Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 13

On the other side, Zhou Zhi looked at her phone after receiving a message. “Ting Ge, Yuan Ge, I got a message!”

Li Guanting looked at her, “Who’s it from?”

“Lan Lan. She said that we’ll be taking a break once we reach the suburbs.”

Yuan Jin calculated the distance. “That’s about two hours drive away with our current speed.”

“I’ll drive next, Yuan Ge. You should get some rest.” Li Guanting said as he looked at Yuan Jin through the mirror.

“Thanks.” Yuan Jin nodded.

After a moment of silence in the car, Yuan Ge spoke up, “Guanting, what do you think about that group?”

“Dylan and them?”


Li Guanting thought for a moment. “I didn’t notice it in the beginning, but they seemed to know what they are doing. They know what is needed for survival, and what actions to take. It’s like…” He paused for a couple of seconds and then continued, “Like they know what is going on.”

“Now that you mentioned it, Lan Lan also mentioned how the weather would change a lot. Back then, I didn’t think much about it when we were choosing clothes.” Zhou Zhi said thoughtfully.

Li Guanting glanced at Yuan Jin. “Is that why you asked them to take us to D City’s military base?”

Yuan Jin nodded. “You know how I’ve been trained in the army before, right? When I saw those clean cuts on those zombies, I knew that he was highly skilled, even more skilled than most of the people in the army. Moreover, you guys also felt his momentum when he talked to us.”

Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi nodded as they remembered that sharp, imposing momentum from that man.

Yuan Jin continued, “No ordinary man would have that type of momentum. Only those who are baptized by blood numerous times would have that sharp, imposing momentum.”

He recalled Chrome’s eyes when Chrome released his momentum. Just thinking about it made his heart beat faster. His hands gripped the steering wheel as he took a deep breath. “In fact, I have a hunch that he was holding back and hiding his power. What we see is just the tip of the iceberg. The same goes for Dylan and Yilan. They are not ordinary.”

Zhou Zhi nodded. After a moment, she said seriously, “We need to hold onto this thick golden thigh.”

Li Guanting smiled helplessly and chuckled as he poked her forehead. Yuan Jin slightly smiled at her conclusion.

“What? It’s true!” Zhou Zhi glared at her boyfriend. “Anyway, Lan Lan and I have become good friends. She said she’ll treat us to some good food for dinner!”

The solemn atmosphere in the car was broken by her heartfelt words.

After an hour, they reached the gas station that was the closest to the suburbs. Dylan had turned off auto-pilot and drove the RV to the gas station. Chrome had informed him that there were several zombies at the gas station ahead of time, so Dylan dropped Yilan off to kill the zombies.

These zombies were standing near the entrance of the gas station’s small convenience store. Yilan quickly threw her silver needles at the zombies, mowing them down one by one. She ignored the gasps of the people inside the convenience store and gave the green light to Dylan, who then drove the RV closer.

After the RV was parked, everyone got off. Yuan Jin drove his SUV to one of the gas pumps, intending to refill the gas.

Zhou Zhi got out of the car and stretched her body. She noticed a beautiful, fair-skinned young woman wearing an open-shouldered top, skinny jeans, and heeled boots next to Yilan. The long silver hair at the sides of her ears were braided and tied at the back. Her crystal blue eyes were bright as she glanced around while holding hands with Boss.

Just when Zhou Zhi was about to walk over to Yilan and that woman, she heard someone shouting from behind her.

“Who are you guys? Are you here to save us?” A woman cried out to Dylan when he was checking out the zombies on the ground.

“If you scream any louder, zombies will come.” Dylan smirked at her as he looked at her through the glass door. “And, no, we’re not here to save you guys. We’re here only for gas.”

“Why not? We’re fellow countrymen!” The woman lowered her voice after hearing what Dylan said.

“Times have changed. If you want to leave, go by yourself. We’re not obligated to save people.” Dylan rolled his eyes.

He turned around and walked towards Li Guanting and Yuan Jin. Yilan and Altyria walked up to Zhou Zhi, who had been watching this scene. Chrome whispered to Altyria before heading towards Dylan.

“Aaah, that woman…” Yilan sighed and shook her head. She turned her head and smiled at Zhou Zhi. “Ah Zhi, this is Altyria and the young wife of Boss. She was resting in the RV when we went to the department store. Altyria, this is Zhou Zhi that I was talking about.”

“Nice to meet you Zhou Zhi. Is it all right if I called you Ah Zhi as well?” Altyria gave her a smile and extended her hand.

Zhou Zhi shook hands with her and smiled. “Yup, can I call you Alti?”

“Haha, no can do! That name is Boss’ exclusive nickname for Altyria.” Yilan laughed. “Everyone else just calls her by name.”

“Your husband is pretty possessive.” Zhou Zhi looked at Altyria with surprise.

Altyria laughed embarrassingly. “It’s at a tolerable level.”

Over at the men’s side, Dylan had asked Yuan Jin and Li Guanting whether they needed more supplies, like water, fuel injector cleaners, or ice that were available at this gas station’s convenience store.

“I think we are good for now. I kind of don’t want to deal with those people.” Yuan Jin glanced at the people in the convenience store. His instincts told him that he would have unwanted trouble.

“All right. Since we need nothing, we should get back on the road as soon as possible. If we stay any long, they might co—” Dylan was interrupted by someone shouting towards them.

“Hey!” A slender, well-curved woman, along with a group of people, came out of the convenience store and was walking towards them.

“You guys are leaving the city, right?” The woman asked in a soft voice. “We also want to leave the city. Seeing that you guys are strong enough to defeat zombies, you should bring us with you.”

Dylan said in a flat voice, “Sorry, we don’t intend to bring people along with us. If you want to leave the city, you guys can go by yourselves.”

“Then, at the very least, you guys can bring us to the closest base!” A tall man wearing glasses spoke up. “On the forum, someone posted that there were bases being built, and we should go there.”

At this moment, the surrounding temperature dropped as Chrome coldly swept his gaze at them. “We’re not going to the base, and we’re not going to bring you along. If you don’t leave us alone, then I wouldn’t mind killing you.”

The group of people felt his killing intent and couldn’t utter a single word.

“Let’s go.” Chrome no longer looked at them and headed towards Altyria. His expression was no longer cold and rigid. “Wife, it’s time to go.”

Altyria nodded, gave a smile to Zhou Zhi, and then went to the RV with Chrome.

“You should get in the car before they stir up trouble.” Yilan whispered to Zhou Zhi. “We’ll keep in touch on Link.”

Zhou Zhi nodded and quickly made her way back to the SUV.

Dylan patted Li Guanting on the shoulder. “Ignore them. You guys get on the car first.”

Li Guanting got in the driver’s seat while Zhou Zhi sat in the passenger seat. Yuan Jin sat in the back.

At this moment, the woman, who had spoken earlier, ran to their car and was about to open the door to get in.

However, before she could touch the door, a firm hand grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm.

“Weren’t you listening? My Boss said that we aren’t taking anyone along with us.” Dylan looked at her, eyes flashing with a dangerous glint.

“You…Ah!” Before the woman could say anything, she was thrown to the ground.

After Dylan said that, he gestured for Li Guanting to drive first.

Another woman from that group shouted at Dylan, “You! Even if you are not going to bring us, you shouldn’t have thrown Ah Wei like that. How could you call yourself a man?!”

Dylan sneered, “If you want to die first, then keep talking.”

Lightening flickered around his entire body, causing buzzing sounds.

The group of people saw this and recalled how the girl had killed the zombies earlier. They had not thought it through before coming forth to demand them to bring them to the closest base. If that girl had easily killed all those zombies, then this man in front of them should not be ordinary as well.

Their backs were covered with cold sweat as they looked uneasily at Dylan. The woman, who had spoken out for her friend, felt her legs go soft and fell to the ground.

“I will not say it another time. Next time, I will directly kill you.” Dylan’s eyes narrowed as he glared at them.

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