HAWRR Chapter 249

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (15)

In fact, Gu Shengyin really was not lying to him.

She had the system by her side, plus the protagonist halo bonus, it really wasn’t easy for her to die easily.

However, Carlos did not know any of this. He only thought that Gu Shengyin was telling him to go, and was ready to die herself.

Gu Shengyin watched as he began to argue again. Her Light magic was almost completely drained, and her heart was full of anxiety.

If you keep doing this “I can’t bear to leave” act, the demons are going to come and kill us!

She firmed her heart and jumped directly toward the endless abyss behind her.

“Hurry and leave, don’t let me jump in vain!”

Carlos was stunned, she actually jumped without hesitation?

His heart settled and a golden light that could barely be seen fell through the endless abyss. Carlos ignored the rift in space next to him that was about to close.

He looked at the countless demons before him, and his face was full of indifference.

The high-ranking demon clicked his tongue in pity. “Sure enough, she was a Saintess with righteousness and loyalty. Unfortunately, this head Knight does not seem to appreciate it…”

He had not finished speaking, when he felt cold sweat flow down his back.

He did not know when, but the other man’s pair of blue eyes had turned completely gold.

The demons within the entire ravaged land could feel the power of endless oppression.

The low-order demons could not resist and were forced to kneel upon the ground. The high-order demon had been enduring it until Carlos looked at him. He could no longer support himself and fell down as well.

“You, want to resurrect Ferroc?” A low voice transmitted from his mouth.

The purple-haired demon had already begun to tremble, and didn’t dare answer.

“It really is naive, believing that if you resurrected him, he would be able to fight against me?” Carlos did not need his answer, simply soliloquizing.

“I used to loosen the net over you in order to maintain the balance of Light and Dark. Those little tricks you play in private, I don’t care enough to mind. But you shouldn’t…”

When he said this, he did not continue and looked softly down into the endless abyss.

“Since you have been unsatisfied for so many years, I don’t think it’s necessary to keep you secretly skulking around.” He gently raised his hand, and a magnificent Light slowly condensed around him. The terrible power shook the area with its might.

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The purple-haired demon understood his meaning and finally couldn’t help but scream: “This is what you have forced us to do! God of Light! You are the master of this continent, claiming to shine in every corner. But what about us? We, the Dark, have never enjoyed even the slightest bit of your blessing.”

The Light God looked at him for a moment: “From the moment you were born, you were destined to oppose the Light. My gift, do you dare receive it?”

The purple-haired demon was dumb; the blessing of the Light God was not a favor for the Dark at all, but rather a fatal death.

“Ten thousand years ago when the Holy war ended, the moment Ferroc died, it was inevitable that there would no longer be the existence of the Dark on this continent.”

The Light God turned and no longer paid any attention to the demon behind him.

Rays of golden Light that had isolated the ravaged land for tens of thousands of years broke through the sky, burning all Darkness and sin into ashes.

The endless soft halo of Light spilled from the sky, revealing the endless abyss that had never seen Light.

A small golden light floated slightly upward, and he walked closer. It was revealed to be an enchantment, and there was a figure sleeping inside.

The Light God quietly stared at the tranquil Gu Shengyin for a long time. He leaned over and brought her into his embrace.

JMin’s Corner:

Lol poor Ari. I usually just leave it in Chinese when translating for Ari to do it for me when I run into those hard sentences. *cough* (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

*Srry Ari bb, ily*

And, for all you dirty thinkers out there, there’s a scene that you guys would like coming soon! I’m sure you guys would use your imagination to its fullest. (๑ゝω╹๑)

Ari’s Corner:

im so done w this arc there’s a weird name, weird phrase, new name, some crap every five words; f***ing hate the grammar in this arc it’s so hard to translate it so it makes sense without losing the original meaning

i’ll just assume ferroc is diablo’s name

😦 my winter break is ending soon and i spent the whole time either at work or at work or gaming LOL crap

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  1. I’m not sure if the Light God is temporarily borrowing Carlos’ body to deliver that message or if Carlos is a human avatar for the Light God to control and do stuff in the human world.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

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    1. LOL, it’s not just you…

      BUT, I will say I think we were kind of set up by JiaMin/Yuna, who if I remember correctly was saying things like “too bad, Carlos” in previous chapters (although I could just be remembering wrong).



  2. Siiigh, poor Translator-Sama’s! I pray for you both that you will survive this arc (´・ω・`)
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  3. thanks!
    lol it’s been so long since i last MTL-ed this series that i forgot he could possess carlos…or was he actually carlos?! i don’t remember!! anyway wheee light master to the rescue!


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