White Lotus Chapter 2.02

Timid and Fragile White Lotus (2)

sorry this is so late, but I’ve been busy with work and school

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After the ghost was exorcised, the young man, who had fallen to the ground, finally felt like he had a bit of strength again. His trembling hands pulled out an inch-long object. After the light dissipated, it transformed into a two foot long money sword1.

“You saved my life again.” The young man looked at the money sword in his hands as he spoke slowly, his voice was cold and clear, but had a few points of intimacy, as if he was addressing an old friend.

For this young man, the money sword could indeed be considered an old friend. According to his parents, this money sword had accompanied him ever since he was born. He had been able to live in peace all these years because of this sword’s protection.

He gently touched the sword and watched it shrink. Once it became a pendant again, he turned and left. As for the alter, naturally, there were people who would help him clean up.


“Zhang Daoling, Great Master Zhang, who went to catch ghosts again last night, why are you so sluggish?” A bitter and harsh voice rang out from behind the young man.

The young man called Zhang Daoling glanced at the other man, and sneered inside his heart. This person’s glabella emitted darkness, and he would definitely encounter a disaster soon. Looking at the signs, if blood wasn’t shed, then the disaster wouldn’t end. This type of person, he was too lazy to mind.

However, just because Zhang Daoling didn’t want to pay him any mind, didn’t mean that the other would just give up. Seeing that he (ZDL) didn’t bother to respond, the man’s voice filled with more ridicule, “Great Master Zhang, every person must know their limits, your attention-seeking is something only circus clowns do!”

At this time, a petite girl ran in from the door: “Dao-Daoling, there’s a letter for you!”

The girl was very beautiful, with willow brows, round apricot eyes, a small button nose, and delicate mouth. Although the features clearly weren’t that beautiful when seen separately, when they were combined it gave off a mysterious beauty.

Not only that, but her big eyes held a few hints of shyness and timidity, which made people feel as if they can’t help but want to shelter her under their wings, so that she could live peacefully and without any harm.

When he saw the young girl come in, the bitter and harsh man was stunned, and his eyes filled with a covetous light. At the same time, his heart filled with more jealousy2. That Zhang Daoling was clearly nothing more than someone with a false reputation3, but he actually let such a little beauty fuss over him like he was a master — it was too hateful!

After taking the envelope from the girl’s hand and looking at the emblem, Zhang Daoling furrowed his brows. It was actually Tianshi Association again. This was already the third time this month.

“I see, Bao Mianmian, thank you.” Although he was saying his thanks, Zhang Daoling’s voice was still cold and clear, as if the person before his eyes wasn’t a beautiful person, but was actually a random passerby.

“No-no need to thank me, I, I was just doing it in passing.” After saying this, Bai Mianmian’s face flushed lightly, and her eyes were filled with obvious happiness.

When the bitter youth saw this scene, his eyes filled with deep resentment. Just when he was preparing to yell again, Zhang Daoling raised his head and glanced at him flatly, as if he was staring at some dead thing. He actually felt like, if he opened his mouth right now, he might actually become a ‘dead thing’.

On one side, Zhang Daoling was having a silent battle of wills with the bitter young man. On the other, Lin Zisheng and 001 were having a furious quarrel.

[H-H-H-H-H-Host, it really isn’t my fault this time! I-I-I-I-I-I didn’t know the situation would be like this!] 001’s voice was a bit panicked and lost, endlessly echoing in the small and dark space.

“He he.” Lin Zisheng didn’t answer, only ‘he he’d.

You (polite) have received Host’s ‘he he’ attack, critical strike -100000.

[Host-daren, you have to believe me, I really didn’t know that such a situation would occur. I didn’t do this on purpose!] After transferring to this world, 001 discovered how big of a mistake he had made.

It was unknown if it had received some sort of interference, but the system had sent them to three years earlier than the story line. When it wanted to bring Lin Zisheng forward three years, they discovered that they seemed to have been sealed by something. The system transfer simply could not start.

“That’s what you said three years ago.” Lin Zisheng’s voice conveyed a hint of soft amusement. However, after hearing this answer, 001 wasn’t relieved at all, but more fearful.

001: Host-daren, please don’t blacken!

Lin Zisheng: He he, keep dreaming, just accept your death ba!

In fact, this wasn’t Lin Zisheng needlessly making a mountain out of a molehill to make trouble for 001, but rather, three years really wasn’t a short duration of time. No matter who it was, if they were trapped for three years, they would be irascible, especially in such a small space with no light and no sound. If it wasn’t because he could talk to 001 every day, Lin Zisheng probably would have had a mental breakdown by now.

[No, H-Host-daren, th-this time I really did find the cause.] 001 had the feeling that, if it didn’t appease its Host this time, then its beloved Host might really blacken.

“Last chance.”

[If we had transferred according to the time we calculated, the second male lead Ying Qingxuan’s soul power would have been almost exhausted, and it would have been impossible to sustain until the male lead arrived, so the soul would have dispersed. Therefore, in order to ensure the progress of the plot, the world sent you three years earlier, when Ying Qingxuan’s soul was just beginning to weaken.]

In fact, this information wasn’t difficult to find, but the world seems to have secluded its existence so it couldn’t contact the main system at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that the male lead would appear soon, it would still have no way of linking to the main system.

[There seems to be something here that can isolate my signal transmission, which is why I have not received a reply from the main system until now.]

“What is the continuation of the plot from here?” Because he had been trapped here, Lin Zisheng hadn’t had a way to alter the plot in advance, such as changing the time the male and female lead would have met.

[Today, male lead Zhang Daoling received a letter from the Tianshi Association. In three days time, he will come here to exorcise ghosts, along with female lead Bai Mianmian.] 001 informed Lin Zisheng about the current progress of the world’s plot, hoping that he would be able make preparations beforehand.

“Zhang Daoling?” When he heard 001’s info, Lin Zisheng was stunned. Although he didn’t like to read those novels of immortals and gods, he had still heard of the name Zhang Daoling, the legendary founder of the Tianshi Dao. It couldn’t be that he was this world’s male lead, right.

[Yes, the male lead’s name is Zhang Daoling, but whether or not he is the reincarnation of the founder of Tianshi Dao, the main system has not given a reply.]

Lin Zisheng did not continue to ask. Right now, he needed to figure out how to complete his missions. As for the true identity of the male lead, it had little to do with him.

Speaking of which, this place was actually quite interesting. Although the surroundings were a sheet of darkness, Lin Zisheng could still see himself clearly, as well as 001. His current clothing was what he had left the last world in, and not very suitable for this current world.

Ying Qingxuan was sealed here for so many years, he himself probably could not remember anymore. He was obviously an antique-grade ghosty4.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

As he thought this, Lin Zisheng’s appearance slowly changed. His original androgynous appearance became handsome and heroic, his short hair quickly lengthened until it reached the ground, and his white casual wear turned into a set of crimson robes.

The red draped across his body gave him a bit of an evil air. The corner of his mouth curved slightly, seeming a bit arrogant. At first glance, people would feel as if this person was both good and evil, but his eyes were not clear, but ignorant, a bit hazy and dazed.

001: ……

What kind of strange skills did its Host-daren possess?

Now, its Host-daren was Ying Qingxuan himself. Because of his power and arrogance, he had been sealed away for thousands of years, and had gradually forgotten everything. Because time had passed too slowly, in order to protect himself from insanity, he had emptied his heart. His whole being now seemed like a blank sheet of paper, pure and ignorant.

How did its Host-daren manage to do this ah!

“001, what exactly is this place? How was Ying Qingxuan trapped in here?” Now that 001 could connect to the main system, these questions should not be difficult to answer.

[The host’s current location is inside a sandalwood box. There is a strong array on the lid, which is sealing the host within. Also, this is able to seal Ying Qingxuan because the box contains one of his ribs.]

Ying Qingxuan’s background in this world was a mystery, but 001 received the information from the main system, and let Lin Zisheng realize how tragic this antique’s life was!

Although Ying Qingxuan had a human form, he was not really a human, but actually a dragon. Although he had dragon blood, he had not yet transformed into a dragon, and could only be considered a demon with powerful blood.

Because he acted too willfully, he was hated by many humans. In the end, he could not avoid his fate of suffering. In order to prevent him from fighting back, his soul was locked into his rib and sealed into the sandalwood box. 

All in all, in Lin Zisheng’s heart, Ying Qingxuan was a very tragic male ghost forced by his circumstances. 

Now, when he became that male ghost, Lin Zisheng felt like there was nothing good in all of humanity. 

When he looked at the red robes on his body, he suddenly had a different idea. Ghosts wearing red clothes were usually malicious ghosts. Would he be able to be a malicious ghost and get rid of the male and female lead, and the whole world would be over

(Ari: ‘over’ was written in English in the raws)

[Warning, Host. Warning, Host. Please do not have such a dangerous idea. Because the sealing time was too long, the host currently can only utilize 10% of total strength. If the male and female lead make a move, the host will directly dissipate and fly away.]

001’s attitude was very serious. It was clearly not trying to scare Lin Zisheng, but rather stating facts.

After Lin Zisheng heard 001’s reply, he shrugged and wasn’t too disappointed. In fact, 001’s answer was within his expectations, but……

Although it was not possible for him to directly strike act the male and female lead, he could cause some trouble for the other party. Maybe because the two people were coming soon, but the suppression of the imprisonment had lessened a lot. Like 001’s information said, he could now use his demonic power to draw lonely souls and wild ghosts to be the male and female lead’s appetizers.

Ari’s Corner:

tbh this story is actually p difficult to translate

the author loves scattering idioms and figures of speech and internet speech like candy; plus spiritual and Daoist terms are just weird; knowing Chinese as a Chinese American is quite different from being a native Chinese person

I tried my best to translate well enough to convey the author’s original intentions and subtext but some parts were pretty complex

lmao poor random ghosts being used as appetizers for the ML and FL before the ‘main course’ LZS

tbh Zhao Liying p much perfectly fits the description of Bai Mianmian

Image result for zhao liying

金钱剑 – meaning: money sword; used to catch ghosts and demons; handmade with copper coins and red string (this is actually so annoying bc the name is literally ‘gold money sword’ but it’s made of copper coins…..)

here the author uses 嫉妒 (jídù) instead of 羡慕 (xiànmù); the first has a pretty negative connotation; it’s like jealousy vs envy in English, but 嫉妒 is more jealousy mixed with hatred

沽名钓誉之辈 – someone who used unscrupulous means to gain fame

阿飘 – ā piāo – a cutesy name for a ghost, like ‘ghosty’

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