HAWRR Chapter 259

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (3)

Those monsters had no breath, no heartbeat, no emotions, no consciousness — only the instinct to eat.

They were actually dead.

Walking dead, this was the real walking dead.

Nowadays, these kind of creatures was commonly known as zombies.

Zombies feed on the living, and once a normal person was bitten by a zombie, they would be infected and become a new zombie.

Today’s Earth had completely become a paradise for zombies.

Human survivors built several bases.

The largest one was, of course, where Li Shengxi had stayed.

It was where the world’s top scientists, biologists, and politicians of the most powerful countries gathered.

Secondly, it was the base created by some powerful ability users. However, the most famous base, “Frost,” was located in the north.

It was said that Lei Ting, the leader of Frost in the north, was not only a rare mutant thunder ability user, but he had already reached the level of King. He was the sole King-leveled ability user on Earth.

Moreover, he had gathered a large number of loyal subordinates with high-end military power. Even if it was the Imperial Capital base, it might not be comparable to Frost in terms of military might.

Gu Shengyin browsed through the information provided by the system and felt more and more that this Lei Ting was very likely her lover.

After all, in every world, her lover was actually the coolest and strongest tyrant.

Of course, she still had to wait to see him in person to determine the situation.

Gu Shengyin sorted out the plot and calculated the days. After about four days, this group of people would encounter a zombie tide.

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What was a zombie tide?  It was hundreds upon thousands of zombies collectively moving. With just the strength of these few people, it was highly likely they would be swallowed up by the violent zombie tide.

I have to find a way to avoid this, Gu Shengyin thought.

“Who hired you to kidnap me?” Gu Shengyin abruptly asked as she bit her compressed biscuit.

Joe Cheng was stunned and Laizi, who was driving the car, smiled: “Che! Why does it matter who hired us? It’s fine as long as you are obedient.”

Unexpectedly, Gu Shengyin’s expression was exceptionally calm: “I heard you guys talking. It seems that you want to give me to Frost’s leader, Lei Ting. Someone instructed you to do this, right? So what benefits could you get?”

The person sitting in the passenger seat, whose face was half covered by a straw hat, suddenly moved, and a sharp gaze examined Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin’s expression did not change and bore his scrutiny.

She already knew who this man was —— Lei Ting’s confidant, ice ability, Leng Bing Bing.

When Gu Shengyin heard this name from the system for the first time, her expression was like: ⊙﹏⊙b

Which family’s parents would be so heartless as to give their child, especially a son, this kind of name?

Of course, although the name of Leng Bing Bing was weird, his strength was definitely up to par. His ice ability was close to level 9, and there were no more than ten at such a power level in Hua Country.

No one answered Gu Shengyin’s question.

She also did not expect them to and continued her monologue: “Laizi, level 4 fire ability. It was Zhong Lingyu, that woman, who sent you to knock me out and take me away, right? Joe Cheng, water ability and martial arts, Frost base’s free ability. Currently, this mission is a commission that was temporarily accepted.”

She paid no heed to the shocked faces of the two, and slowly looked at the last person.

“Does this distinguished sir….also need me to reveal your identity?”

JMin’s Corner:

A biologist is a scientist, but idk why author separated them…. *shrug*

MC just came to this world and she’s already being shipped to her hubby? How convenient~

Ari’s Corner:

tbh zombie settings always annoy me bc it takes the issues of our current modern society and exacerbates them; why r politicians still in control? bc they (especially corrupt politicians) have the power and resources to survive an apocalypse and then continue to establish themselves at the top; we have so many issues in our world rn but they’re simply symptoms caused by the extreme power disparity

also, if you’re wondering why GSY emphasized the ‘son’ part when she was talking about LBB’s name; it’s bc China’s culture has had a long-running “son > daughter” from way back in history until even now (hence why my life is difficult af rn)

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  1. Leng BingBing was literally born to hold his power. But Mom and Dad Leng, really? He was already cold, you needed him to be icey?

    Thanks for your hard work!

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