HAWRR Chapter 256

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (End)

The Light Saintess, Hathaway Louise, received immeasurable glory and love from the God of Light. Whenever she traveled the Aoqi mainland on behalf of the Holy Church, as long as she went to a place, that place would have favorable weather and all creatures and plants would have healthy growth for the next three years.

Everyone said that she must have been sent by God to Aoqi mainland as a messenger to spread God’s teachings.

Originally, this was simply the people of Aoqi mainland praising the Saintess. However, the Saintess’ appearance did not age for several hundred years, thus this rumor was passed on by more people.

Great Emperor Charlie, who was blessed personally by her, was the Crown Prince who was born that year. Like she had predicted, he grew up becoming a man of indomitable spirit.

Great Emperor Charlie was known as the greatest emperor of Aoqi Empire. Under his rule, this ancient empire was like a lion that awakened from its slumber, making the entire continent sense its power.

Gu Shengyin lived for six hundred years on Aoqi mainland.

The Pope already passed away, and the new Pope was extremely respectful to the Saintess, who was deeply loved by God.

One day, she sensed something.

All of the upper echelons of the Holy Church were summoned, and the still young, still graceful Saintess smiled gently.

She said, “These past few days, I have been sensing God’s summons. I assume that I will soon be leaving this mainland that I love dearly.”

All the people of the Vatican turned pale. For so many years, Saintess Hathaway had already become the symbol of the Light Vatican. Now, had the time…finally come?

Many people cried on the spot.

Almost all of them grew up hearing about the Saintess’ deeds. After entering the Vatican, they worshiped this legendary figure. They never thought that even if the Saintess never grew old, she was also just an ordinary person. Since she was an ordinary person, there was always a day when she had to leave.

On the third day after Gu Shengyin said that sentence, the maid, who was in charge of taking care of her, was shocked to find that the Saintess had already eternally closed her eyes when she came to wake her up.

The whole world mourned. 1

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Gu Shengyin was in Heaven being held in the arms of a certain man, watching the Holy Church of Light and the Aoqi mainland hold a grand funeral for her.

“Are you satisfied this time?” Gu Shengyin looked back at the man behind her.

This person had long wanted her to “leave” Aoqi mainland and return to Heaven to live with him. Gu Shengyin had stubbornly remembered the grievances from his lack of control, so how could she be willing to agree to his wishes?

In the end, she stubbornly stayed in the human world for hundreds of years.

Continuing on, the God of Light was estimated to flip out.

The man’s answer was a hot, spicy kiss.

On the second day of the funeral, the clergyman who were responsible for guarding the body of the Saintess looked on helplessly as her body transformed into numerous lights and disappeared into the sky.

There were many witnesses present at the scene. After this matter was spread, everyone said that the Saintess was summoned by God and went to the legendary world of Heaven.

Since then, Aoqi mainland’s rumors of Saintess Hathaway had become even more mysterious.

Gu Shengyin was unable to remember how long she and her lover lived in this world.

Gods were not really immortal. All existences go through reincarnation. This world would also have a time of death and rebirth.

Before the God of Light fell into eternal sleep, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her: “I seem to remember some things.”

Gu Shengyin looked at him with a smile and said, “What a coincidence, I also remember some things.”

The two looked at each other and closed their eyes.

JMin’s Corner:

Yay! Finally end of this arc. Was totally a pain to translate this arc ;o

Next up, zombie arc! Hopefully this one would be a more fun one to translate…

Ari’s Corner:

im really sorry guys; jmin and i haven’t had time to translate in the past two weeks so everything’s going really slow rn

(my manager has assigned me to a million closing shifts and i have sm hw kill me)

山河同悲 – literal translation: mountains and rivers were all sad; aka the whole world mourned

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  1. Finally… this arc ended… this arc rival character really makes me feel like I’m losing my precious brain cells…. On another note, can’t say I’m looking forward to Zombie arc… but mostly because I’m not fan of zombies (I don’t read ahead, okay~)

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    Next up, zombie arc! Hopefully this one would be a more fun one to translate…

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  3. Looking forward to the Zombies!!! Hopefully there will be a catch this time to spice things up a bit more, maybe something like having a weak constitution or something. Thanks for the translation!


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