Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 17

Time passed as Altyria managed to finish 3 trinkets. These three trinkets were different from one another.

One earring, pin, and necklace.

Altyria looked at them with a satisfied expression. Although these trinkets were considered to be one of the lower grades, it was already the best in quality with her current rank in spiritual power.

With her current rank in spiritual power, she should not be able to make these trinkets at all. However, because she was an inscription master, Altyria was able to inscribe the most simplest defense inscription onto the trinkets.

Minor Defense Earring

Defense: 5

Bonus Effect: Able to block a fatal blow. (Once only.)

Minor Defense Pin

Defense: 5

Bonus Effect: Able to block a fatal blow. (Once only.)

Minor Defense Necklace

Defense: 5

Bonus Effect: Able to block a fatal blow. (Once only.)

Altyria made these with Yuan Jin and the other two in mind. Since their well-being was part of their task, she wanted to give them a life-saving item.

She placed them in a little box and set it aside. Just as she started cleaning up the table, the RV’s alarm rang.

*Beep beep*

*Beep beep*

Dylan immediately stopped cultivating and opened his eyes. He looked at the monitor and saw numerous red dots on the screen.

Yilan had stopped cultivating at the same time as Dylan. Seeing the numerous red dots on the screen, she raised a brow and said, “There should be about 50 zombies rushing towards our direction. Shouldn’t be a problem for us.”

Dylan switched the RV to manual drive and slowed the vehicle down to a stop. He turned to Yilan and said, “You should text Zhou Zhi about the zombies. Tell them to stay in the car.”

“Gotcha.” Yilan was already texting Zhou Zhi. She set the phone aside and asked, “Should we tell Boss? I don’t think he stopped cultivating.”

At this time, Altyria, who went to check on Chrome, came over. “Chrome didn’t stop cultivating. It’s probably because he doesn’t think you guys need his help.”

“Sister, you should stay here and watch the RV. I’m pretty sure those restless people who are following us might take this opportunity to cause trouble.” Dylan said while putting on his gloves.

“Okay. I will go give these to Yuan Jin and the others first.” A little box was held in Altyria’s hands.

“What’s inside?” Yilan asked curiously.

Dylan also looked at the box with curiosity.

Altyria opened the box to show them. “They are low-grade trinkets I made while you guys were cultivating. They increase one’s defense by a little bit and will be able to block a fatal blow once.”

“Block a fatal blow?! That’s a life-saving item! Alti, can you make one for me?” Yilan stared at Altyria with sparkling eyes.

Dylan also chipped in, “I also want one, Sister!”

Altyria laughed, “Of course you guys will get one. I just haven’t had the time to make them yet. I made these for the others first since they are our mission targets.”

“Yay!” Yilan yelled out and ran out of the RV. Before Dylan stepped out of the RV, he said, Thanks Sister!”

When she got out of the RV and saw how they were enthusiastically stretching their muscles while waiting for the zombies to arrive, she helplessly smiled.

Zhou Zhi was staring out the window when her phone suddenly made a noise. She saw it was a message from Lan Lan and opened it. Her eyes widened when she saw the message.

Almost at the same time, Li Guanting saw the RV in front of them slow down to a stop. Before he even said anything, Zhou Zhi exclaimed, “Ah Ting, Lan Lan said there are about 50 zombies coming in our direction. She told us to stay in the car and not go anywhere.”

She showed her boyfriend the message.

“Look! Lan Lan and Dylan got out of the RV. Are they going to fight all 50 zombies by themselves?” Zhou Zhi felt worried and restless when she saw that only the two of them got off the RV.

Li Guanting slightly frowned. “Their boss didn’t get off the RV? Perhaps, those two are able to handle 50 zombies. We don’t know their full strength.”

“That’s true…” Zhou Zhi calmed down at Li Guanting’s words.

“Ah, it’s Altyria…” Zhou Zhi saw Altyria walking towards their car that was parked close behind the RV.

Li Guanting followed his girlfriend’s eyes and spotted her as well. Zhou Zhi quickly got off the car and ran towards Altyria.

“Ah Zhi, I came to give you three these.” Altyria opened the box to show Zhou Zhi. “These are defensive trinkets that I made for you guys. Always keep them on and don’t take it off. It will save your life once.”

Zhou Zhi’s heart was filled with warmth and gratitude. After all, their deal was for Chrome’s group to only bring them safely to D Military Base, yet Altyria made these trinkets for their as well.

She smiled brightly and said,  “Thank you!”

Altyria saw her expression and smiled, “You should get back in the car and lock the doors. The people following us may cause trouble when Lan Lan and Dylan are fighting with the zombies. Stay on your guard.”

Zhou Zhi nodded, clutched the little box in her hands, and ran back to the car. Altyria glanced towards the few approaching cars before going into the RV.

When Zhou Zhi sat back in the car, she pressed the button to lock all doors and saw Li Guanting looking worried. “What’s wrong?”

Li Guanting glanced at Yuan Jin before saying, “Yuan ge seems to be in a coma. Earlier, I tried waking him up, but he wouldn’t wake up.”

“What do we do? Yuan ge doesn’t have a fever, right?” Zhou Zhi looked at Yuan Jin before looking at the numerous zombies that had come into sight.

“We’ll have to wait until all the zombies are killed before we can ask Dylan and the others about Yuan ge…Right, what did Altyria say to you?”

“Oh! Altyria made these trinkets for us. It’s supposed to save our lives once. She said they are defensive trinkets. There is one for each of us. Altyria also said that we shouldn’t take these off.” Zhou Zhi opened the box.

Inside the box, Li Guanting saw an earring, a pin, and a necklace.

Zhou Zhi added, “Altyria said that the people following us might cause trouble while Dylan and Lan Lan are fighting.”

Li Guanting looked at the mirror in the car and saw the approaching cars. “Let’s wear these trinkets first. Which one do you want?”

“Of course, I’ll be taking this earring. You and Yuan ge don’t have ear piercings.” Zhou Zhi smiled.

Li Guanting smiled at his girlfriend and chose the necklace. After he put on the necklace, he unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed towards Yuan Jin, who was laying sideways on the back seats.

Yuan Jin was unconscious, and they couldn’t get off the car to put a necklace on him at this time, so the pin was the only choice left.

Li Guanting hooked the pin onto Yuan Jin’s collar before twisting his body into his seat again.

At this time, Dylan and Lan Lan had already started fighting the zombies and the cars behind them was right behind them.

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