HAWRR Chapter 243

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (9)

The guest of honor of the banquet was undoubtedly Gu Shengyin. In addition, the Red Cardinals were also the subject of much attention.

The attention of the noble ladies was entirely on the handsome and dashing knights.

Especially Carlos, who was handsome and charming, graceful yet powerful. He was naturally the most popular one.

It was a pity that all the ladies were disappointed because this Carlos, who turned a blind eye to all the pretty females, had placed all of his attention on Gu Shengyin.

If they didn’t know that the Holy Saintess was forbidden from marriage, these aristocratic ladies may have thought that there was something secret between the two.

“Saintess, your Holiness, these are the areas where my Dark Blue Empire has been invaded by the Dark.” After the banquet, the Emperor of the Deep Blue Empire began to talk business with Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin was looked the information over. It really was the two cities in the northernmost part of the Dark Blue Empire. The news provided by the Emperor was not false. It was exactly the same as Holy Church’s investigation.

“I will depart for the Icefield City tomorrow, and these demons who betrayed the God of Light will be severely punished!” Gu Shengyin’s voice revealed a killing intent.

“Then I thank the Saintess.” The Emperor of the Deep Blue Empire had a grateful look on his face.

Gu Shengyin thought to herself on the way back: the Emperor of this Dark Blue Empire, cannot have a simple purpose.

However, ever since she had received the divine baptism, her mastery over magic had reached Saint level. There are also strong people like Carlos and the Red Cardinals following her. Even if they end up in a terrible situation, they would have no problem retreating.

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Since this was the case, why not follow his plan and head to Icefield City?

What’s more, this trip, whether or not she agrees, she has to go.

The team only stayed in the Dark Blue Empire’s imperial capital for a day before heading to Icefield City.

The Emperor of the Deep Blue Empire sent the group off with a smile. His eyes were filled with emotions that no one could understand.

Carlos seemed to sense something, and looked back from far away.

He said nothing. He would always be the most loyal knight, guarding the Saintess.

Icefield City.

When Gu Shengyin got off the carriage, even if she had already prepared herself in advance, she was still shocked by the horrific scene before her.

The whole city was filled with black mist. The innate Light body was particularly sensitive to the power of Darkness. Gu Shengyin had noticed the rich Dark magic in the air here almost instantly.

The city was saturated with an aura of depression. No one was out on the streets and every door was tightly shut. There was not even a trace of living humans.

From far away, there was someone that saw them and beckoned them over.

It was a thin and sallow-looking middle-aged man wearing a robes that were worn but not old. He saw Gu Shengyin and was filled with great joy: “Icefield City’s governor, Koman, welcomes the Saintess.”

Gu Shengyin looked behind him, and only saw a few people, she raised an eyebrow, but did not comment, asking other questions instead.

“How is the situation in your Icefield City now?”

Governor Koman smiled bitterly: “The Dark forces have been attacking almost every three to five days. Nine-tenths of our soldiers of Icefield City have been killed in combat. Now there are only the few old, weak and sickly in the city. Also, ever since the Dark miasma appeared, people in the city have weakened and fallen sick. With how Icefield City is now, we are all just waiting for death.”

Ari’s Corner:

i hate translating this arc lmao it’s so troublesome
saint/holy/god/magic all use the same character so i need to use context to figure shit out
and the names r just annoying… “ice city”? “blue sea”? “deep blue”???

Last chapter for the next two days I have a 22 hour drive from Florida to NYC ahead of me pray for me ((I suffer from extreme motion sickness in cars)) bc my dad decided to had to drive to and from Florida instead of just fucking flying

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