HAWRR Chapter 255

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (21)

She smiled gently and bowed to the sole idol of the Light God in the great hall.

“Oh Light God above, your most faithful believer, Hathaway Louise, pledge to dedicate the most pure body and mind to you with no second heart for a lifetime. If there is betrayal, let me be punished with no redemption eternally.”

The Light God supported his chin with a hand as he looked at his believer with a smile. She said that her whole heart was offered to God, but did not mention anything about her chastity.

He recalled her abundant bizarre facial expression when in private, and it was completely different than this holy, dignified appearance. The Light God held his forehead and laughed.

How…could she be so cute.

The entire hall was quiet. Only Gu Shengyin’s clear voice echoed in a steady pace.

The idol above did not react one bit.

Gu Shengyin turned around and leisurely looked at Heidi.

Heidi’s eyes widened: “Impossible. This is impossible! I clearly saw it with my own eyes…”

She knelt down under the Light God’s idol and prayed to God, “Oh God above, you must have been deceived by this woman. I saw with my own eyes that she is not chaste. She…ah!”

Everyone stared in horror as a golden fire of nothingness ignited from her body. 

Looking at the woman who was rolling on the ground because of endless pain, everyone remembered her oath from earlier, “God of Light above, if I, Heidi, am maliciously vilifying the reputation of the Saintess, let me be bathed in the Holy Fire, and be irredeemable for life!”

God was omniscient.

Gu Shengyin looked at Heidi, who had previously knelt and prayed under God’s idol, with no pity in her heart.

In any case, her scheme was unsuccessful. Now, she was pleading while kneeling on the ground, afraid of Hathaway.

“Take this sinner away and expel her from the Holy Church forever!” Gu Shengyin said indifferently.

Immediately, there was a clergyman who came out from the side and brought Heidi, who was in excruciating pain, away.

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The sacred fire on her body was God’s punishment, which was inflicted upon Heidi’s soul and did not affect others.

The Emperor of Aoqi Empire also immediately said that territories of the Aoqi Empire did not welcome sinners who were rejected by God.

Heidi’s anguished voice gradually became distant, and the blessing ceremony that was previously interrupted started once again.

Only this time, everyone had a deeper understanding of the God’s Saintess. Their attitude towards her had become more and more cautious.

The Emperor of Aoqi Empire personally picked up the Crown Prince.

Gu Shengyin gently condensed the power of purifying light to her hand above the area between the baby’s eyebrows: “May the Gods above hear my prayers to grant the most beautiful gift to this child, allowing him to possess unrivaled talent and a beautiful, unselfish character. May he become the most heroic warrior on the mainland, and the most enlightened monarch, bringing peace and prosperity to his people.”

She opened her eyes and withdrew the power from her hand.

At this time, the baby held in the arms of the Emperor suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Gu Shengyin with a giggling smile. His emerald green-colored eyes were perfectly clear, like the most transparent crystal.

Gu Shengyin couldn’t help but to laugh and reach out to gently caress the baby’s tender face.

“Many thanks to the Saintess.” The Emperor sincerely thanked Gu Shengyin.

“Your Majesty is too polite. Not to mention, the Crown Prince is also my little brother. This is also considered me being an older sister doing my best for him.”

Gu Shengyin’s voice had just fallen before a soft white light descended from the hand of God’s idol onto the Crown Prince.

“Many thanks for God’s blessing!” The Emperor was overjoyed.

The nobles of Aoqi Empire was also overjoyed. This was the Light God’s mercy1 towards Aoqi Empire.

Only Gu Shengyin’s face was red. She just clearly heard a sentence in her ear:

“This is also considered an act as his brother-in-law by sending him a meeting gift.”

JMin’s Corner:

She got BUUURRRNED~! Expected nothing less from our ML, taking every opportunity to show his status as MC’s hubby ^w^

Ari’s Corner:

sorry updates r so late rn; tbh jmin and i are dying 

this week i had class AND work every single day and i get home past 10pm after a 13-14 hour day so :/

i just finished my classes today have tmrw (sunday) off so im gonna try to get another chapter out and work on the next white lotus chap too

垂怜 –  translates to ‘kyrie’ which is part of the Greek derived Christian phrase “Kyrie, eleison,” or “Lord, have mercy”; (ex: Matthew 17:15: “Lord, have mercy on my son”); the prayer is simultaneously a petition and a prayer of thanksgiving; an acknowledgment of what God has done, what God is doing, and what God will continue to do

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19 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 255”

  1. Sighhh, I guess even Heidi that poor -not really- cannon fodder can be affected by ML’s hotness *pun intended*! Well, I’m happy that MC’s hubby burned the rotten white lotus and heh! Look at that, the godly ML noticed our cute MC swearing her heart to god but not her chastity.
    Thanking Translator-Sama’s for gifting us awaiting readers with this rewarding chapter, you’re awesome and I’m loving this! I hope you guys can survive your classes, don’t stress too much, keep healthy and survive the horrors of education! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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  2. Thank you for the chapter! ❤ Hubby don't play. He just goes for it, burning the green tea bitch and giving a greeting gift to his future brother-in-law. Also, don't worry about irl, at least you release your chapters more than once a month, there's at least one story I read that does that and I get so confused. Also, at least you didn't get the crazy polar vortex we got where I live, Wednesday had a high of -14°f (-25°C)

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  3. I know she deserves it
    But I still feel pity… Why did they have to burn her? MC truly wasn’t chaste, but I guess it’s a nice conclusion


    1. Re: Mino Micha,

      It all came down to the “maliciously vilifying” from her oath; hubby knew exactly what Heidi was thinking when she did this, and it was as malicious as can be (literally wanted MC to die so she could become the next Saintess). If that’s not malicious, then I don’t know what is.

      I mean, she did say to burn her and make her irredeemable if she was maliciously vilifying her, so God of Light only followed her wishes, so technically he just gave her exactly what she asked for…


      1. On another note, the punishment technically had nothing to do with Heidi pointing out that MC was no longer chaste, it was all about the “maliciously vilifying”, which Heidi 100% percent did.

        In this case, the reason for the accusation was actually more important than either the accusation itself, or the veracity (truthfullness) of the accusation (based entirely on the oath Heidi swore).


        1. Last note, if she would have left out the “maliciously vilifying” and just said something about her still having her virginity, she wouldn’t have been punished like that; it would have been resolved differently (maybe even by the God of Light coming out personally and stating that MC is his woman, or something similar). (Not saying that she wouldn’t have received some type of punishment, but it wouldn’t have played out like that).

          The irony is that a just god who can see people’s hearts and intentions, even if they (GoL and MC) had no personal relationship, would be duty bound to punish Heidi strictly based on her own oath.


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