.

“Notify the researchers. Open the map again.” Li laoye was the first to discover something amiss and gave the command.

The entire central region was displayed in front of everyone. Afterwards, everyone’s expression became unsightly.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Everyone could see the countless red dots that were gathering from all directions. Although the speed was very slow, it could be seen that the convergence was only a matter of time.

What those red dots represented, there was no one who did not know — zombies.

During this night, all of the upper echelons in the Imperial Capital base had no rest. Nobody could estimate the lethality tens of thousands of zombies converged would have. What kind of power could withstand this attack?

The Imperial Capital base imprinted that night within their memories. Gu Shengyin, who had successfully predicted the zombie tide, naturally gained respect.

“Would Miss Li be able to predict what the zombies’ purpose is?” The person who spoke wore a suit and had a pair of silver-rimmed glasses, exuding a gentlemanly temperament. He was the master of Zhong Jia, Zhong Lingyu’s father, Zhong Changchuan.

In regards to this man, Li Shengxi held a lot of admiration. Zhong and Li, these two families, had always been on bad terms. However, this master of Zhong Jia had been doing his best for the sake of the country and for the people.

However, Zhong Lingyu’s mother passed away early. Her (ZLY) relationship with her father had not been good ever since she was young. Once she awakened her power, she did not stay in the Imperial Capital base and chose to go to the far north.

She shook her head, “I can only tell that their goal is not the Imperial Capital base.”

Many people sighed in relief when they heard Gu Shengyin’s words.

Gu Shengyin was telling the truth. This group of zombies did not target any human base. Instead, they congregated and headed to the southernmost glaciers of Earth. Even if the climate was extremely bad and countless zombies collapsed there, unable to withstand the extreme cold, the remaining zombies did not stop their journey.

It was like…there was something summoning them.

Inexplicably, Gu Shengyin had a bad feeling in her heart.

JMin’s Corner:

Just to give my lovely readers a warning, this arc has a very, very sad scene. I cry every. single. time I read this arc. =w=

There will be some foreshadowing in the later chapters so you guys will know. Of course, it may just seem sad to me but not to some of you guys. 😉

Ari’s Corner:

hi hi guys it’s 6:35am and I haven’t slept and I have a night shift today pray for me

I’ll try to get an extra chapter out this weekend but I have to cover a coworkers night shift too so hahahhaa we’ll see

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