HAWRR Chapter 254

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (20)

For the next half month, Heidi didn’t make any moves.

Gu Shengyin knew that she had not given up, but was waiting for an opportunity instead.

After the birth of the Crown Prince of the Aoqi Empire, His Majesty the Emperor personally came to ask the Holy Church for a blessing.

His Majesty the Emperor of the Aoqi Empire was Hathaway’s blood-related uncle, and the Crown Prince could also be considered her brother1.

When his Holiness the Pope came to Gu Shengyin with the request, she agreed to travel to the Imperial Palace without hesitation.

The Aoqi Imperial Envoy returned with a face full of joy. It was well-known that the higher the status of the one giving the blessing, the greater the gift the child would receive from the God.

Nowadays, everyone knows that in the entire Holy Church, even the Pope is not comparable to the Holy Saintess in terms of favor from the God of Light. Everyone knows that the Saintess’ scepter was personally bestowed by the God of Light.

On the day of the Crown Prince’s month-old birthday, all the nobles of the Aoqi Empire came to the Imperial Palace.

Gu Shengyin arrived at the hall after bathing and changing clothes.

She wore a robe that was brimming with Light power and had been bestowed by the God of Light, and her hand held the scepter that was personally created by God, as she walked to the side of the Crown Prince.

As dense light power began to condense at her fingertips, Gu Shengyin was preparing to give her blessings to the newborn Crown Prince when a female voice suddenly came from behind.

“Wait! This woman, she does not deserve to bless His Highness!”

Everyone looked with surprise at the source of the voice.

Wasn’t she the Saintess’ maid? Many people recognized Heidi’s uniform.

“Outrageous! Heidi, do you know what you are saying?!” Vivian was the first person to react and sternly berated her.

His Majesty the Emperor of the Aoqi Empire looked at Heidi with dissatisfaction. It was an honor to be blessed by the Saintess. What was this woman doing?

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Heidi faced everyone’s questioning and condemnations, sneering in her heart: You guys are now defending her like this, just wait until you feel regret when knowing the truth later.

She stepped out of the crowd and looked at Gu Shengyin with disdain: “I said that Hathaway Louise, this woman, does not deserve to bless the Empire’s Crown Prince. She simply does not deserve to be my Holy Church’s Saintess!”

“Presumptuous!” The Light Vatican’s deep-rooted members, who accompanied Gu Shengyin, were hot with anger after the Saintess’ prestige was openly slandered. This was a great sin.

Gu Shengyin stood amongst the crowd. Her expression was calm as if the person who Heidi was talking about was not her.

This kind of bearing made many people admire her.

Heidi looked at this woman putting on an act. Hmph! Wait and see if you can still keep up this false appearance.

“Respectable Saintess, do you dare to swear to the God of Light that you are still chaste?” Heidi stared straight at Gu Shengyin.

Sure enough, Gu Shengyin had already anticipated that she would do this.

Heidi’s words stunned everyone. The meaning of this maid’s words was that the Saintess had actually… violated the religious precept?

She was the personal maid of the Saintess — since she said so….

Many people had already secretly turned to look at Gu Shengyin with suspicion.

Gu Shengyin faced the accusation and her face was full of indifference. She even smiled softly: “Heidi, you do know how great a sin it is to slander the Saintess in order to destroy the Saintess’ reputation?”

When she said this, Heidi was even more convinced that she was just bluffing.

She was full of confidence and said with a calm face: “I swear to the God of Light above, if I, Heidi, am maliciously vilifying the reputation of the Saintess, let me be bathed in the Holy Fire, and be irredeemable for life!”

Gu Shengyin: Woman, since you are seeking death, I will not stop you.

JMin’s Corner:

Aye, since this woman is seeking death, no one will stop her. Smh

Digging a pit for herself to fall in. owo

Ari’s Corner:

hi sorry this is out so late

putting this out now cuz tmrw i have class and then work until 10pm yikes imma die

in china, cousins are generally considered as siblings as well (we don’t have the weird first/second/third cousin once/twice/thrice removed stuff) so we just call each other brother and sister

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21 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 254”

    1. Well I guess that it can be worded that she kept herself chaste for the God of Light. Because really that is what the Saintess should be doing, just that everyone wouldn’t think of what else it could imply.


  1. let me continue.

    As soon as she spoke those words, Heidi’s immediately got on caught fire. She screamed and shouted, “AHHH!” She rolled on the ground, trying to extinguish the holy fire but none worked. She cried for help, but only people stared and stepped back in horror. As if eternity, the fire slowly disappeared leaving a crisp, smoking body of the once called Heidi.

    “….” Her husband worked fast huh?

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  2. *roll eyes* I’m seriously wishing this arc end ASAP… I think I can feel my brain cells dying reading Heidi’s sheer idiocy…. It’s one thing if she wants to drag Shengyin down along with herself… it’s another to have the delusion that she could take her place when she’s clearly unqualified. Heck, IF it was Vivian, I think I’ll accept that better… at least Vivian knows what’s wrong and right. Heidi is just… the dumbest “enemy” of our Shengyin so far….

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    1. Hubby removed him since he was a threat to himself, eventhough he was an incarnation of hubby. Well, at least the author got the willful God temperament down…


        1. Yes, but due to the nature of an incarnation, it’s possible for it to have it’s own actions and slightly seperate/distinct personality, which is why hubby got jelly of it😂

          I think Carlos got reassigned to a different mission…(“You! You’re going to yhat research station in Antarctica! Pack your bags, flight leaves in 30 minutes! No, no time to call anyone, get your butt in gear, Private!” – that’s kind of how I see it going down😜)


  3. Ya know, she maybe had a little leeway if she just stuck to accusing her of losing her innocence, but she literally just caused her own death by pulling the “maliciously vilifying” card while swearing to the other person (*cough*God*cough*) involved…🤣


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