HAWRR Chapter 263

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (7)

Leng Bingbing realized that she had misunderstood what he meant and said: “I just didn’t expect that a lady like you would take the initiative to ask for night watch.”

Gu Shengyin paused the movements of her hands and scoffed at him: “Are you looking down on women?”

Leng Bingbing: “Not at all.”

“Well then, it’s settled.” Gu Shengyin checked her gear before lightly jumping up to the roof of the car.

Leng Bingbing glanced at Gu Shengyin with a complicated expression before obediently opening the car door and going inside.

A night without issues.

The next day, when Leng Bingbing woke up, he managed to see Gu Shengyin climbing down from the top of the car.

Her figure moved lightly, and her feet were all carefully placed, ensuring the most effortless path to the ground.

It was easier to see in the daylight than at night. Leng Bingbing could see from her movements that this woman was nothing like the rumors of an arrogant person without powers.

Without even mentioning her abilities, the movements she casually showed just now, couldn’t be done without a background in martial arts.

Gu Shengyin laughed: Her current body had already undergone a transformation by the system, and her stats were around the human peak. Moreover, Gu Shengyin had experienced the world of sword cultivation. Although she couldn’t cultivate in this world, the martial arts were still very useful.

The two ate some food before continuing their travel back to the Imperial Capital base.

“You drive, I’m going to rest for a bit. If there’s a situation, feel free to wake me.” Gu Shengyin told Leng Bingbing freely1, and leaned back into the passenger seat before turning her head to sleep.

Leng Bingbing couldn’t help but turn to look at her. The woman’s appearance was undoubtedly beautiful. Otherwise, those two wouldn’t have had perverted thoughts about her. Even looking at her face up close, there still isn’t the slightest hint of flaw to be seen. Her plump lips were slightly pouted, thinking about it, his tentacle2 feels like it should….

As he realized what he was thinking, a trace of shame appeared on Leng Bingbing’s pale face. He withdrew his gaze, started the vehicle, and turned his attention to the road ahead.

The two had pretty good luck, except for the occasional encounter with a few zombies, there was no big issue.

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Very soon, the two arrived at the Imperial Capital base.

As the largest base of survivors in the world today, the Imperial Capital base had extremely stringent protection and inspections.

Gu Shengyin looked at the long lines outside the base, they were all outsiders seeking sanctuary.

She got off the car and walked past the queue up to those in charge.

“Miss Li?” The eyes of the person in charge shined brightly when he saw her. Li Shengxi was very famous in the base. Moreover, in the past few days, Li Jia practically turned the whole base upside down in order to find her.

The manager made a phone call. Gu Shengyin waited patiently at the side. Leng Bingbing stood at her side without a word.

Soon, a tall man in a camouflage military uniform rushed over.

“Baby3!” The man saw Gu Shengyin and happily blurted out.

Gu Shengyin: ….

Before she could say anything, she was overwhelmed by his bear hug, unable to breathe.

After struggling free from his arms with great difficulty, Gu Shengyin glanced at the man: “Third brother, what are you calling me in front of so many people!”

The man heard what she said, laughed and looked at Gu Shengyin with warm love: “Where have you been during these past few days? You’ve worried us to death. Grandfather, that old man4, did not have a good night’s rest for several days!”

At this moment, he saw Leng Bingbing behind Gu Shengyin and his pampering face abruptly became serious. “Who are you?”

JMin’s Corner:

Third Brother screaming internally: What?! Baobao was gone for a few days and already brought a man back?!

Ari’s Corner:

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last one for today; weekly post will be in 3 days

丝毫不见外 – sīháo bùjiàn wài – meaning: to speak to someone as if they’re you’re own family, without any boundaries

ahem,hem, his lower uhm body part x)


laoren – polite way of saying old man

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  1. Seems like a cute brother! Leng Bing Bing also wants to bring his little brother out eh… XD
    Thanks for dual release!


  2. Oh no! The little bit of purity I saved has been ravaged.
    I initially thought the ‘tentacle’ would be his hand! So many stories dub the naughty hands as claws or paws, I thought it was a natural escalation…
    My purity… come back!

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