HAWRR Chapter 250

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (16)

Gu Shengyin woke up in a place with a strange aroma.

She opened her eyes and saw a beautiful scene she had never seen before.

Numerous flowers that she couldn’t name were blooming, and the fragrances she could smell were floating from them.

However, it was not this that surprised her.

There were people with wings gracefully dancing in the air and sitting elegantly while strumming the harp, was she hallucinating?

She blinked and called for the system.

“The host does not have to worry, you are in the heaven of this world at the moment.” The system replied.


The memory belonging to Hathaway came online for a second. Wasn’t this the place of legends where the God lives?

Then those… Gu Shengyin looked at those “people” with white wings, they really were angels?

Did I fail my mission and come to heaven after dying in the endless abyss?

Gu Shengyin began to worry about whether she had failed her mission.

The system did not have time to speak, when it sensed something and closed its mouth.

The Light God looked at his believer who was sitting there stupefied, apparently unable to understand the situation at hand.

He waved his hand, telling the curious angels to leave and walked to the still absent-minded Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin felt the presence of someone coming, unconsciously turned to look and was stunned.

She had never seen such a beautiful person before.

No, he must be God1.

Even though Gu Shengyin had never seen the true face of the Light God before, at this moment, she only needed a glance to be sure that this stranger was the God of Light.

The ability of the system that gave her a conviction of faith played its role at this time, just as she recognized the God of Light, Gu Shengyin was completely filled with excitement.

Her mouth fell slightly open, and her delicate little face was full of astonishment, stunned speechless by the man before her, seemingly disbelieving that she was fortunate enough to see God, and for a while she forgot to kneel.

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In fact, he was in a good mood as he saw his worshipper, who was usually calm and indifferent, staring foolishly at him.

This was also an affirmation of his charm, right?

The Light God’s gentle smile snapped Gu Shengyin out of her daze. Her face immediately reddened and she quickly stood up to apologize.

The God of Light extended a hand to stop her, “You don’t need to be too courteous.”

A familiar lotus fragrance floated around Gu Shengyin’s body causing her to become somewhat stupefied.

Her lover of this world was actually God?

Gu Shengyin, who was once again shocked, followed the Light God’s words and sat back down.

The Light God looked bemusedly at his believer who had a stupid look. She looked extremely cute. Where was the her who sacrificed herself to save her companion in the ravaged lands?

Recalling this, the Light God’s mood fell.

Although Carlos was one of his incarnations, thinking that she had sent herself to death to save him, the Light God felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.

This matter of eating his own vinegar, this noble God would definitely not admit it!

Gu Shengyin finally digested the fact that her lover was her own big boss.

She took another look at the Light God and her mood inexplicably got better.

There was this kind of plug-in on hand in this world, did she still need to be worried about completing her task?

It was no wonder the system said those words before.

The Light God saw her secretly glance at him. He sat there and smiled, causing her face to flush red.

His mood also became beautiful.

JMin’s Corner:

I bet most of you were already knew who hubby is, right? 😉

Smh, to think he would be jealous of himself.

Ari’s Corner:

i uh been slacking on translating cuz semester boutta start no flame pls

saying he’s not a mere ‘person’, he’s God

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15 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 250”

  1. His level of jealousy knows no bounds! Even drinking vinegar because of his another self lol. That’s her Hubby alright!

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Hit me with some snu snu snu or fluffy time babeh!


  2. thanks!
    oh, an incarnation…i would say it’s not really the same person keke! ayeee they finally get to meet face to face, sort of! well, communicate?!


    1. It is and it isn’t; it’s basically like cloning himself and putting part of his soul in it. So it IS him, but at the same time it can act independently from him; meaning that unless he consciously uses his will to occupy the incarnation, it will act separately from him according to its own will. In some cases, the personalities of incarnations can diverge from the original (to some degree or another, based on how much interaction the main being has with it, along with the freedom it allows the incarnation – usually dependent upon the main beings ideology and doctrines).

      It’s kind of one of those “simple but at the same time highly complex” concepts. (Or, as Spock would say “Fascinating”)🤔


  3. the woman was too stunned to speak…

    wow, to think that her lover is literally GOD HIMSELF. we all been knew but it’s still surprising


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