HAWRR Chapter 261

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (5)

“Why wouldn’t you agree?” Gu Shengyin’s face was full of confidence. “I’ve already said, if you believe my words, the worst that could happen is a four-day delay. But if you really encounter a zombie tide, even you would…”

She glanced at Leng Bingbing and said: “I admit that you are very strong, but even if you had strength on par with Lei Ting, you still might not make it out of a zombie tide alive.”

Leng Bingbing was silent, seeming to consider.

Laizi was immediately agitated. The two of them were here on a mission to take Gu Shengyin away, but if this Leng Bingbing took her away, then wouldn’t they have made this trip for nothing?

Laizi yelled loudly: “Don’t believe this woman’s nonsense! She just wants to create an opportunity to escape!”

Gu Shengyin glanced at the fatty coldly and said faintly: “I’m telling you to shut up.”

When she said this, she evoked the power of her Light magic.

Laizi only felt like Gu Shengyin’s words rippled through his mind. He unconsciously wanted to refute, but found that he couldn’t open his mouth for a while.

He looked at Gu Shengyin in shock, but the other didn’t bother looking back at him.

Leng Bingbing looked at Gu Shengyin thoughtfully, before saying quietly: “Very well, I agree.”

Gu Shengyin smiled slightly1: “Happy cooperation.”

The two actually showed no concern for the other two’s goal.

Joe Cheng looked at Leng Bingbing uncomfortably: “Sir, this Miss Li is our target; you doing this isn’t very nice.”

Gu Shengyin sneered: “You knocked me unconscious to take me away and send me to someone, and now you’re talking about kindness?”

Leng Bingbing coldly looked at the two2: “Before I lose my temper, scram!”

Laizi spat on the ground fiercely: “Motherf*cking sissy from who-knows-where, you really took it for granted when we were giving you some face! You grandpa Laizi —”

A blade of ice brushed against his face as it flew past, and Laizi’s words came to an abrupt stop.

He swallowed, face pale.

That ice blade just now… he didn’t even see the other make a move.

If that man wanted to take his life……

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Laizi shuddered and forced a smile: “Just now…. was my bad…”

He opened the car door and said: “May you two please get off the car, we won’t send you off……”

Gu Shengyin scoffed: “Who said we wanted to get off the car?”

Laizi’s smile froze.

Gu Shengyin spoke unhurriedly: “Now I can foresee that we are robbing this car. You two, get off the car ba.”

As Leng Bingbing listened to her calmly saying such shameless words, his eyes flashed with amusement.

There was a trace of anger on Laizi’s face. He carefully glanced at Leng Bingbing’s face, but found that there wasn’t the slightest hint of disagreement in the other.

From this place to the Frost base, even driving would take over ten days, but if they were walking…

Laizi refused to move, but Joe Cheng sighed and got off the car.

Laizi saw that his companion had left and looked at Gu Shengyin resentfully before getting off the car as well.

Gu Shengyin suddenly called out to Joe Cheng: “Remember to go a different route.”

Joe Cheng didn’t respond and kept walking with a lowered head.

“Based on your strength, those two should not have been able to catch you.” Only the two of them were left in the car, and Leng Bingbing suddenly spoke.

He looked at Gu Shengyin with a trace of curiosity in his eyes.

This Miss Li, compared to the rumors, is quite different.

JMin’s Corner:

MC has traveled through enough worlds to be able to act shamelessly with a straight face 😉

Thank you for your patience on the slow updates!

Ari’s Corner:

tfw im american-born and i keep typing with british english LOL wtf is wrong with me

微微一笑 – this reminds me of “A Slight Smile is Very Alluring”; one of my top favorite novels (and tv show adaptation); i highly rec!

冷冰冰冷冷的看着两人 – can i just say…this author makes my eyes bleed sometimes…the word-for-word translation of this is cold icy icy cold cold look at two people

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16 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 261”

  1. I am also an American and I would get confused on how to spell words sometimes due to the American-English and British English as well XD

    Thank you very much for this lovely chapter and can’t wait to read the next one. Best of luck and well wishes.
    ٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶ⒽⓤⒼ♥♡̷♡̷

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  2. Aaaaaaaah, “A Slight Smile is Very Alluring” is my favorite Chinese drama. The acting is good, the story is good and stays true to most of the novel, music is good, background is good. Honestly, haven’t watched a better cdrama yet, though I watch jdrama and kdrama more, so maybe I am still too green to say it.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I love this one! Love O2O is what they call the drama. I read the novel and when I found out it was a drama I went slightly nuts and binged the whole thing in 2 Days.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Love online to offline. It of course captures none of the subtleties of the Chinese title but it does make sense with the overall storyline


      1. Right?? It’s a shame they had to cut some parts because of censorship but it was still very good! I’m impressed at how they translated the novel from print to screen. Usually, they do it very badly a la Princess Weiyang. PW will always make me mad, just thinking about it makes me cringe.

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  3. Hmmm… because of this chap, it got me thinking. So far in her transmigrations , GS and her hubby has always been in the same side. Will there be a chap where at the start GS and her hubby are enemies? With hubby tsuntsun denying not attracted to GS and in the end just eloped not siding with anyone. Thank for the chap!

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  4. Thanks for translating! Love how sassy she’s getting, lol. Hope this arc can cure some of my insatiable need for zombie cns! Will the zombies perform well?!
    A slight smile is very alluring was the wonderful novel that led me to watching my first Chinese drama, it is so cute beyond words.


  5. “冷冰冰冷冷的看着两人 – can i just say…this author makes my eyes bleed sometimes…the word-for-word translation of this is cold icy icy cold cold look at two people↩” I’m dead. Bury me.


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