HAWRR Chapter 242

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (8)

In just a few days, the news had spread across the entire Aoqi continent that the new Saintess Hathaway was deeply loved by the God of Light.

“Hathaway, recently the Emperor of the Deep Blue Empire asked for help. The northern side of their empire was invaded by the Dark forces. In the future, you will represent the Holy Church of the entire Aoqi continent. Going to the Deep Blue Empire now would be a good start….”

The Dark? The Dark forces were exiled by the God of Light ten thousand years ago to the dire lands opposite the Aoqi continent, separated by an endless abyss known as the Land of Death.

How did they cross the endless abyss to reach the Aoqi continent?

Gu Shengyin had no reason to refuse.

Two days later, she was ready to go.

Of course, since it was the Saintess traveling, the procession was luxurious.

The Holy Church not only sent hundreds of pastors to follow, but also assigned the elite of the Knights of Light to protect the safety of the Saintess, as well as two Cardinals and several bishops.

Even if it was the Pope traveling, it would not be on par with this.

“Saintess, the head knight of the Knights of Light is requesting an audience.” Heidi came in and informed Gu Shengyin in a whisper.

Gu Shengyin noticed that her (Heidi) face was a bit flushed.

“Invite him in.” Gu Shengyin said.

When Carlos came in, Gu Shengyin understood why Heidi’s face was so flushed.

The head of the Knights of Light was not only young, but also a rare beauty.

He had a head full of pure blond hair and dark blue eyes more mysterious than the sea. When he laughed, it seemed as if the whole hall was infected by his brightness.

Any one of the three Knights was at least a legendary swordsman.

To be the head of the three top knights, he must be a Sword Saint.

A Sword Saint was already the most powerful of the swordsmen of the Aoqi continent.

With such a handsome and powerful knight, it was no wonder that Heidi would be tempted.

“Good day, Saintess.” Carlos entered and knelt to Gu Shengyin in a Knight’s salute.

“Good day, Lord Carlos.” Gu Shengyin greeted him.

“The Knights of the Light are prepared.”

Gu Shengyin nodded: “I am ready as well.”

The Saintess of the Holy Church was traveling, and even brought along such a large contingent. Naturally, the whole continent would be aware of the news.

Every place they passed had countless people trying to meet the Saintess, but Carlos blocked the majority of them.

“May the Saintess not blame me for making these decisions.” After their group had stopped to make camp for the day, Carlos came to apologize.

“Lord Carlos is doing very well. Of these people asking for audience, there are not many who are truly faithful.”

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Carlos held a smile within his heart: This Saintess is indeed just as the rumors say, utterly faithful to the God of Light.

The journey was without delays and soon they arrived at the Deep Blue Empire.

The Deep Blue Empire had received the news a few days ago, and the Emperor brought all the members of the royal family to welcome Gu Shengyin at the gate of the city.

“The Saintess has arrived! With the Saintess and these Lords here, the crisis of my Dark Blue Empire can be lifted!” The Emperor of the Deep Blue Empire said emotionally.

“Host, this person had no emotional fluctuations when he spoke,” the system cautioned.

Gu Shengyin glanced at the Emperor: It was an act, and she did not know what plan the Emperor had prepared for her, requesting for them to come to this Dark Blue Empire.

“Saintess, the Deep Blue Empire has hosted a welcome dinner for you.” Heidi came in.

Her hostility to Gu Shengyin had decreased a lot. The reason was simple: The Saintess could not marry or have a romantic affair.

She, as a maid to the Saintess, had no such restriction.

After seeing Carlos, she was very glad that she was not selected at the time.

JMin’s Corner:

*Scoffs at Heidi* As if someone like you could get married to someone like Carlos

Ari’s Corner:

Heidi is thirsty lmao

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  1. Lmao. As you said Heidi is thirsty alright.
    This Carlos seems like a nice guy…
    Too good for her indeed. (ভ_ ভ)
    She’s too ugly inside, I’m surprised she didn’t burn right at the moment she thought being more deserving of being the Saintess than Hathaway… (#゚з゚#)
    What are this Emperor’s schemes? (O _ o) We shall see.

    Thanks again~ ♡

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    1. I said a few chapters ago: There is only ONE male character that has been described in details in every single arc of this story: The hubby. Meaning? since the hubby in this world is God… chance is, Carlos IS the God in disguise 😉


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