HAWRR Chapter 245

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (11)

“Lord Carlos, here are some Thousand Forest fruits I just bought. Would you like to try some?” Heidi saw Carlos standing by himself at the doorway, and went over to ask with a flushed face.

Carlos shook his head. “No thank you. The Saintess just spent a lot of magic. You should go see if she needs it.”

Heidi’s face paled and whispered an assent.

Her hands clenched on the tray. It was like this again.

She had been thankful for some time because she was not the Saintess, so she had the opportunity to chase the person she liked. But what about Carlos? His gaze was only on Saintess Hathaway alone, and he never paid attention to others.

If, if the Saintess who was chosen at the time was her, then would Carlos also be like this, his heart and gaze focused only on her?

Gu Shengyin received an inexplicable system prompt that Heidi’s hostility towards her had risen.

She was a little annoyed: “When the situation in the Icefield City is resolved, I will take care of Heidi, this troublesome thing.”

She was currently meditating in order to restore her magic.

Such a large-scale purification magic was actually very stressful in her current state. She just used a clever trick. The scepter given to her by the God of Light was not only good-looking, but the rich power of Light within it could be a cheat at a critical moment.

But even with the bonus of the scepter, the magic in her body was almost completely consumed by the cost of the purification. Carlos also noticed this and told the governor to bring them into the city to rest.

Gu Shengyin closed her eyes and did not notice that when she was meditating, a faint golden light emanated from the scepter by her side. The Light magic flowed from her scepter into her body, aiding her recovery of magic.

So when Gu Shengyin opened her eyes and found that her body had recovered to its peak state, she was shocked.

The system informed her: “It’s because of the scepter that the God of Light bestowed you.”

Gu Shengyin: It turns out that not only is it a godly creation, it also provides essentials for travel.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library .com.

In the evening, when Gu Shengyin appeared at the City Governor’s mansion, as expected, the mansion was filled with people.

Those who had kept their doors firmly shut during the day had now come to visit the Saintess, who had been able to disperse the miasma that had been in the Icefield City for months.

When they saw Gu Shengyin’s arrival, many people suddenly knelt.

City Governor Koman explained a bit embarrassedly: “Saintess, they didn’t want to come out during the day, because our people were really scared…”

Gu Shengyin interrupted him: “I know. City Governor Koman don’t worry, I can understand.”

She looked over at everyone in the Governor’s mansion. Using Light magic, her voice sounded faintly over all of Icefield City. “The Light God will not give up any of his people. Since I have come here, I will follow the will of God and destroy the evil people who are guilty. The Dark should not exist!”

Her voice was filled with firm faith. The people in Icefield City seemed to be infected by her. They shouted with her words: “Where the Light shines, the Dark will not exist!”

“Where the Light shines, the Dark will not exist!”

Carlos looked at the woman who was calmly standing before the crowd, and there was a feeling in his heart that had never been felt before.

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Rival? Nah, just your usual cannon fodder 😉

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uwu rival for the ML has appeared!

i’m gonna start releasing sponsored chaps in a bit; just need to translate some more (jmin’s still on vaca)

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  1. Heidi’s frickleness seems bottomless… ∑(‘=’;)
    Carlos… Still doesn’t seem bad, he cannot exactly “control” falling for someone… I guess?ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”
    Then again, him knowing she’s a Saintess (Her husband is their god!!*that he doesn’t know BUT~~~!*), that’d be great if he was the kind to love and protect silently. Like… In the shadow. (¬_¬) Keeping his feeling for himself if possible, then move on, finding his very own soul mate (which isn’t dear Heidi neither~). Hopefully. (눈‸눈)
    Ehrm… That’d be idealisticaly more for Yinyin’s convenance and to avoid him being a cannon fodder haha 。( ̄∇ ̄*)o

    Happy new year and thanks for the release~ ♡

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  2. thanks!
    and just as heidi’s resentment was slowly gone, it came back just as fast!the fool that she is, she doesn’t realise that being the saintess will just cause more pain since she isn’t allowed to be with carlos anyway. -rolls eyes-


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