Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 11

This task just popped up and did not give them an option to decline it. Looking at it closely, he noticed that it was a ‘chain’ task and not a ‘branch’ task. He did not notice it beforehand and accepted it without checking it. Noticing that the other party was starting to feel unsettled, Chrome nodded to him.

“D City is a bit far from here.” Chrome said as he recalled where D City was located.

Yuan Jin felt a bit embarrassed, but his face did not show it. “I know it’s far, but I guarantee that my father will promise you one thing as long as it does not cross our bottom line and is within our power.”

“Let me discuss it with my members first.” Chrome said. Without waiting for a reply, Chrome turned around and brought the twins to the side.

Zhou Zhi watched as Chrome and his group walk to the side. She turned to Li Guanting and asked, “Do you think they will help us get to D City’s military base?”

“Chances of them agreeing is pretty slim. After all, how could we know D City’s situation when we barely know this city’s current situation?” Li Guanting slowly analyzed.

Yuan Jin also added, “The internet still works, but I still haven’t been able to contact my father. We could ask people in D City for the situation there, but we probably will be half-truths. If they do bring us to D City, but my father isn’t there…” At this time, he felt frustrated at why his father never bothered using social apps on his phone. They could have kept in touch since the internet still worked.

Li Guanting frowned. “We still have to keep our end of the deal, one way or another.”

“Don’t worry, I have a backup plan, but I’m not sure if they’d be satisfied with it.” Yuan Jin slightly shook his head.

On the other side, Chrome and the twins were discussing about this new type of task.

“Sorry, guys. I did not pay attention to the type of task when I accepted it.” Chrome looked apologetically at Dylan and Yilan.

Dylan shook his head. “There’s no need for you to apologize to us. We chose you as our leader because we trust your decisions.”

Yilan chipped in, “That’s right, Boss! If we do ever have an opinion about your decision, we’d let you know. Plus, you accepted the task because Altyria said something, right?”

Chrome saw that the twins did not blame him, even though this type of task was what they hated the most. “If you guys really don’t want to do this task, I can escort them myself. You guys can stay in this city or stay at some villa that we’ll find on th—–.”

“Stooop! Say no more, Boss. We have already showed you our position.” Yilan raised a palm to stop Chrome from speaking.

“Boss, you should give them the answer.” Dylan suddenly spoke up. “Other groups might be coming in now that it is already in the afternoon, especially since other people saw our groups enter this department store.”

The gears in Chrome’s brain spun swiftly. He analyzed all the possible outcomes for escorting this group of people. Although they were forced to continue this chain task, they could still think about how to get the most benefits from it.

After one minute, Chrome turned around and walked towards Yuan Jin and his group.

“We accept. However, what if the situation in D City are much worse than you had thought and your father is not there?” Chrome looked straight at Yuan Jin in the eye. The air around him changed dramatically.

Yuan Jin did not avoid this gaze. He stared determinedly at Chrome’s deep, dark eyes. “This possibility, I have also thought of it. My group had decided that we would do the best of our ability to fulfill one of your wishes. However, it must not break our bottom line.”

Although Yuan Jin was able to meet Chrome’s eyes, he was covered in cold sweat. The momentum that came from him was too majestic, if you ignored the fact that he had an animal wrapped in a cloth around him.

Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi also felt Chrome’s momentum. Their heartbeat quickened the instant they felt it. Li Guanting held his girlfriend’s hand tightly.

“Good, let’s go. Dylan will tell you what you’ll need to bring. Make it quick.” The latter sentence was said towards Dylan.

Everyone started walking down the escalator in a fast pace.

“Did you guys bring an extra set of clothes?” Dylan asked.

“We did bring an extra set, but we took it out it out when we needed space for food and water.” Zhou Zhi quickly answered. She knew that they were in a hurry. Although they have met each other for barely an hour, Zhou Zhi felt that she could trust this group of people.

“Boss, we need to stop by some clothing store!” Yilan called out to Chrome after they discusses what they were lacking.

Chrome nodded and continued leading them down to the first floor.

“We’ll be traveling for several weeks, so it is best to have an extra set of clothes to change into. At the very least, you should have two sets of clothes for winter and summer. You might also…” Yilan slowly explained to them.

Very quickly, they arrived on the first floor.

Chrome turned to Yuan Jin and said, “Do you guys have a car?”

Yuan Jin replied immediately, “Yes, our car are parked near Guanting’s house. It’s close by.”

“Good. After getting clothes, we’ll go get your car and leave the city.” Chrome signaled to Dylan and Yilan.

Dylan immediately brought Yuan Jin and Li Guanting to find some clothes, while Yilan brought Zhou Zhi to find her a set of clothes. They helped them pick winter and summer clothing that was appropriate for the changing weather during the apocalypse.

Chrome stood near the entrance of the department store. He quietly rubbed Altyria’s ears as he sensed his surroundings. Suddenly, he gazed towards the direction of the parking lot. There were people coming.

Seconds later, Dylan and Yilan returned with the group back.

Without waiting for them to speak, Chrome said, “Let’s go. There are people coming.”

After he said that, Chrome immediately walked out of the department store. Everyone else followed behind him. Although Yuan Jin, Li Guanting, and Zhou Zhi did not see anyone coming, they still trusted Chrome’s skill. They assumed that he went out to scout around when they were getting clothes.

Once they left the department store’s parking lot, Chrome turned to Li Guanting. “Where is your house?”

“It’s a block and a half down that way.” Li Guanting pointed down the street.

“Dylan, get our car and meet up over there.” Chrome threw those words to him and started walking at a fast pace at the direction Li Guanting pointed.

“Got it.” Dylan nodded and headed off towards the other direction.

“Okay, let’s go! Lead the way.” Yilan pulled Zhou Zhi’s arm intimately.

Yilan had always been the only girl in the team. Altyria joined the team recently; however, she was always  in ‘dormant mode’ these days, so she still did not have a fellow woman to talk with. Now that they would be traveling with Yuan Jin’s group for a while, she could finally chat with another woman.

Within minutes, Yuan Jin and his group saw the house they were heading towards. Zhou Zhi looked at the window on the second floor with a complex look in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Yilan saw her the look in her eyes and asked.

Zhou Zhi hesitated for a moment before saying, “Before we came to the department store, we separated from a friend of mine. She didn’t want to go with us, and we weren’t planning on coming back to the house. I don’t know if she changed her mind about not coming with us.”

Li Guanting, who was walking nearby, quickly noticed her mood and went to hold her hand. “The car is parked near the house. I can ask…Boss to wait a couple of minutes for you to see if she changed her mind.” He felt a bit embarrassed when he said ‘Boss’, but he didn’t know that guy’s name. He was only introduced to them as ‘Boss’, so he could only call him that.

Li Guanting did not want to see Gong Xinya after finally separating themselves from her, but he was really reluctant to see his girlfriend feeling sad.

At this time, Yuan Jin had already put his backpack on the back seat of the car and sat on the driver’s seat.

Li Guanting threw his backpack in the car. He also took Zhou Zhi’s backpack and placed it in the car.

Before he had the chance to ask for some time, Yilan came up to them and said, “Boss gave you 5 minutes.”

Zhou Zhi thanks her and immediately ran into the house. Li Guanting followed after her, worried that Gong Xinya would be hostile to her.

Yuan Jin remained in the car. He was reading some new posts on the forum on his phone.

Chrome and Yilan stood at the side.

“Boss, do you think that person will join them?”

“There’s no one in that house.”

Yilan raised an eyebrow.  No one? Then I guess Zhou Zhi would be very disappointed.

A second later, Dylan arrived with their RV. “Boss, I’m here!”

Yuan Jin heard the sound of a car and looked up. He was shocked to see a large RV parked at the side. Didn’t they say it was a car?

However, the next second, Yuan Jin considered whether they should also get an RV, after all they would be traveling all the way to D City, but he decided against it. An RV couldn’t drive very fast. Seeing their RV, Yuan Jin assumed that they would be traveling very slowly. Little did he know, this RV was able to drive up to 86 kmph, which was faster than the RVs in this world.

Chrome immediately went in the RV and climbed up to their ‘room’. He unwrapped Altyria and placed her onto the futon. Then, Chrome used that same cloth and turned it into a curtain to close the large gap.

Chrome shouted to Dylan, “We’re leaving to D City in 2 more minutes or when they come out.” Then, he laid down next to Altyria, staring at her sleeping.

“Baby, when are you going to wake up?” He gently kissed her head as he caressed her back.

Dylan heard Chrome’s instructions and got out of the RV. Just when he was about to ask his younger sister where Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi were, he saw them leaving the house with some items in their hands.

“Sorry for the wait. We’re ready to leave now.” Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi slightly bowed to them as they apologized.

Dylan gestured to them to get in the car and follow them. Yilan saw Zhou Zhi’s expression and knew that she was not in a good mood. She nodded towards them and hopped into the RV.

Zhou Zhi placed the things she brought out of the house into the car’s trunk. She brought some more clothes, 3 blankets, and 3 pillows. Fortunately, her boyfriend came up with a good idea of using the blankets like a sack to carry these items, or they would have to make several trips into and out of the house. She sat in the back seat of the car feeling despondent.

Li Guanting also sat in the back seat to comfort her for the time being. Seeing her current appearance, Yuan Jin could somewhat imagine what had happened between her and Gong Xinya. However, beyond his expectations, Zhou Zhi had told him, “Xin Xin wasn’t in the house. Some of her clothes were taken and the food we left behind were gone.” He did not speak and started the car.


Hey guys! Here’s a chapter of TTTW~ I have 3 other chapters that I will schedule to post while I’m away traveling! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

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