HAWRR Chapter 253

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (19)

When Gu Shengyin finished bathing, it had been already several hours later.

The man had claimed her repeatedly before leaving.

Heidi and Vivian walked in. Vivian promptly took out a soft towel to dry her hair.

Heidi was at the side, restraining her desire to talk.

“Is something the matter?” Gu Shengyin raised her eyes to look at her, thinking that her expression was somewhat strange.

Heidi stood at the side and looked at Gu Shengyin: Perhaps it was because she had just taken a bath that her skin appeared faintly pink from the heat. Taking off her usual pure, dazzling white aura, a delicate perfect face was unreservedly revealed.

This kind of beauty could easily tempt people.

Heidi sneered in her  heart and asked softly, “I’m just curious about what the Saintess had experienced these past few days.”

Gu Shengyin recalled the past few days when she was with the Light God in Heaven. She felt her face heat up, coughed and said, “It’s just a trivial matter. There’s nothing to say.”

Heidi looked at her jade-like face and became even more certain of her conjecture at the bottom of her heart.

She continued, “I and Vivian were very worried about the Saintess’ safety. Fortunately, you returned safe and sound. How about picking one of us to talk about the matter with?”

Gu Shengyin frowned: Did this Heidi not understand her? She don’t want to mention it, but she (Heidi) was unwilling to let it go.

And worried about her? To say Vivian, this simple girl, being worried about her, Gu Shengyin would believe. Heidi being worried about her? She was afraid that Heidi was actually eager for her to disappear and never return.

She shot a glance at Heidi and was about to speak; however, the Saintess’ supporter standing at the side, Vivian, had already spoken first: “Heidi, how could you speak to the Saintess like that? The Saintess already said there was nothing to say. What do you want to hear?”

Vivian was simple but definitely not stupid. She always knew that this companion of hers was not reconciled. She thought it would take Heidi a long time to accept this fact, but she didn’t expect it to be this long.

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After being reprimanded by Vivian, Heidi did not have the nerve to continue asking.

She glanced at Vivian and sneered in her heart: Defending Hathaway this much, wait until you know that this so-called Saintess had already lost her pure faith. See if you’ll regret your stupidity today.

Gu Shengyin received the system’s prompt. Heidi’s hostility value towards her continued to increase, and she knew in her heart that she (Heidi) would begin to preparing to deal with her.

“System, keep an eye on Heidi. I want to see what she wants to do.”

“Don’t worry, Host, you can leave it to me.”

System was very happy that it could be useful.

Having a system that monitored 24-hours a day, Gu Shengyin quickly understood what Heid had been up to these days.

“Inquiring about the consequences of Saintesses who had been denounced because of the loss of chastity and abandoned by the Vatican? The conditions for succeeding the Saintess…?”

Gu Shengyin received the news from the system one by one. She closed her eyes and pondered for a moment. She suddenly recalled the time when Heidi helped take off her coat.

“So it was because of this.” She was afraid that her marks might have been discovered.

Wasn’t it all because of that man, Gu Shengyin thought resentfully.

However, it was just right to beat somebody at their own game.

Framing the Light Saintess in the Vatican, was considered a huge crime and would be executed.

Letting the system to continue watching Heidi, Gu Shengyin began to quietly wait for this woman to seek death.

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Waiting for Heidi to court death! uwu

Let our ML burn her to death!!

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15 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 253”

  1. *Corner*

    FL: Hahaha! This is what you call a “pure” and “innocent” Saintess!? Look at her! She isn’t pure no more!!! She violated the rules!!!

    MC: Excuse me bi-

    ML: Ahem! ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

    FL: ah…ah…..n-no way! ( ˚▱˚)

    MC: *gasp!* (˵¯͒ བ¯͒˵) (Hubby!!!)

    ML: She was delicious. Thank you for the food! *kidnaps MC*

    FL: (what the fak just happened?)

    Everyone: *glares at FL*

    FL: w-wait, it was a m-mistake! I-I-I was just-!


    Thank you for the chapter!

    I wanna see dem shock faces when the truth is revealed that their God “ravished” MC (≧∀≦)ゞ

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    1. She isn’t the FL. The FL is the original Saintess while Heidi is the cannonfodder. I believe that all the bodies Shengyin takes over are the original FLs. Even the title shows that

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      1. And I always thought in my mind FLs are the villain because they usually are in most system novels so it’s kinda stuck in my mind also it’s uncommon (it sometimes happen) that MCs transmigrate into the Protag’s body and they usually take over a cannon fodder’s body.


  2. Honestly? this arc feels like a free bonus game for Shengyin… she doesn’t even need to do anything for her opponent to self-destruct…. Well, the god being her lover would pretty much make the entire arc a moot point game….


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