Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 16

The people who had just arrived watched as Yilan and Dylan got onto the RV. Particularly, the woman who had previously been threatened by Dylan stared at their departure with resentment.

“Are we really going to follow them? I highly doubt they would give us food and water after what happened at the gas station.” A chubby-looking man whispered towards his companions.

“Then what do you suggest we do? Wait at the gas station for help to arrive? All I know is that we will be safe as long as we reach the nearest base, and they are strong enough to fight the zombies.” The man who had spoken to Dylan earlier spat out his frustrations. After sighing, he said, “Let’s get in the car and chase after them. We’ll follow them as long as they are heading in the same direction towards the nearest base.”

After saying that, the man climbed in the car and started the engine. The rest of them scrambled into the car, afraid of being left behind.

“Brother, should we follow them too?” A young man in another car asked as he watched a couple other cars driving past them.

A slightly older man sitting in the back seat closed his eyes to think. Afterwards, he opened his eyes and said, “Following them won’t be bad for us. We just have to make sure we fend for ourselves. As that man had said, they are not obliged to protect us. We have supplies of our own, so we will be able to last for a while.” After a slight pause, he said to another man, Yang Tian, sitting next to his younger brother, Ye Song, “Tell Wu Kang to follow.”

Yang Tian immediately pulled out his phone and messaged Wu Kang, who was in the other car. Ye Song started the car and drove quickly to catch up the cars ahead.

“Looks like we’ll be following the RV.” Wu Kang, who just received Yang Tian’s message, said to his friends in the car. He quickly drove to catch up with the car in front of him.

The man sitting beside him, Zi Xue, shouted in surprise, “Seriously?! Practically everyone is following them. What if we piss them off and they decide to get violent?”

“Quit shouting, you dolt!” The man sitting in the back seat massaged his temples as he glared at Zi Xue. “If Feng ge said to follow, then we follow. Just think of it as us going the same direction.”

“Zeng Ming, your headache is not getting any better?” Wu Kang glanced at him through the mirror with worry.

“Nah, it doesn’t seem to be going away. I probably just need some rest.” Zeng Ming shook his head and leaned back against the seat.

“Since we’ll be driving for a while, you should try to get some sleep. We’ll wake you up if there’s anything.” Wu Kang said as he saw Zeng Ming close his eyes.

Zi Xue leaned closer to Wu Kang and whispered, “Feng ge seemed to have a headache as well. Do you think this has something to do with the changes of the world. Otherwise, why else would Feng ge and Zeng Ming suddenly have a headache so suddenly.”

Wu Kang sighed after a couple of seconds. “Who knows. We don’t even know the current situation of our country. We will probably get some answers once we get to a base. Zi Xue, you should get some rest while you can. I’ll wake you when we’re switching drivers.”

Zi Xue nodded before shifting into a more comfortable position in his seat and closed his eyes.

On the other side, Dylan had set the RV on autodrive and sat on the sofa. Yilan and Altyria were sitting at the low table with snacks. Chrome had gone up to the room to cultivate.

“Apparently, those guys seem adamant on following us.” Dylan smirked.

“But isn’t it fine as long as they don’t get in our way?” Altyria asked while munching on some chips.

“Hmph, they better not interfere with us. Otherwise, I will torture them with needles and itching powder.” Yilan snorted and tore apart a beef jerky with her teeth.

Dylan glanced at her and muttered under his breath, “So violent.”

Yilan’s mouth twitched. “Ah? Did you say something”

Dylan cleared his throat and said, “Nothing. I was just thinking to myself. I should go cultivate as well.”

He stood up and walked towards the front of the RV.

“Hmph! That jerk.” Yilan pouted as she glared at his back.

Altyria laughed and then asked, “Lan Lan, are you going to train too?”

Yilan scrunched up her face, and then sighed, “I probably should. Although this world is ranked C-, who knows what surprises there will be, like the previous world. Hope I don’t jinx us.”

Yilan quickly knocked on wood several times. Altyria also followed along and knocked on wood.

“Well, I’m gonna sit in the front to cultivate. What do you plan to do, Alti? You’ll be on your own.” Yilan stood up and stretched.

“Hmm, I think I’ll just browse the forum and keep a lookout while you guys train.” Altyria answered after pondering for a moment.

Yilan nodded and then headed towards the front of the RV. Altyria grabbed her tablet and sat on the sofa. She logged into the forum to see if there were any new posts from that anonymous poster.

After a couple of minutes of browsing Altyria found a post. “Ah! That person made another post on the forum. Let’s see…”

[Hey everyone!

It’s been some time after my previous post. I joined up with some people and are on our way to G City’s base. My group and I have been fighting zombies whenever they pop up. I’m sure many of you are afraid of going close to a zombie, but after getting used to it, zombies aren’t that scary.

Their weakness is their head. As long as you go for their head, they won’t stand back up. It may be too bloody for people, but you’ll get used to it just as I have.

I want to urge everyone to gather your courage and leave your house or building. Go out there and find food and water. Go fight some zombies! You’ll never be able to survive if you stay cooped up inside somewhere. Head to one of the bases!

And one last thing, zombies aren’t our only enemies. Law and order does not exist anymore in our current situation. Don’t expect other people to come save you. Only you can save yourself. Don’t expect kindness from others. As our world falls into chaos, many people have begun to do unbearable things, so be wary of who you travel with.

May we all survive this apocalyptic world.]

“Hmmm, this guy is pretty informative. His group is even heading towards the same direction as us?” Altyria frowned at this fact. “Now that this person posted where they are going, wouldn’t a lot of people go to G City?”

Altyria opened up one of the side shutters to look outside the window as she pondered. Going to D City, we’ll have to pass by G City. I wonder if we’ll meet this person.

She smiled at that thought. But a moment later, she wrinkled her brows. My sixth sense is telling me to avoid meeting that person. Could it be that we’ll end up getting a task if we meet up? I’ll mention this to Chrome later and let him use his brain cells.

At that thought, Altyria tossed it to the back of her mind and took out materials to craft some trinkets to waste time.

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