Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 12

Dylan had hopped into the driver’s seat and turned on the engine. He pressed a button to make the front window tinted so others can’t see inside. He opened the map, found the location of D City, and set it on autopilot. After that, he stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

The RV started driving by itself down the street. Because they were in a hurry to leave the city, Dylan set the RV at max speed. Yuan Jin also followed behind with his SUV feeling somewhat surprised at this RV’s speed.

“Hey, this RV can drive pretty fast.” Yuan Jin couldn’t help but speak out. “They’re driving around 85-90 kph right now.”

“Wow, that’s pretty fast! Don’t RV’s usually go up to 70 – 75 kph?” Zhou Zhi’s  was immediately swept away by this amazing discovery.

Li Guanting finally saw his girlfriend smile and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he turned to look at the RV in front. “Perhaps it is a custom RV or they had modified it themselves. There was a classmate of mine who loved to modify his cars.”

“How nice…” Zhou Zhi looked enviously at the RV.

When she came out of the house, she was not in a good mood and had not looked closely at the vehicle that Dylan had arrived in. Now that Gong Xinya had been thrown to the back of her mind, Zhou Zhi chattered happily to Li Guanting and Yuan Jin.

In a distance, several people arrived at a certain parking lot.

“Are you sure it’s safe here?” A woman asked.

“Two groups of people had already gone in and out of the department store. They were safe and sound. I saw them leave with their backpacks filled with my own eyes!” A man in the group said.

Without saying anything else, the man lead everyone else into the department store. Soon after, another group of people also arrived at the department store.

“Hurry! The food and water should be on the 4th floor!”

“I just saw people arriving at the parking lot. Grab as much as we can…”

They hurried up to the 4th floor, totally ignoring the fact that they should have checked for any danger ahead. The thought of having to share with other groups of people made them unable to think clearly.

On the other hand, the group of people who had just arrived were more cautious. They checked their surroundings before taking the next step.

A man spoke up quietly, “Brother, there was a group of people who went on ahead…”

“I know. Safety is the most important. Those people may have gotten ahead, but they will not be able to open the storage room. We’ll go slowly and let them leave first. Park the car somewhere hidden, so it doesn’t get stolen.”

“Got it, Brother.”

Chrome and his group were totally oblivious to what was going on at the department store. Even if they knew, they would not think much about it.

At this time, Yilan and Dylan were in the small kitchen making lunch.

“Turn on the fume hood, Lan Lan.”


“Brother, cut the vegetables.”

“Got it.”

The twins leisurely cooperated in the kitchen making a couple of side dishes to eat with rice. Chrome was still in his ‘room’ turning Altyria into his little doll. He slowly put the different outfits he got at the pet shop on Altyria and took pictures with his phone.

Just as he took the picture of Altyria wearing the last outfit, he felt Altyria’s power fluctuate in her body. His eyes stared tightly at her, not wanting to miss any little detail. The fluctuating power suddenly calmed down and disappeared.


He gently kiss her little head. Seeing that there was no reaction from her, he continued to drop kisses on her with his eyes closed. Suddenly, his mouth was smacked by something soft. He opened his eyes to see Altyria staring at him with drowsy eyes.

[What…are you doing?] Altyria rubbed her eyes lightly and blinked at him.

“Giving you good morning kisses, baby.” Chrome dropped some more kisses on her. “Ah, no. It’s good afternoon kisses.”

Altyria’s pink nose twitched. She closed her eyes and sniffed. [Are Dylan and Lan Lan making lunch?]

“Yeah, you hungry? I’ll make something for you. They are making some side dishes to eat with rice.” Chrome said in a loving tone.

[No, I want to change to human form! Where’s that necklace?] Altyria said as she stretched out her legs only to notice that she was wearing an outfit.

Altyria: …

She immediately took off the clothes and glared at Chrome, who looked a bit disappointed. However, at the thought that he would be able to hold Altyria in his arms, that disappointment vanished in a flash.

“Baby, this is the necklace.” Chrome took out a gold necklace and placed it on her.

Altyria felt a warm sensation run through her body. The next second, she turned into human form. When she looked up, Altyria saw Chrome holding a pile of clothes in his arms.

“Come, come. Baby, which one do you want to wear? This one looks pretty cute. This one is very casual. You would look very beautiful in this one…” Chrome began rambling on about the different outfits he had brought to her.

In fact, Chrome was trying his hardest not to look at her body. He wasn’t sure if he could control himself if he saw her naked body. However, although he tried to keep his eyes on of her, they kept wandering back to her body.

Altyria felt the hot, piercing eyes on her body causing her to blush.

“I’ll wear this one.” She grabbed the causal outfit: an open-shouldered top with jeans.

Because Altyria had never worn any modern type of clothing, Chrome volunteered to help her. Of course, he took the opportunity to eat a lot of his wife’s tofu.

After Altyria got dressed, they climbed down from their ‘room’.



They both looked at Altyria’s human form and admired her beauty: Long silver hair, crystal blue eyes, and a nice body figure.

“You woke up just in time! We just finished making some stir-fried vegetables with chicken, sweet and sour pork, and steamed fish.” Yilan grabbed 2 more bowls and chopsticks.

Everyone sat around the low table to eat.

“Looks really delicious and smells wonderful!” Altyria took in a deep breath.

“Let’s dig in.” Dylan said as he picked up his chopsticks.

Chrome, being a devoted husband, helped his wife pick a small portion from each dish and placed it in her bowl. Altyria kept her mouth chewing to prevent her bowl from overfilling. Looking at her chewing nonstop like a little hamster made Chrome’s heart filled with warmth.

Chrome didn’t stop until he saw that Altyria’s chewing speed slowed down. Altyria also picked some dishes and placed it in his bowl as well.

As they ate, the car swayed once in a while as the RV drove through the city. Chrome filled Altyria in on the task they just picked up and where they were heading off to.

In the SUV, Zhou Zhi had opened a bag of bread and handed it to Yuan Jin.

“Here, Yuan Ge. We don’t know when we’ll get a break, so you should eat while driving.”

Li Guanting also placed a water bottle at the front of the car. He then opened a water bottle for Zhou Zhi. Zhou Zhi and Li Guanting both shared a box of crackers and a water bottle.

Suddenly, they heard someone shouting.

“Hey! Stop! Bring us with you!”

“Help! Save us!”

A family of 4 was standing on the sidewalk up ahead shouting towards them.

Yuan Jin slightly puckered his brows. The RV showed no signs of slowing down, which indicated that they had no intentions of helping this family out.

The middle-aged woman, who was shouting at them, saw that they were not slowing down and abruptly jumped out onto the road.

Dylan, who had heard the commotion, sat in the driver’s seat and manually drove the RV. If he had not tinted the front windows, those people would have been shocked to see an RV driving on its own.

The family members of the middle-aged woman felt their heart jump out of their chest when she jumped out onto the road; however, the RV swiftly swerved to the opposite side and drove past them. The SUV behind the RV also drove by while keeping a distance.

Seeing that they did not stop, the middle-aged woman started yelling once again.

“Mom, stop yelling. They’re not going to stop for us. You’ll attract zombies to us.”

“Yes, Mom. On the post, it said that zombies are attracted to noise. Also, we should go to a supermarket to find food…” A young boy started rambling to his mother.

“Enough! Now, the city has become chaotic. The police has not arrived and the phone is not working. We have to rely on ourselves.” The middle-aged man said sternly. “Let’s find a car to drive to a supermarket. This city, we can’t stay for long.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked down the street towards a row of cars. His children followed after him. The daughter pulled her mother to start walking.

“Phew, that was a close call.” Dylan set the RV back to auto-pilot and went back to the sofa bed.

“Everything was going so smoothly, so I wasn’t surprised that this almost happened.” Yilan smirked.

“Does this kind of thing happen a lot in an apocalyptic world, Lan Lan?” Altyria asked curiously. She sat on Chrome’s lap with his arms wrapped around her.

“Pretty much. There are people who would self-righteously tell us to help them, give them food, do them a favor, save other people, and many other things.” Yilan sighed. “But, Zhou Zhi and those two guys are pretty reasonable.”

“Yeah, I sensed that they were good people. I just hope I don’t surprise them too much when I pop up.” Altyria stuck out the tip of her tongue.

“We’ll just say that you were watching the RV while we went to get supplies.” Dylan said as he picked up the plates to wash.

Chrome glanced at his watch. “Once we reach the suburbs, we’ll stop and take a break. They would probably need to change drivers.”

Yilan clapped her hand. “Oh, yeah! We are so relaxed here in the RV that I forgot that they needed a break.”

Yilan stood up and grabbed her phone. She had added Zhou Zhi on Link, a chat app, when they were in the department store. She sent Zhou Zhi a message.

Chrome took out a tablet and handed it to Altyria, who started browsing through the web. Chrome sat down on the sofa bed and placed Altyria on his lap again. The two started whispering and had gone into their own world, leaving Yilan scooting to the edge of the sofa bed.

“…Weren’t you sitting on the sofa?” Dylan asked after seeing his sister pop up at his side.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. The pink bubbles were too overwhelming.” Yilan whispered as she helped dry the dishes.

“Yeah? Congratulations. You have learned how to escape the deadly pink bubbles by busying yourself with work.” Dylan said with a straight face.


“I don’t know when I’ll become immune to this…” Yilan sighed.

“When you graduate from being single, which I think will be impossible for you. After all, you are ver—Ouch!” Dylan got jabbed by his sister.

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