Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 15

*Beep beep*

Soon, the RV slowed down and made a sound, indicating that they had reached their destination. Dylan stopped cultivating and turned off auto-drive. He drove the car to a short distance away from the road and parked the RV.

Yilan had already stopped cultivating when the RV made the beeping sound. She got up and walked towards the kitchen to get a cup of water.

When Altyria heard the sound, she turned around in Chrome’s arms and stared at his face. Seeing that he did not stop cultivating, she did not bother him, afraid that she would cause him troubles. However, seeing his long eyelashes, she couldn’t help but reach out and lightly touch them with her fingertip.

The moment she touched his eyelashes, he opened his eyes and grabbed her hand.

“Wife, do you want to touch me that badly?” Chrome slightly narrowed his eyes and squinted at her. Laughter was hidden in his eyes.

Altyria blushed and said, “No! I just wanted to touch your eyelashes…”

“Hahaha!” Chrome laughed as he watched her face turn pink and leaned forward to give her a kiss. “Let’s go down.”

The two climbed down and exited the RV. Yilan and Dylan had already gone out to meet with Yuan Jin’s group. Yilan met up with Zhou Zhi, and they started to chat. The guys met up and started to talk about what should be done during an emergency.

Chrome held Altyria’s hand as they walked around. Altyria curiously looked at her surroundings. There were a lot of trees and bushes; however, because of the red rain, they were slightly red instead of the usual green.

Chrome gently pulled her hand when she wanted to walk closer to a bush to take a closer look.

“Don’t get too close. We don’t know if these plants have mutated.”

“Oh.” Altyria nodded and obediently walked further away.

Seeing her be so obedient, Chrome smiled and rubbed her head. They continued walking around. After confirming that these plants were harmless, Chrome brought Altyria back to the group.

Dylan had brought out a foldable picnic table that was taken from the mall earlier. Yilan took out some beef jerky to share with Zhou Zhi and the others. She was quite fond of this straightforward young lady, so she didn’t mind sharing some of their decent food.

Seeing Chrome and Altyria return, they made some room for them at the table.

“We’ll leave in 15 minutes.” Chrome said as he sat down, pulling Altyria onto his lap. “If you need to use the restroom, you can use the restroom in our RV.”

The latter sentence was meant for Yuan Jin’s group. This made Yilan and Dylan surprised. After all, their Boss never let any outsiders come close. Yilan and Dylan glanced at each other.

Knowing what they were thinking, Altyria smiled, “Better safe than sorry.”

Yuan Jin and his group quietly listened to their small exchange and understood the meaning of being able to step into their RV. Being able to step into the RV meant that they were being trusted and not considered as outsiders to Chrome’s group.

Yuan Jin stood up, turned towards Chrome, and said, “Thank you for your trust. We won’t do anything to betray your trust.”

Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi hurriedly stood up and gave their thanks.

“Heheh, no need to be so serious! We will be traveling together for several weeks anyway.” Dylan patted their shoulders amiably.

“That’s right! You guys might as well use the restroom now before we hit the road again,” Yilan laughed and pulled Zhou Zhi towards the RV.

Yuan Jin and Li Guanting also followed behind to use the restroom. Not long after they left, Dylan spotted several cars arriving.

He groaned, “Don’t tell me those people from the gas station came.”

Altyria stared at the cars curiously. She felt some hostile feelings coming from that direction, but there were also feelings of hope.

Seeing his wife staring at the cars while ignoring him, he gently turned her head so she was facing him. When he saw her beautiful eyes staring at him with confusion, Chrome smiled, “Wife, there’s nothing good to look there. You only need to look at me.”

Hearing this sentence, Altyria snorted and turned away pouting. Chrome chuckled and used a finger to gently poke her puffed cheeks.

Dylan at the side once again had dog food shoved down his throat. Looking at those lovebirds going off into their own world for the nth time, he had the urge to vent. Turning his gaze back to the arriving cars, Dylan squinted his eyes. What great timing, arriving here just to be my punching bag. AH! My hands are just itching!

Just as he was feeling pumped up, he heard his Boss speak to him.

“Time is up. Pack up.” With that, Dylan’s Boss patted his bottom and lead Altyria by her hand back to the RV without a glance at him.

Altyria saw Dylan’s expression and patted him on the shoulder with her free hand as she passed by. When she turned her gaze back to the front, she saw that Chrome had stopped walking and frowned at her. She blinked her eyes and stared at Chrome. Then, she saw him take out a handkerchief and wipe her hand that patted Dylan’s shoulder.

“Alti, don’t randomly touch other people. You don’t know how dirty they are, especially since it’s during the apocalypse. Fresh water is hard to find. You won’t know how many days people had not taken a shower…”

Altyria was stunned with wide eyes, and her mind was filled with all sorts of images of people who hadn’t taken a shower in ages. After she snapped out of her thoughts, she nodded her head vigorously. “I won’t randomly touch people. Who knows if they are dirty!”

Chrome caressed her head and said, “Good. Let’s go.”

They held hands and walked back to the RV, leaving behind the forgotten Dylan.

Dylan, who had cold water poured over his head, watched the two of them slowly walk away with a sad expression.

No one loves me. Boss doesn’t love me. Sister forgot about me. To think that Boss even hinted that I am stinky and dirty. I took a shower yesterday!  Dylan wiped a crocodile tear from his face as he folded the picnic table quickly.

At the same time, several cars pulled up beside them. The people in one of the cars got off one by one and looked around nervously.

They were the people from the station. Everyone saw the horror of Dylan, even after they caught up to Chrome’s group, they did not dare approach too close.

Dylan had just put away the picnic table and glanced at them with dull eyes.

“I’m pretty sure that I said we were not going to escort anyone, right?”

His hands were itching. His eyes stopped at the woman who had caused trouble earlier at the gas station. When that woman felt Dylan’s gaze on her, she trembled slightly and hid behind others.

A man hesitated, and then stepped out to speak, “We just happened to be traveling in the same direction. We’re not looking for an escort.” After he said that, his back had a bit of cold sweat.

Dylan snorted and threw them one last glance before walking back to the RV. Yuan Jin and the others had already gone back to their SUV. Yilan was standing by the RV’s door waiting for him with her arms crossed.

“I thought you would have grabbed someone to be your punching bag.” Yilan snickered.

“I wish. They’re all weak chickens so it would be no fun.” Dylan shrugged and then squinted at his sister, “Why does it seem like all the work has been pushed to me?”

Yilan laughed, “That’s because it’s your training as Boss’ spokesperson! So of course you got to do all of the negotiations and stuff. And I…I am in charge of making medicine and poison.”

Dylan stared at her for a couple seconds before sighing and entering the RV. Yilan laughed loudly in triumph.

Hearing her haughty laughter, Dylan muttered under his breath, “What a tomboy. I don’t even think you can get married during this lifetime. Don’t tell me, this handsome brother of yours will have to raise you until old age?”

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