HAWRR Chapter 262

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (6)

Gu Shengyin thought to herself, Li Shengyi was honestly just tied up by the two.

She didn’t really have a good way to explain things, so she simply said vaguely: “Every situation has external factors.”

Fortunately, Leng Bingbing didn’t care about the issue. He raised his hand to toss Gu Shengyin something. Gu Shengyin caught it and saw it was a bag of packaged ham.

She was surprised, but Leng Bingbing said: “Your ugly expression when eating the compressed biscuits, now that I think of it, miss young lady must not have experienced suffering before.”

There was a hint of ridicule in his tone, but Gu Shengyin wasn’t angry.

She ripped open the package, and sure enough, the stuff tasted much better than the crappy compressed biscuits. “Thank you.”

Leng Bingbing watched as, even though she ate quickly, she still maintained a good etiquette. It was obviously a natural bearing that was engraved in her bones.

“I’m only waiting to see your so-called ‘prophecy.’ If what you said is true, then this package of ham doesn’t cost anything.” If not……

Gu Shengyin could still understand Leng Bingbing’s unspoken words. However, this issue wouldn’t have any unexpected changes, right?

Four days time was just about the time needed for the two of them to return to the Imperial Capital base.

One night after Gu Shengyin went to sleep, Leng Bingbing gently pressed the earring on his right ear.

“Bingbing?” A husky voice sounded in Leng Bingbing’s ears.

“I’ve already told you, don’t call me by that name!” The beautiful man secretly ground his teeth.

He only heard low laughter from the other end, and after a while the other said: “What happened? Since you’re contacting me at this time, is there a situation?”

Leng Bingbing said: “The mission is going smoothly, but there’s a small complication. I may not be able to return temporarily.”

The other man’s voice darkened: “What happened?”

Leng Bingbing detailed the information on Gu Shengyin and her prophecy of the zombie tide.

The other man was silent for a long time before he said: “Go with her obediently. If her words are true……then think of a way to recruit her!”

As the call ended, Leng Bingbing smiled bitterly: That was the Imperial Capital base’s Young Lady of the Li Family. How could it be so easy to recruit her?

He didn’t realize that, not far behind him, there was a small spot of light floating on a tree leaf.

Even if Leng Bingbing saw it, he would think that light was simply a firefly. During the apocalypse, those small things were rarely seen anymore.

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Gu Shengyin didn’t mind that Leng Bingbing had reported to Lei Ting about her. What she wanted was just that — Lei Ting’s attention on her.

Far north, the man was standing by a window, still pondering upon the information Leng Bingbing had given him.

“Li Shengyi….is it? Seems a bit interesting.” The cold light of the moon shone on his face through the window, sketching a strong and beautiful face.

Like the creations carefully crafted by ancient Greek sculptors, the lines of his face were cold and strong, and his sharp eagle eyes seemed to leave no escape for anyone he set his gaze upon.

“What are you doing?” Leng Bingbing was surprised to see a neatly dressed Gu Shengyin.

“Night watch.” Gu Shengyin looked at him strangely before realizing what he meant.

“Are you afraid that I will sneak away after you fall asleep?” Gu Shengyin said: “Rest assured, the most powerful ice ability user on the planet, such a powerful bodyguard, is something I won’t be willing to discard before I return to the Imperial Capital.”

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