Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 18



One by one, zombies were mowed down. They were either stabbed by needles in the head, struck by lightning, or had their heads blasted into pieces.

On the battlefield, there were two people in the midst of zombies.

Dylan was covered in lightning as he ran towards one zombie after another. Each punch he threw was packed with a blast of lightning.

Yilan was always running in circles, keeping a safe distance from the zombies. As a mid-ranged attacker, she was not skilled in any close combat skills. Thus, she had to fight at a certain distance. Every time she threw her needles, they would accurately hit the targeted zombies in the forehead.

Within two minutes, at least half of the zombies were killed.

“Whoo! This is a nice workout session.” Dylan yelled out as he slammed his fist into a zombie’s head.

Yilan rolled her eyes at his remark. “These are the weakest type of zombies. Can this even be considered a workout session?”

Yilan threw three needles from her hand and hit the three zombies that were coming towards her. Dylan threw a large lightning rod towards a group of 5 zombies, blasting them to smithereens.

Seeing this, Yilan pouted, “That’s cheating.”

“Haha, dear sister, this is not cheating! This is called skills!” Dylan laughed loudly.

Yilan saw his smug expression and restrained herself from throwing needles at his face. “Forget it, let’s hurry up and finish the rest of the zombies.”

The remaining 12 zombies were quickly killed by the twins. Knowing that these zombies did not have a nucleus in their head, they started walking back to the RV.

“Look, those people have already arrived. Wait, are they picking a fight with Altyria?” Yilan’s eyes widened and said with surprise.

“What?! We were doing the laborious work, indirectly keeping them out of danger, and now they are picking a fight with Sister?! They got guts!” Dylan cracked his knuckles.

Just before they started running towards Altyria’s location, they felt a sense of danger. Immediately, they threw themselves to the side.


The place where they were standing at had a deep crater. Dylan and Yilan quickly got up and looked towards a certain direction.

There stood a zombie that was creating a giant fireball.

“Holy-! Is this a level 2 zombie?” Dylan had his mouth wide open.

“It might be close to level 3 already. Look how large that fireball is. We might get grilled if we’re not careful.” Yilan said jokingly. “I think it prefers to eat us cooked.”

“Tch! Guess those guys over there will have to wait.” Dylan’s body was once again covered with lightning as he ran towards that fire-typed zombie.

“Yeah, if anything, Boss has a ‘wifey sensor’, so Altyria should be fine.” Yilan ran behind Dylan and got her needles ready.

The level 2 zombie threw its large fireball towards them. Dylan and Yilan dodged and split up. Dylan ran towards the zombie’s left side while Yilan ran towards the zombie’s right side. As Dylan got closer to the zombie, he pounced at the zombie. However, just as he was about to hit the zombie, it disappeared in front of him.


Dylan’s fist hit the ground, causing a lightning blast. In that split second, the zombie was able to dodge Dylan’s attack, indicating that its strength was much stronger than the previous zombies that they had been fighting.

When the zombie disappeared, Yilan scanned her surroundings and spotted the zombie. She immediately threw several needles at the zombie, yet it dodged again.

Yilan felt herself being pulled to the side. Before she could react, she heard a loud noise.


A fireball was thrown where she was standing earlier.

“Phew, you were almost turned into fried chicken.” Dylan pretended to wipe fake sweat from his forehead.

Yilan kicked towards her brother, but he quickly moved away. “This zombie doesn’t seem like a level 2 zombie. The difference between level 1 and level 2 is too great.” Yilan complained.

“Then, let’s just consider it a level 3 zombie. Anyways, this will take a while.” Dylan shrugged as he threw lightning rods towards the zombie.

At the same time, Yilan threw several needles at the sides of the zombie, hoping to cut off its escape route. Against their expectations, the zombie threw a fireball at Dylan’s lightning rods. When the fireball and lightning rods met, it caused an explosion.

Using that short time frame, the zombie quickly escaped to a different area. It raised both of its arms and started forming a large fireball in its hands.

After dodging the explosion, Dylan and Yilan scanned the area for the zombie. Seeing a large fireball forming, Yilan’s brain started turning.

After five seconds, Yilan shouted towards her brother, “Throw your lightning rods at the fireball right now!”

Dylan did not question her and immediately threw two lightning rods at the growing fireball. Instantaneously, Yilan threw several needles towards the zombie’s acupuncture points to make it unable to move. Since it was a zombie, Yilan was uncertain whether the zombie would be immobile just by targeting its acupuncture points. After all, it was a dead body!

Fortunately, nothing went wrong. The needles pierced into the zombie’s body, causing it to immediately become immobile. One second later, the lightning rods came into contact with the large fireball above the zombie’s head and exploded.


“Did we get it?” Yilan asked peeking towards the newly formed crater.

“I think we did.” Dylan answered as he peeked into the crater. “You think the nucleus got blown up too? That would be a shame…”

“No way! How could a zombie nucleus be that fragile.” Yilan pouted. “Yuck, look at this charred rotten meat. I don’t want to shift threw this to find the nucleus.”

Seeing that there were a few small flames, Yilan used her water power and put them out.

“I’m gonna have to agree with you on that.” Dylan smirked as he looked through his space storage for an item to use to sift through the burnt zombie pieces. He didn’t find an item he could bear to use, so he reluctantly decided to use long chopsticks.

“Oh! Found it! Not hard to spot since it is glowing orange.” Dylan laughed gleefully as he used the chopsticks to pick it out and put it at the side. Thinking that he might need to use these chopsticks again in the future, he placed them in a large plastic ziploc and put it back in his space storage.

“Alright then. Let’s go back.” Yilan cleaned the nucleus with her water power before picking it up.

Dylan started walking but paused. He turned his head to the left, and then to the right. “…Where’s the RV?”

Yilan’s steps also paused. She glanced around before spotting the RV towards her left in the distance. “It’s over there.”

Dylan turned his head towards the direction that his sister pointed to and saw the little specks on the horizon. “What?! How did we get that far away from there?!”

Yilan shrugged. “That zombie was probably trying to run away or trying to lead us away from others. Anyways, less yapping and start running.”

Without waiting for him to respond, Yilan started running towards the RV. By the time Dylan reacted, Yilan was already several meters ahead of him.

Throwing his messy thoughts out of his head, he sprinted to catch up with his sister. “Hey, Lan Lan! Don’t leave your handsome brother behind!”

Traveling back several minutes in time, the people who had been following behind had arrived one by one. Some people stayed in their car, while some got off.

“Ah Ting, do you think they will come cause trouble with us?” Zhou Zhi asked as she stared at people getting off the cars.

“It is likely. The group that had a conflict with us earlier at the gas station might take this opportunity to pick a fight with us since Dylan and Yilan are fighting those zombies.” Li Guanting replied as he glanced at the lightning blasts and the zombies being tossed in the distance.

Altyria watched them through the RV’s monitor while drinking a cup of newly brewed tea. However, she wrinkled her brows slightly when she saw a middle-aged woman walk up to the SUV’s tinted window.

*Knock knock*

“Hey, I know you’re in there. Come out, I want to talk.” The woman said arrogantly.


Sorry for the late chapter! Been too busy to translate, much less to write. This chapter was 2/3 done, so I managed to finish it today, as well as translate a HAWRR chapter. 🙂

Fyi, TTTW might go on hiatus again this semester.


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