HAWRR Chapter 240

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (6)

The Pope held the scepter symbolizing the status and glory of the Saintess with both hands and delivered it to Gu Shengyin.

Everyone was silent, watching this historic scene, and the oil painting masters and the masters of sculpture firmly memorized this scene. In this case, it was necessary to immortalize this historical record.

However, a situation that no one expected occurred.

Gu Shengyin’s hand had not touched the scepter. The scepter forged from the strongest and most precious material of the entire Aoqi continent was broken inch by inch, landing on the ground and burned by golden Godly fire into ashes.

Gu Shengyin: …

The Pope: ……

Without a doubt, there is only one being capable of doing this.

Everyone looked up at the statue of God high above, and many people had already knelt down.

The Pope looked at Gu Shengyin in confusing. Was Hathaway not the appointed Saintess who was favored by the God? But if the God really favored her, why would the scepter be destroyed?

It was common knowledge that if the Holy Saintess has not received the scepter, she will not be recognized by the people.

Already, aristocrats were whispering, saying that this must be because this Saintess must not have pure faith, causing dissatisfaction and anger from the God, which lead to the destruction of the scepter.

Someone began yelling furiously that they must severely punish Gu Shengyin, this Saintess who caused the gods to be dissatisfied. This proposal garnered many people’s approval.

Gu Sheng looked over and saw that the people who spoke were of the Blue Sea Empire. The Blue Sea Empire was a recently emerged empire. They became known for its accomplishments in military and wars. Towards the Aoqi Empire, the oldest empire on the mainland, their attitude was never harmonious. Hathaway was the candidate from the Aoqi Empire. The people of the Blue Sea Empire certainly did not want her to become the Holy Saintess.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Unlike the Blue Sea Empire’s people, who were enjoying this catastrophic situation, the people of the Aoqi Empire looked up at Gu Shengyin on the high platform with worry.

Heidi bowed her head slightly, and her eyes were full of gloating pleasure. She couldn’t wait for Gu Shengyin to be dismissed from the candidacy of Saintess. If she was, she (Heidi) would have a greater chance, wouldn’t she?

The Pope did not believe that the God was dissatisfied with the Saintess. It was important to know that the robes Gu Shengyin was wearing were all from the God of Light.

Gu Shengyin was indifferent towards everything around her, she simply stood silently, waiting for a result.

Sure enough, when the people of the Blue Sea Empire began to shout confrontationally, the God high above finally responded.

A golden light rose from the statue of the God, and an illusory figure walked out from the statue.

Many people felt that their eyes were stinging and were forced to bow their heads and look down. They immediately realized who the figure was.

God appeared!

The entire hall of the Great Cathedral was filled with the sound of kneeling. Even the Pope knelt as well.

Only Gu Shengyin alone was still standing. It was not that she was unwilling to kneel, but rather, she could not kneel at all.

When she had seen the figure, her first reaction was the same as everyone else, but an inexplicable force kept her standing.

The figure walked step by step through the air until he reached Gu Shengyin.

“That common mortal scepter is not worthy of your glory, my most devout believer.” God’s low voice was heard throughout the Great Hall, and it echoed in everyone’s heart.

Gu Shengyin looked at the figure before her in surprise. It was just a figure of Light, but it still carried the aura of power to shatter the heavens and destroy the earth. No one would doubt the true identity of the being before them.

The Holy God of Light.

JMin’s Corner:

˃̶̀˂̶́)σ LOL, I can just image their faces when the scepter broke to pieces ʱªʱª (ᕑᗢ)

Ari’s Corner:

RANT: tbh I find it a bit irritating how some of u are dismissing this arc/story/author just bc there are similarities to FOD; there are always gonna be some similarities between books of the same genre (or do you guys also flame all those transmigration stories with abandoned young ladies who meet a mysterious powerful man and face slap everyone?)

if u don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything.

It’s very frustrating and disheartening to spend hours translating a chapter just to see ‘o this arc/story/author sucks bc there r similarities to another story’

On another note, sponsored chapters are discounted for 10$ each until New Year’s Day

chapter sponsored by Nikki

Third release today as my present for you guys

Happy Christmas to you 🙂

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      1. Dear Lovely Ari don’t be upset ……..do you know that I always check this place and discord so I can watch for New Updates………So please don’t be upset by nonsense talk…

        and Merry Christmas………

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  1. No idea what FOD is, but some people complain too much. If you enjoy the story, then sit back and read. That’s what I do. 😛
    Thanks as always for your hard work!

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      1. Agreed, most of us greatly appreciate all of the work you do on translating and all of the work the author did on writing.

        Please ignore the haters and Thank You for all of your work on this, its been a great translatikn and a fun story!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! And Merry Christmas!!

    And what, people are comparing this to FOD? The only similarities is that there’s a God of Light and the MC becomes the “God’s Most Beloved”… Other than that, the events have been pretty different from FOD’s. I don’t know why they’re saying this. Besides, a lot of other transmigrated stories end up having similarities to novels in the same genre. It’s kind of unavoidable.

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  3. Sure it’s a bit like that Fod arc with Joshua and adounis the light god, but there’s nothing wrong with that haha. I love both Fod and this series. There is nothing wrong with another author having a bit of the same theme. That does not equal the same exact story. Even if it was, this would still turn out different based on the characters and how this novel goes. As far as I know, this story’s God arc is different too.

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  4. Lol I read about ten of these “Quick Transmigration” style of novels… there are plenty similarities but they also have their unique style, if you don’t wanna read similar scene, just don’t choose to read this type of novel…

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      1. -QT second FL’s counterattacks
        -QT cannon fodder’s record of counterattacks
        -QT system: Male god, come here
        -QT: face-slapping the second FL
        -QT: heroine arrives, woman rapidly retreats!
        -QT: rescuing supporting ML plan
        -QT: rescuing the blacken ML
        -Special agent’s rebirth: the almighty goddess of QT
        – those years when we killed the white lotus

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        1. That is my favorite! I would so date SS in any world. She is a sexy goddess of destruction! In the arc where she wound up as a movie star and she had fan girls going g “she’s so heroic! Don’t lose your composure…” that’s me 24/7. Lol

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    1. Hahaha.. what about me?! Not only on NU, WP, Watty, even aRRL sites ive read so many quic wear types of stories that i always find myself mixing stories with other stories.. but i dont blame i actually like to see different protrayals of the same theme… Its really joyful!

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  5. The setting indeed familiar but the story is different tho? At least Heidi not lik scheming thot fake priest lol and the Light God here didnt seems like that pervert Light God there lol lol. Thank you and Merry Christmas

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        1. I didn’t like yaoi novels either but forced myself to try this one because it’s a classic. And I tell you after some arcs I couldn’t put it down. Like seriously. I was shocked at myself. It even became one of my favourite novels !
          And even if you reeeally don’t like the yaoi part, just think of it as a normal romance, there is many novels starring FLxML who are much more hard-core.
          You have to stay, even if just for the plot which is absolutely perfect !
          I tell you, FOD is a legend, even for people who don’t like yaoi !
          (Sorry to says that on an unrelated novel website, I couldn’t stand this person to miss such a chef-d’oeuvre ! I am also exited to see what the differences will be later on)

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            1. Well, my opinion is that you should but be careful, this is a long novel and you will have difficulties to do something else XD


          1. I also forced myself through that novel, FOD I mean. and since it’s already so far by the time I read it, I got through it by reading it in one go. I don’t really like the yaoi part, so I just made myself think that it’s normal FLxML, or forget those parts, lol. The plot made me go through it.!!


  6. Just ignore those people, Ari. I have read a lot of quick transmigration and in fact I already MTL this novel ahead yet I am still not here. Not because I did not understand, I believe my MTL skill is pretty high but because I just like this story. Thank you for translating it, Ari.

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    1. *I am still here.
      Gosh when your brain already think of next sentence and your fat fingers are slow in typing it, this happened.


  7. ? I didn’t mean for what I said to be a BAD thing just take for example two other books I read

    one MC is named XunMi and another is Gu Shengyin at some point BOTH of them have varmpire/punishment arcs both are practically identical but are both unique and it’s interesting to see the differences in both or say who did it better
    so just calm down already shesh 😥

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    1. If it’s just you, I don’t think Ari would have gotten upset. I actually went back to some of the other comments and they said stuff like “the author ripped off FOD, I’m so disappointed”, “I’m dropping this arc because it’s like FOD but not as interesting”, etc. If you didn’t write anything like that then I doubt her comment was aimed at you. 🙂

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  8. did you seriously just tell the translator —the person spending literal hours on making this work legible to us— to calm down?

    you could’ve just said that wasn’t your intention. end of

    i’m honestly baffled

    i really hope i misconstrued your post bc why?? would you bite the hand that feeds you? seriously wth 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  9. I’ve finished the arcs of both stories. If they had waited, they would have realised that both stories are not even all that similar. They should at least give the story a fair fighting chance first. :/

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      1. I can understand why you got annoyed, I was looking back at some of the comments and they were pretty rude. Hope it didn’t spoil your mood for Christmas.


  10. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

    ML is just too domineering!!! Woohoo..!!! Wonder if those from the other empire will get punished?? hmm..


  11. @Jmin: Well… I can imagine the rival girl’s expression when the God of Light said that last line. it.is.DELICIOUS!
    @ Ari: Eh, let those haters hate. Don’t mind em, I’m still having hell of a good time reading this arc… mostly because I think the hubby reincarnation in this arc is hilarious XD


  12. TBH most QT novels are at least a little similar, simply because the switching from world to world needs a lot of ideas–and of course as author’s come up with these ideas, there’ll be worlds inspired by what’s familiar to them. Like an imperial harem world, or a zombie world, or a western fantasy world. To those readers angry about this arc, what, are you going to disdain Lord of the Rings just because you read Harry Potter before? Both have wizards and a chosen one, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same. If you really can’t stand it, then just stop reading. It’s all free and you didn’t pay for it anyway. What good will come of complaining to the translator; Ari’s not the one writing the book, yeesh.

    The premise does seem to be similar to FOD’s Joshua arc, but I’m looking forward to what this author does differently. Most of the other arcs haven’t been very cut-and-paste so I have hope! Thanks for the chapter!

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  13. Ah yes, I am a simple reader who reads through both yaoi and hetero transmigration system stories; and I’m quite familiar with this arc- in fact there are actually two other stories with a very similar concept to this arc.

    However I believe that there will be unique differences as the MC goes along the plot,

    Can we all settle this down and agree that although there are some things that are the same- there are also it’s interesting differences.

    There are countless stories that were inspired by FOD, QWTFOTD etc etc. Why is this story any different? I apologize deeply on behalf of all fudanshi and fujoshi’s -as I am one myself – to the translator. Ignore the onslaught of slander, as their words should be meaningless.

    I hope that those rude comments didn’t make your Christmas cheer go down the drain…

    Now that I have finished sounding all smansy pansy, MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS! >.>

    P.s hope that hubby quickly makes wifey his literal goddess teeheeee! C:


  14. I mean, I myself have also compared it to FOD. But aside from one comment saying that they’re similar, I don’t really think it’s a bad thing? I try to judge a book on its content and how well it’s translated/written. And I love this series (a large part due to the translator). So anyway, thanks for the translation. I don’t think you should mind the people who are commenting – it happens~


  15. Just let people complain, they won’t stop ‘til they’re already out of breath. Let them complain, what can they do to you? Anyways, please do continue updating.


  16. It similiar to FOD, but that makes me love it more. Since that book is my utmost favorite, to be able to read something similiar that was presentated really well.. it feels amazing. I love you thanks for the chapter


  17. I also remembered FOD when I read this arc, but it’s definitely a different one. This stands out in its own right, and for one, we have a cute system who isn’t annoying and is actually geniunely trying to help (gawd system too cute!).

    Please update more TTvTT I can’t wait for her reaction when she finds out he’s her lover and they can actually have a legal snusnu (or possible initial failure to recognize her lover due to the [devotion] given by the System). Is he also a God of Darkness? Will they separate bodies? Or is it another thing altogether? Even so, looking forward to Gu Shengyin and her lover’s imteractions~ 💕


  18. Thank you for the translation! I just spent 3 days binge-reading from the 1st chapter. As for those FOD commenters, well, I usually consider it a case of people who haven’t read enough c-novels to know that these sorts of plots are pretty common. Even if FOD is quite well-known, doesn’t mean it’s the father of transmigration stories. Those readers need to broaden their horizons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  19. What is FOD? Its not once nor twice quick transmigration stories have similar route but I enjoyed this one.. so thank you translator-sama *kneeldowninawe😚😚


  20. That’s a funny opinion from people. So far, the only similarity I see is that the MC is a faithful believer of light, blond, and god likes her/him. The storyteller is quite different though. Just keypoint is the same.


  21. thanks!
    kyaa kyaa he made an appearance himself! so like, now, from top to bottom, she’s dressed in something he gave her keke!


  22. Thank you for your translation, I personally enjoy this story, and I agree with you Ari, if people don’t have anything nice to say, they shouldn’t say anything at all.


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