HAWRR Chapter 264

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (8)

Gu Shengyin smiled and quickly said: “Third brother, I was knocked unconscious and kidnapped. He saved me.”

Li Minglang’s handsome face eased and sincerely said to Leng Bingbing: “Thank you, Mister…”

“My codename is ‘Ice’,” Leng Bingbing said.

Li Minglang stared blankly, codenamed Ice?

He looked towards Leng Bingbing with hidden vigilance in his eyes: “I didn’t expect you to be Frost base’s top ice ability user. For what matter have you come to my Imperial Capital base?”

At that moment, Gu Shengyin said, “Third brother, I have been standing here for so long, how about going in the talk about it?”

After the two of them passed the inspection and were determined to not carry the virus, they were brought back to Li Jia by Li Minglang.

Li Jia had already learned the news of Gu Shengyin’s safe return. At this point, many people gathered in the hall of Li Jia.

After enduring a wave of concern from her family, Gu Shengyin began to talk about her experiences during the past few days.

“Those two ability users, my Li Jia, will absolutely not let them go.” Li laoye immediately issued a wanted order, Joe Cheng1 and Laizi were considered to have entered the blacklist of the Imperial Capital base.

Gu Shengyin did not think that this was excessive. Even if Joe Cheng1 had showed goodwill towards her, she had already advised the other person not to go where the zombie tide would pass in return.

However, the sins that he had committed could not be written off. Before doing anything, one must consider the possible consequences.

“….When I was in the car, I discovered that I had awakened an ability.” Gu Shengyin dropped a bomb.


The people of Li Jia were surprised and happy. Their family’s Shengxi was their whole family’s treasure. Having no ability had always made the whole family very worried. After all, in this apocalyptic world, being an ordinary person was truly too difficult.

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She did not conceal it and told them what she had told Leng Bingbing earlier: “Today is already the fourth day. If there is no accident, a zombie tide will have already appeared.”

The people of Li Jia were still stunned by the shocking news that she had brought when Gu Shengyin gave them an even bigger shock.

She lifted her right hand and a light flashed in her hand, releasing a pure and holy aura.

“I actually awakened two abilities. In addition to prophetic abilities, I awakened…the power of Light.”

This time, even Leng Bingbing raised his brow. She was unexpectedly a rare dual ability user!

No need to mention the power of prophecy, the power of Light was also an extremely rare power during the apocalypse. Leng Bingbing had only seen one person who possessed the Light ability. That ability was as weak as a chicken and could only be used as a flashlight.

It was absolutely not like the light in Gu Shengyin’s hands, which made people feel peace within their hearts. Nobody could dismiss it. The Light power glimmering around those white fingertips was soft and delicate to the point where it seemed like a work of art, with hidden strength.

Gu Shengyin fluttered her fingers slightly and a glimmer of light gently floated from her fingertips. The Imperial Capital base was built using the strongest materials. It could resist zombie attacks, yet the floor caved in faster than the naked eye could see.

Everyone was shocked and looked at Li Shengxi’s elegant white hands. Who could have imagined that this pair of hands, appearing delicate and harmless, actually possessed such terrifying power?

“Good!” Li Grandpa was the first to react and laughed heartily, “Worthy of a descendant of my Li Jia!”

Leng Bingbing also recovered from his shock, thinking that he needed to report this incident to his boss.

JMin’s Corner:

I have no idea why author used ***** but I assume she is referring to Joe Cheng? But forgot his name so author used **** or was just too lazy?? smh. Smh. SMH.

Ari’s Corner:

weewoo guys I have essays that are over two weeks late hahahahaha and exams woohoo

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