White Lotus 2.01

Timid and Fragile White Lotus (1)

here’s the first chapter of arc 2 of white lotus

this arc has a lot of stuff/terms/etc that need explanations cuz it’s hard to translate super clearly so be sure to read my footnotes 🙂


When Lin Zisheng woke up, he found that he had already returned to that white space. He tiredly curled up on the lounge, reminiscing on what he had experienced in the last world.

The ending was still stark in his mind, even if Lin Zisheng wanted to forget it, there was no way he could, especially when he committed suicide in the end.

Before, when he watched those television shows where people were able to survive gunshots, Lin Zisheng always thought it’d only hurt for a bit, but after personally experiencing the real thing, he realized… huh, TV series are only a work of art. If that gunshot hadn’t been aimed at a fatal point, he probably would have suffered and died in extreme pain.

“001, was the mission a failure?” His mission was to save the white lotus, but, in the end, he not only killed the white lotus, but also caused the male lead to die as well.

[System scanning: calculating the previous world’s results….]

[Scan results: the world had a total of four missions: one main task, and three side missions. Completion: 100%.]

This result stunned Lin Zisheng: “The previous world’s missions were completed? Didn’t Bai Wei die in the end?”

[I have no knowledge of this. My only responsibility is to provide aid to the host. The completion percentages of the tasks are all calculated by the main system.]

[Next are the task rewards: the main mission gives 200 experience, 500 points; the first side mission gives 50 experience points, 100 points; the second side mission gives 50 experience, 100 points; the third side mission gives 80 experience, 120 points. The second side mission’s completion degree was 120% and the reward is doubled. Does the host accept all task rewards?]

“Yes.” He worked hard in that world, and wasn’t it all for these mission rewards? Lin Zisheng obviously chose to accept.

[Total mission rewards: 430 experience, 920 points.]

[The main mission was successfully completed: rewards are a Novice Gift Package, access to the Points Mall, will the host accept system rewards (Y/N).]


[Reward has been accepted. Novice Gift Package contains red potions x10, blue potions x10, random teleportation device x5, 5 attribute points.]

When he heard 001’s words, Lin Zisheng opened his system inventory, his face darkening when he saw the system rewards.

Because he saw that the red potion had the following notation.

[Brother Xinchun, have eternal life, brother Xinchun, resurrect to original full HP full buff state, brother Chun, medicine to glow with life, kiss, you really won’t come?]1

Lin Zisheng: Hehe!2

The blue potions notation was like thus…..

[O stud horse, you have four legs. O great sea, you are all water. The potion restores vitality of the sea, so your energy is as inexhaustible as the sea, doing it n times in one night isn’t impossible ooh, kiss~]

As for the random teleportation devices, Lin Zisheng really couldn’t bear to continue reading. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to use it after reading it!

[Host-daren, how is it, aren’t the things in the Novice Gift Package very practical?] 001 fluttered around Lin Zisheng on small wings. [These were all carefully selected by me for the host. Normally, the Novice Gift Packages are not so luxurious.]

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, can I beat you to death?

After reading those two things, Lin Zisheng smartly closed his system inventory and opened the Points Mall. 

Unlike the death-causing Novice Gift Package that the system gave, the Points Mall could all be considered boutique goods. There were many goods, from small snacks to large interstellar ships, as well as specialty goods, such as special bloodlines. There were also cultivation manuals.

However, those things were all expensive as hell. Looking at those long lines of zeros, Lin Zisheng realized that those were not things he could use at the moment, as he didn’t have the financial resources.

[Ding dong, you have received a short message, please check it.]

Just as Lin Zisheng closed the Points Mall, 001’s prompt system had a new announcement.

[Given that you over-fulfilled the previous world’s missions, the system will give you special rewards. This award is beneficial for your survival. Special items gained in every world can be brought out of the world and be redeemed for points.]

“Special items? What are those?” This specification was too general, Lin Zisheng couldn’t figure it out. 

[System has already received a list of the special items. I will inform the host when we encounter them in each world~]

“If there aren’t any other issues, let’s go to the next world.” Lin Zisheng already couldn’t stand the increasingly cute (stupid) system.

[Please wait a moment, the system will make a final summary: 】

[Host Information]

[Name: Lin Zisheng]

[Sex: Male]

[Age: 23]

[Attribute Points (unused): 5]

[Current Level: F]

[Current Experience: 430/1500]

[Current Points..920]

[Currently Acquired Skills: kickboxing, shooting, mixed martial arts, interrogation]

[Physique: 10+1 (Task Reward)]

[Physical Fitness: 10+5 (Task Reward)]

[Intelligence: 10]

[Spirit: 10]

[Mental: 10+5 (Task Reward)]

[Power: 10]

[Agility: 10]

[Charm: 10]

[Luck: 10]

[The above is host’s data. As the host completes missions, attributes will increase and make mission completions easier.]

As he looked at his own attributes, Lin Zisheng frowned. If such common stats encountered a dangerous world, would he really be able to survive?

001 seemed to understand what Lin Zisheng was thinking, and said: [Host, please rest assured, mission difficulty levels correspond to your own level. Your current level is F, so the highest difficulty world you can travel to is F-ranked.]

Upon hearing this, Lin Zisheng suddenly felt that the White Lotus Rescue System seemed to be full of humanity.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

“001, attribute point allocation: physique +2, intelligence +2, luck +1.” Since 001 specifically pointed out attribute points, then it must be very useful, so Lin Zisheng distributed his unused attribute points.

[Attribute points successfully allocated. Current attribute changes: physique: 10+1 (task reward) +2 (novice gift pack); intelligence: 10+2 (novice gift pack); luck: 10+1 (novice gift pack).]

After using the attribute points, Lin Zisheng got information about the next world from 001.

This time the world seemed to be more normal than the previous world. Of course, it only seemed that way, because the world this time…..was a spiritual world.

En…..it could be said that it’s like an Oriental version of Ghost.3

The male lead was a descendant of the Tianshi family. The natural yin-yang eyes could see both worlds of yin and yang. When the school is haunted, he saves the female lead. Afterwards, the female lead greatly worshiped the male lead. The female lead was extremely timid, but she had a constitution that attracted ghosts, and would only be safe if she stayed by the male lead’s side.

One time, when exorcising ghosts, they met a red-clothed ghost who had lost his memories. The female lead had a burst of courage and brought the ghost back with her. Every time they exorcised ghosts, the female lead fell deeper in love with the male lead. However, the male ghost had fallen in love with the female lead. In the final battle, the male ghost discovered that the female lead was actually a pawn of the most powerful evil spirit. He sacrificed his soul to protect the female lead, however, the evil spirit could never be separated from the female lead again, and she was suppressed in the land of extreme yang by the male lead forever.

“So my identity is…”

[Naturally, it’s the male ghost who fell in love with the female lead and met a terrible end~] 001’s voice was very cheerful, causing Lin Zisheng’s hand to be unbearably itchy, and he caught the 001 that was flying in the air and squished him furiously.

He casually tossed the squished-into-a-ball 001 away, “Read the tasks.”

[System scan: there are four missions that can be accepted, accept the task prompt (Y/N).]


[Main mission: change the fate of the female lead, free the female lead from being suppressed in the land of extreme yang and enduring burning of her soul. Mission rewards: experience value 300, points 800. Failure will result in a deduction of 800 points.]

[Side mission one: increase the male lead’s positive feelings towards you to 80 or more. Mission reward: experience value 100, points 300. Failure will not result in penalty.]

[Side mission two: increase the female lead’s positive feelings towards you to 80 or more. Mission reward: experience value 100, points 300. Failure will not result in penalty.]

[Side mission three: preserve the life of the second male lead, prevent his soul from being consumed by the evil spirit. Mission reward: experience value 300, points 800. Failure will not result in penalty.]

[Does the host accept the tasks? (Y/N)]


[Now we will travel to the second world: Timid and Fragile White Lotus. May host-daren prepare for the rough transfer…. 3… 2… 1… ——]

As the system’s voice faded away, Lin Zisheng disappeared from where he was laying on the lounge chair.


It was deep night, and the whole night sky was a sheet of inky black. The moon was unseen, and the stars were hidden.

In the corner of a playground, dirt was piled into a low platform, with a long table on top. On the table was a set of incense sticks. On the right hand side of the table, there was a stack of yellow paper under a peach wood sword. An eight trigrams mirror was placed in the middle, and there was a bowl of dark red liquid with a sweet and fishy smell4.

Standing before the table was a young man, who looked about twenty years old. He was clothed in casual clothing that was at odds with this heavy night, but the geomantic compass5 in his hands gave off an old, heavy feeling under the illumination of candlelight.

Suddenly, a gust of wind swelled, and a black shadow flew before the young man. He immediately grabbed a sheet of yellow paper and burned it before yelling, “Dìng!”

The shadow was pinned for a moment by the young man’s chant before he swiftly swooped behind the youth. An ice cold hand wrapped around the back of his neck, and a bone-piercing chill flowed through his body.

“Heh, a younger generation?” The voice that sounded behind him held a few points of charm, but even greater violent suppression. “This is this Holy One’s territory. Even if the predecessors of your Dragon Tiger Mountain came, they would have to be show this Holy One respect. And yet you, young one, wants to act against this Holy One?”

The spirit that called himself ‘this Holy One’ gradually tightened his hand, “Hng, your yang qi — this Holy One wants!”

However, in the next moment, a violent golden light appeared before the evil spirit’s eyes. Under the illumination of the light, the spirit could feel that his arms were gradually melting and dissipating.

“The Jin Qian sword once used by Zhang Daoling!” The spirit realized that he could not beat the young man and wanted to flee, but he firmed his resolve and would eat this junior no matter what to repay this disrespect!

Ari’s Corner:

tbh i couldve hyperlinked the pics but im lazy

also i kinda hate how one phrase in chinese can mean spirit/demon/ghost/yaddayadda; it’s hard to choose which one to use

my semester is starting now, and i didn’t have time to stockpile chaps bc i was working over break so i can’t guarantee regular updates 😦 but i’ll try my best

next chapter teaser will be up on discord in a few days

…this one part nearly made me spit blood tbh. It’s an online Chinese reference to Brother Xinchun (信春哥), who is characterized by muscular, very savvy, domineering, sexually strong, and man amongst men. His hobbies are, ahem, chrysanthemums, and the ‘explosion of another’s chrysanthemum’. The eternal life references an incident where someone created a macro in WoW too roll 100 on an equipment attribute, and it succeeded. Also the “really won’t come” refers to male ejaculation…

呵呵 – hēhē – is a really fake laugh

Ghost – not too sure if it is referring to this movie, but it had the chinese title word-for-word.

黄纸 – literal meaning: yellow paper; it’s used both in Taoism and burned for funerals and grave visits as a substitute for gold; in Taoist practices, yellow is seen as the element of soil and was the royal color used in ancient times; it would borrow the power of the heavens and the earth to invite the gods’ help

Image result for 黄纸

桃木剑 – literal meaning: peach wood sword; actually made of mahogany; long story short, it’s used to exorcise evil spirits in Taoism

Image result for 桃木剑

八卦镜 – eight trigrams mirror; can be convex or concave depending on what it’s needed for

Image result for 八卦镜

腻人的腥甜 – literal meaning: a kind of sweet that makes ppl uncomfortable; used to describe the smell of blood

罗庚 – geomantic compass; Chinese magnetic compass used by Feng Shui practitioners

Image result for 罗庚

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  1. That is a lot of footnotes ^^; I wonder how the white lotus will be like this arc :v I can’t really imagine her being as horrible as the previous one, but I didn’t expect the previous one to even be horrible. :3 thanks for the chapter~~

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    I’m just blown away with how perfect they are, and I am so glad to have found you through IamBanana. She steered me your way. Heh
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  3. Well technically… One of Lin Zisheng’s mission was not to let the FL die by *his* or *Su Mo’s* hand.

    Since she died in an accident (truck-sama, kudos, my friend). It probably didn’t count as a failure of his mission.


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