HAWRR Chapter 241

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (7)

The God of Light smilingly looked at the stunned faces of his followers.

Wu, looking at this one this way seems to be rather pleasant.

His right hand slowly lifted up, and the golden light of heaven and earth’s power gradually formed in his hand until the light faded. The object in his hands was shown to Gu Shengyin.

A silver scepter.

“This is the honor this one is giving you.” The God of Light delivered the scepter before Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin roused from her stupor and extended her hands to carefully receive the scepter God had bestowed her.

The God of Light seemed to chuckle and leaned down. Gu Shengyin felt a slight feeling of coolness upon her forehead. She looked up, but the figure of the Holy God had already disappeared.

“My follower, do well, and pass on my brilliance.” Only this statement was left lingering in her ears.

Only after the God of Light’s aura had completely disappeared from the Holy Cathedral did people dare raise their heads.

They looked at the Holy Saintess who stood alone on the platform high above, holding the noble and beautiful scepter in her hands. Their eyes were filled with awe and envy.

The Light God favored her to this extent. At this point, who would dare say a word about her status as the Holy Saintess?

The people of the Blue Sea Empire were already regretting their aggressive words from before.

The Pope was excited. There was a Holy Saintess of the Holy Church that was deeply loved by the God, this clearly was a good thing for the Holy Church, right?

He couldn’t suppress his joy and announced, “I declare that from today, Hathaway Louis will be the Holy Saintess of the Holy Church, and she will become the messenger of the God of Light, bringing the brilliance of God to every corner of the Aoqi continent!”

No one spoke even half a word of objection.

Heidi hung her head, completely filled with ten thousand points of envy.

Why? Why does God favor and deeply love Hathaway so much? I clearly am just as faithful to the God, am I not?

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When Gu Shengyin returned to her quarters, she was still completely dazed.

“System, tell me, why does God treat me so differently?” She thought it over a hundred times but still could not find the answer.

System: “Within the three thousand worlds, this world counts as one of the high-level worlds. The God of Light is a powerful first-tier god. I can only protect my existence is from discovery by him and I have no way of investigating the God of Light.”

Gu Shengyin was rather thrilled. “That is a god! I have never met a god before. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to see his appearance though.”

System: “……I hope this sentence is never known by a certain being.”

Gu Shengyin took out the scepter the God of Light had bestowed upon her.

The entire scepter is silvery-white, and the details of the craftsmanship were all beautiful. The top of the scepter was inlaid with a huge blue spar. Even if it was quietly placed there, Gu Sheng could still feel the powerful Light magic contained within it.

According to Hathaway’s memories, there were no magic crystals in the Aoqi continent that can have such powerful energy.

It was highly likely something from the realm of God.

Gu Shengyin looked at her scepter and looked at her gorgeous robe. She then thought of the noble and magnificent statue in the Great Cathedral of the Light. The silent system spat out a sentence: “The God of Light loves luxury and beauty, I really believe it now.”

Looking at it, anything related to the God does not seem to be low-key at all.

Gu Shengyin, whose bones were full of love for noble and luxurious things, was smiling so brightly her eyes were sparkling: Such a thick thigh, I will hug it.

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System: “……I hope this sentence is never known by a certain being.”

I wonder who~ (≧艸≦*)

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lmao Shengyin always cracks me up (also i love sparkly expensive stuff too i feel u bb)

spar, also known as water jade or water essence

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  3. “The entire scepter is silvery-white, and the details of the craftsmanship were all beautiful. The top of the scepter was inlaid with a huge blue spar” when i read this first thought that come to mind was: God surely put some godly cameras in the scepter so he can spy you while you bath without noticing his gaze lol

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