HAWRR Chapter 247

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (13)

The air here was very damp and dark. The sky here was always dusky and it was not bright enough to see. The atmosphere here was ice-cold, gray and dark, and full of despair.

The power of Darkness that was that rushed over Gu Shengyin made it hard for her to breathe easily.

She had an innate Light body, so she had a natural feeling of rejection towards this kind of place.

“The ravaged lands?” The memory in her mind quickly allowed her to understand where this place was.

This was exactly the same place as the ravaged lands that God had exiled the Dark forces to.

Carlos, who following closely behind, had a very ugly expression. Clearly, he also realized where this place was.

The two of them understood the seriousness of the matter: The Dark forces had already left the ravaged lands through a transmission array.

Wouldn’t this mean that the restrictions on the Dark forces of the Infinite Abyss did not exist? As long as the Dark forces were willing, they could come to Aoqi mainland at any time.

“Two honorable guests, welcome to the ravaged lands.” A soft and feminine voice sounded echoed on this land.

Gu Shengyin raised her head.

A demon with long, dark purple hair appeared in front of the two.

A high-ranking demon! Gu Shengyin looked at the handsome-looking man with two horns on his head.

The demons were divided into ranks. The higher-ranked the demon was, the more beautiful they looked. Moreover, a notable distinctive feature of a high-ranking demon was the pair of demonic horns growing out of their head, which represented their bloodline and the strength of their power.

“The Light Church’s Holy Saintess and the Head of the Light Knights.” That high-ranked demon smiled slightly. The power of the Dark forces’ innate demonic charm filled his beauty with androgynous charm. 

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Gu Shengyin’s heart trembled. To be found so quickly and be called by their name clearly, it was likely that they were discovered by this demon when they arrived at this place.

Her expression was cold, “Demons were exiled to the ravaged lands, eternally forbidden from entering Aoqi mainland. This was God’s decree. Are you demons now wishing to violate God’s decree?”

“God?” That demon scoffed. “There are only his believers in the Light God’s eyes and rejects us, demons. He is not the God of us, demons!”

He looked at Gu Shengyin and Carlos with eyes full of bloodthirst: “How convenient, the Light Church’s Holy Saintess and the head of the Light Knights. I will capture you both as offerings to my God’s return to the world!”

As his voice fell, countless demons emerged from the darkness and attacked them.

Carlos took out the sword in his hand for the first time.

“Saintess-daren, stand behind me!”

Gu Shengyin lifted her own scepter: “I am not a woman who can only hide behind others during perilous times!”

Carlos was startled for a moment. Soon after, he smiled, “Okay, Carlos is fortunate enough to be able to fight alongside Saintess-daren.”

A powerful light that was incompatible with the ravaged lands emerged, and those low-leveled demons were scorched and corroded by the light, extinguished like the ashes of a cigarette.

It seemed as if the two people had almost crushed the group of demons, but in fact, Gu Shengyin knew that their situation was not good.

Here at the ravaged lands, the demons were an unending stream, but she and Carlos had no way to absorb any Light magic to replenish their power.

Going on like this, the oil of their lamp1 would dry up sooner or later.

Gu Shengyin couldn’t help but wish to vomit blood: “System, didn’t you say that this task was not difficult, with a 100% completion chance?”

JMin’s Corner:

✧(σ๑˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ Our MC finally got pitted by our lovely system!

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ I still love you, system!

Ari’s Corner:

sorry this is out so late uwu jmin finally got back a day or so ago so we have two translators once again (and ive been busy w work aaaaaaaaaa)

aka magic reserves

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