HAWRR Chapter 246

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (12)

“Saintess, no abnormalities were found.” Carlos reported to Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin furrowed her exquisite brows.

That should not be the case.

At this time, she was inspecting the outskirts of Icefield City with Carlos and a small team of Light Knights.

Because they were keeping things low-key, Gu Shengyin did not bring many people with her.

However, the results of the investigation were abnormal. On the outskirts of Icefield City, there was no trace of the Dark faction at all.

Because Gu Sheng had used the Great Purification spell before, the previous Dark miasma had been completely removed. The lack of clues meant that afterwards, no Dark being had been to Icefield City.

Gu Shengyin did not naively believe that the Dark forces that had harassed the Dark Blue Empire had only included those she had previously destroyed.

It must be that the Dark now had some way to hide their whereabouts.

Perhaps they just wanted to avoid the attention of the Holy Church for the time being.

There was no resolution to the investigation this time.

The group returned to Icefield City.

“Carlos…” Gu Shengyin addressed Carlos.

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Two days later, because the Dark forces had been wiped out, the mighty Holy Church team left Icefield City and headed to another city that was harassed by the Dark, Frost City.

However, to the surprise of others, on the third day after the departure of the Holy Church, Icefield City was attacked by the Dark.

The power of Darkness once again enveloped the city.

“Follow.” Within the darkness, two pairs of eyes coldly watched the black-haired Dark devils.

They were Gu Shengyin and Carlos.

The Holy Church had left Icefield City as bait. In fact, Gu Shengyin had long expected that the Dark would come back, so she would simply make it look as if she had left and waited for them to come.

So she and Carlos, secretly stayed, waiting for the Dark to arrive.

Gu Shengyin watched a few of the Dark demons arrive at a deserted room in the northeast corner of the city.

The Dark demons looked around vigilantly, and several people formed a circle and began chanting a spell.

Gradually, as they chanted, a dark red light illuminated the open space among them, gradually forming an adult-sized door of light.

The demons stepped through the doorway without hesitation, and their figures disappeared from the room.

Gu Shengyin and Carlos glanced at each other, this was clearly a special teleportation array.

Seeing that the dark red door was fading away, Gu Shengyin stepped through without hesitation.

Carlos watched the slender figure disappear and followed her in.

“Ding! The host has triggered a secret mission: Ruin the scheme of the Dark and prevent Diablo from recovering!” The system’s voice startled Gu Shengyin.

“Secret missions — was there such a setting?”

The system explained seriously: “Under normal circumstances, secret missions will not appear. May Host rest assured that although this task seems to be very difficult, the system has investigated the data, and the probability of the host completing the task is 100%, the task difficulty is low.”

Gu Shengyin: … If it wasn’t for the fact that the system has always been reliable, she would suspect that it was lying to her.

Stop Diablo from recovering. The task itself sounded horribly difficult, but such a dangerous task was apparently low difficulty with a 100% probability for completion.

Could it be that the Diablo was definitely dead1, and there was no chance of resurrection at all?

Gu Shengyin was complaining to herself when she noticed that she had been sent to a strange place.

JMin’s Corner:

System has been reliable. So yes, there should be nothing wrong with this hidden task.


Ari’s Corner:

literal phrasing was: so dead he could not die anymore

ive translated like 3 chapters today so here’s a sponsored chap; will try to do more tmrw

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