HAWRR Chapter 239

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (5)

“Saintess, we have prepared for you to bathe and change clothes. The succession ceremony of the Saintess will be later today.” Vivian entered.

Vivian was different from Heidi. She was a very pure girl, and she truly believed in the God of Light. Therefore, towards Gu Shengyin, who was favored by the Light God, she was full of admiration and worship.

Gu Shengyin removed her clothes before walking into the bath.

She didn’t like to be surrounded by others when she was bathing, so she dismissed Vivian and Heidi.

So when the Light God looked upon her at this moment, he saw a scene of such a lively and fragrant beauty.

His most devout believer was nude in her bath, and her long blond hair was draped over the curves of her body, covering her private parts.

Normally, the beautiful and holy maidens had an aura of inviolability. At this moment, under the haze of steam, there was a faint blush upon her skin, provoking and irresistible.

A beautiful picture of a beautiful woman bathing.

The Light God propped his chin on his hand, and felt that his heart, which had been quiet for thousands of years, suddenly received a burst of feelings.

Gu Shengyin had completed many missions through many worlds. Her soul strength was incomparable to normal people. At this moment, she could feel an invisible gaze focused upon her.

However, no matter how hard she searched for the source, there was no result.

“System?” She closed her eyes and called for the system.

“Have you noticed a strange presence watching me?” She asked.

The system scanned the surroundings. “No abnormalities were discovered.”

The Light God watched as his follower opened her eyes, staring confusedly into space.

Really, unexpectedly sharp senses. He sighed quietly and waved a hand to dismiss the projection.

“Maybe I’m too paranoid.” Gu Shengyin said to herself.

Vivan and Heidi re-entered to help Gu Shengyin dress. Vivian carried the robes of the Saintess while Heidi carried the crystal crown that only the Saintess could wear.

Heidi was a bit perturbed. There was something attached to the crystal crown she was holding. She had a secret — her family had always been sensitive to dark magic. This crown should be specifically for the Saintess, but someone had attached a thread of dark magic to it!

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Heidi knew that if this crown was worn by the Saintess, the dark magic that was attached would inevitably enter her body, and then…

She bowed her head with respect, and lifted the crown in her hands, preparing to place it upon Gu Shengyin’s head.

Gu Sheng did not notice that something was wrong, and bowed her head slightly.

Heidi excitedly lifted the crown in her hands, but before the crystal crown had touched Gu Shengyin’s head, she felt a burning sensation on her hands.

“Ah!” she screamed, and reflexively threw away the crown in her hands.

“Hey!” The crisp cracking sound jolted the three people back to awareness. Heidi’s face was pale, regretting what she had just done.

“Not my…” She hurriedly defended, but she lost her voice when she looked up at Gu Shengyin. The other side clearly had nothing on the top of her head just now. Somehow, there was now a delicate and gorgeous crystal crown. Compared to this, the crown previously prepared by the Pope was simply shabby.

Gu Shengyin was the first to react, clasping her hands together in prayer: “Thank you for the great God’s gift.”

Vivian and Heidi hurriedly imitated her and made a prayer to God.

When they finished their prayer to God, the messenger sent by the Pope to welcome the Saintess had arrived.

The coronation ceremony for the Holy Saintess was held in the Holy Cathedral. In addition to the priests of the Holy Church, the royal family and the major dignitaries of the Aoqi Empire were also in attendance.

The Pope looked at Gu Shengyin and saw that she was obviously not wearing the crown of the Holy Church. He was puzzled for a moment, but after he perceived its familiar power, his eyes lit up and did not ask.

As those from the top of the hierarchy of Aoqi mainland watched, Gu Shengyin stepped onto the high platform of the Great Church.

The Pope was waiting for her there.

“In accordance to the will of the God of Light, Hathaway Louis will become the Saintess of the Light God in the human world, and spread the glory of the God of Light to every corner of the Aoqi continent…”

The Pope prayed to the Light God before taking the scepter symbolizing the Saintess from the servants behind him.

As long as this scepter was delivered to Gu Shengyin, the appointment ceremony would be officially completed.

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  1. This is too much like the arc in Wear the Face of the Devil, but it’s not done in as interesting of a manner. I hope it sets itself apart soon and becomes more interesting.

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      1. I read a lot of transmigration series, but only that series and this one have a possessive God of Light in love with his priest/priestess, destroying religious objects and recreating them to give to the worshiper, shooing away the person wanting to be the worshiper, the god perving on the bathing scene, etc. I’m fine with it as long as it diverges or stands out in some way. This one is just taking its time. The establishment of the setting has a faster pace, so I guess the exciting stuff should start to happen over the next several chapters.

        Why? Is there anything you’d recommend?


  2. HUBBY!! You’re just too perverted!! (>///<=)~

    PS: I… think since the premise of this arc is western fantasy… I think the name should be Louise Hathaway? Unless Hathaway is her first name… but that's a male given name… (o.O=)~

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