Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 14

Li Guanting felt a bit unsettled with what was happening, but he did not speak up for those people. He was aware of their current situation, and Dylan’s Boss was kind enough to take them to D Military Base, even though they promised to do one thing for Boss and his group. Judging by their attitude towards other people, the treatment towards Li Guanting, Yuan Jin, and Zhou Zhi were quite a contrast. Although Boss always had a cold, indifferent face when speaking to them, Boss and his group did not treat them like trash compared to this group of people.

He quickly drove out of the gas station and onto the road. He continued driving on as he was instructed to, but drove in a slow speed, waiting for the RV to catch up.

Zhou Zhi breathed out a sigh of relief. “That was scary. I’ve never thought that Dylan would be like that.” Seeing the always amiable guy suddenly become cold and cruel, Zhou Zhi felt a bit uncomfortable.

Yuan Jin said faintly, “I’m not too surprised, after all, Boss was already cold and indifferent. How could the people under him be simple people. If we also behaved like that group of people, I assume Boss and his group would not bother giving us a glance.”

Li Guanting nodded in agreement. He also thought, If Gong Xinya was still with us, she probably would have irritated Boss with her desire for good-looking men.

Zhou Zhi turned her head to gaze out the window. “Times have changed…” She repeated what Dylan had said earlier. “Thus, people must also change and adapt to this changing world.”

Yuan Jin and Li Guanting both heard her words, but did not speak. Each person was lost in their own thoughts.

On the other side, after Li Guanting drove their car off, Dylan gave them a final look and returned to the RV.

“Took you long enough.” Yilan glanced at him and complained. She was sitting on the sofa bed with a tablet in her hand. “If you took any longer, I would have set the RV on auto-pilot and left you behind.”

“You wouldn’t leave your only brother behind.” Dylan scoffed and walked to the driver’s seat.

“I would if Boss ordered me to.” Yilan giggled and went to sit on the passenger seat.

Dylan turned on the engine and manually drove the RV out of the gas station. He ignored the people standing at the side, who stared at the RV with dissatisfaction.

“Seriously, Yuan Jin’s group adapted really fast to the changes in the world.” Dylan commented after comparing those group of people with the group they were escorting to D Military Base.

“That’s a good thing for us. They know their place, are not self-righteous, and have high adaptability. I think, even if they did not meet us, they would be able to survive in this world.” Yilan held her chin as she thought.

“The reason why they would have a high probability of survival is thanks to Yuan Jin.” Chrome had walked towards them and leaned on the wall.

“Boss! How long have you been standing there?” Yilan patted her chest. “You always walk around without any sounds, like a creepy panther stalking its prey in the forest.”

Chrome stared at her. He automatically ignored the ‘creepy’ part and thought of his Lylin form and compared it to a panther. Then, he thought about the first few times he followed his wife around the forest in the shadows. He nodded inwardly and said, “You’re right.”

The corners of Yilan’s mouth pulled down. She felt like she punched a pad of cotton when she saw his attitude and the flash of satisfaction in his eyes.

Dylan secretly snickered at his sister in his heart. Within a couple of minutes, they caught up with the SUV and took the lead. After taking the lead, he set the RV on auto-pilot and leaned back in his seat.

Yilan had walked back to the sofa to sit with Altyria, who was reading novels on the web. The two were discussing the different apocalyptic novels and compared it to what was currently happening. Chrome was in the kitchen baking cookies for Altyria to eat while drinking tea.

“Hey, Boss, about what you said earlier, what’s special about Yuan Jin?”

Yilan and Altyria both looked at Chrome curiously, wanting to know the answer as well.

“Yuan Jin is very observant, clear, and decisive. He knows what he must do, but does not cross the line to get what he wants. Since his father is the commander of D Military Base, you can assume that he has trained in the army for a while.” Chrome’s hands did not stop working as he placed the dough on the tray. “From his standing and walking posture, the time he spent in the army is not short, indicating that he had learned the skills needed as a soldier in the army.”

Chrome placed the tray into the oven and started washing the mixing bowls and other utensils.

“Since he is willing to take two other people with him to the military base, that means he considers them as his people and is willing to owe us a favor.” Chrome continued.

Dylan touched his chin and looked thoughtfully at Chrome. “He almost sounds like someone I know.”

Yilan was also looking at Chrome with a smile in her eyes. Chrome ignored their eyes as he quickly cleaned up the kitchen.

Altyria looked at them both, feeling a bit confused. “Like who?”

“Hehehe, of course, it’s Boss! When I first saw Yuan Jin, I was immediately reminded of Boss’ cold indifferent face.” Yilan laughed out loud.

Dylan nodded in agreement. “It was hard to tell at first because Boss’ coldness and indifference was too strong that it covered up Yuan Jin’s coldness and indifference.”

Altyria slightly wrinkled her face. “Is he really like Chrome?”

At this time, Chrome finished cleaning the kitchen and walked towards her. He scooped her into his arms and placed her on his lap as he took her place on the sofa.

“Wife, no need to think about other men.” Chrome kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh.” Altyria nodded and tossed the thought out of her head.

Dylan and Yilan saw Chrome’s actions and snickered in their hearts.

Time slowly passed as the RV and the SUV drove on the freeway towards the suburbs. Altyria was enjoying the service of her husband. She ate the cookies that he had baked earlier and drank the tea that he had brewed. He sat next to her as she continued reading novels online. He would refill her cup of tea and feed her cookies.

Dylan and Yilan, on the other hand, couldn’t stand the pink bubbles and being fed dog food, so they escaped to the front of the RV. Yilan sat in the passenger seat and cultivated. Dylan also cultivated but would look at the screen which showed the back of the RV every once in a while. This function was also available from the RV. Because the RV was really long in length, having a camera at the back of the RV would make it easier to drive.

It was at this time that Dylan saw a small black dot in the distance when he glanced at the screen. He frowned and took a closer look. Although it was far in the distance, he was still able to make out what it was.

Dylan turned his seat and stood up. He walked towards Chrome and said, “Boss, there seem to be a car following us in the distance. I can’t tell if there is more than one car following.”

Chrome was in the process of feeding Altyria the last cookie. When he heard what Dylan said, he calmly glanced at his watch. Then, he picked up the cups and plates and placed them in the sink.

“You don’t have to worry about it. As long as they don’t interfere with us, they don’t matter.” Chrome said without looking at Dylan.

Altyria asked, “Do you think it’s those people from the gas station?”

“Perhaps.” Chrome pulled Altyria into their ‘love nest’.

Dylan, who was left standing there, felt somewhat speechless. Here I am worried about people following us, but my boss just shrugs it off and heads back to his nest, not forgetting to pull his little wife!

However, what Chrome said was true. As long as those people do not interfere with them, it would not matter. That was what Chrome had always told him and his sister when they joined his team.

Better make use of my time instead of overworking my brain. That is a job for Boss! Dylan walked back to the driver’s seat and started cultivating.

Altyria, who was pulled into their ‘room’, asked, “We really don’t need to worry about it?”

“En.” Chrome brought her into his arms. “Baby, are you able to cultivate in this world?”

Altyria closed her eyes. After a couple of seconds, she shook her head. “I can’t cultivate during the day, but I should be able to during the night when the moon is out. I remember that I was able to sense and absorb the moon’s essence. Although the moon’s essence is inferior to world essence, it’s still better than nothing.”

Chrome nodded. “Then, accompany me while I cultivate?”

Altyria looked up and saw his expectant eyes. “Let me get the tablet first.”

She went to the sofa and grabbed the tablet before walking back. Chrome was laying on the futon waiting for her. Seeing that she was back, he pulled her down to lay next to him.

Altyria lay on the futon facing the wall with the tablet in her hands. Chrome pasted himself behind her and put his arm around her waist. He took in a deep breath and smelled her scent. After taking a few more sniffs, he closed his eyes and concentrated on cultivating.

As a Lylin, he did not need sit while cultivating. Because of this, he had never felt so thankful that he was a Lylin in his life until now.

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