HAWRR Chapter 235

The Holy Saintess vs. The Maid Who Wants to Climb Ranks (1)

Gu Shengyin opened her eyes in the midst of a warm feeling.

“Light element affinity! It’s an innate Light body!” She heard an excited voice in front of her just as she discovered that rays of light were shining from her body.

When the rays of light disappeared, Gu Shengyin was brought to the side with respect by several people in beautiful white robes.

She noticed that there were many other girls in this place, and without exception, those girls all looked at her enviously.

Gu Shengyin had long possessed the skill staying expressionless under the eyes of other people. She sat down gracefully and kept her gaze forward. In fact, she was receiving this world’s storyline.

This was a Western fantasy world. Like many other worlds similar to this one, this world’s two largest factions were the Light and Darkness.

Light had always prevailed and also firmly held the faith of the entire Aoqi Empire’s people——because this world’s most powerful God was the omnipotent God of Light.

The original Hathaway Louise was a female of the Aoqi Empire’s imperial family. During the selection of the Holy Church, the largest force in Aoqi, she had successfully become the new Holy Saintess because of her innate Light body.

The Holy Church‘s Holy Saintess was their spokesperson. She must possess the purest belief in light. Her mind and body must be loyal only to the Light God.

Hathaway was worthy of the name Holy Saintess. She spent almost all of her free time praying to God. In her eyes, God was omnipotent. God was her only faith. If God told her to die, she would immediately go die. She would do it without hesitation.

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A Light priest’s ability was bestowed by the God of Light. The stronger the belief, the stronger the light power that could be received. In a short period of time, Hathaway became the strongest person in Aoqi.

Originally, she should have been respected and dazzling in this life; however, because of the jealousy in her personal maid’s heart, the maid made an evil plan to frame her, which led to Hathaway being contaminated by the power of Darkness. She was no longer pure and flawless and was deprived the honor of the Holy Saintess.

Hathaway was unable to tolerate that she could no longer serve her God and eventually chose to end her life.

Heidi was Hathaway’s maid. Originally, she was a Holy Saintess candidate like Hathaway, but the Church eventually chose Hathaway. Among the remaining people, the two most qualified people became the Saintess’ personal maids.

Heidi was unreconciled. In her opinion, she was not inferior to Hathaway, but Hathaway became the Saintess, and was able to sit on the same level as the Pope. However, she (Heidi) was just a lowly maid.

If there was no Hathaway, would she have a chance?

Gu Shengyin was, however, aware of this world’s ending: After Hathaway died, Heidi did not succeed in taking that position. Her heart had already been occupied with hate and became extremely filthy and even her faith in Light was unable to be maintained. How could she become a Saintess whose heart was dedicated to the Light God?

Gu Shengyin finished reviewing the original storyline and couldn’t help but want to hold her forehead.

This body would become the Holy Saintess in the future, which meant that both her body and mind must belong to the God of Light and must remain pure and innocent throughout her life. Chastity was also an essential condition for the Holy Saintess.

Once the Saintess loses her chastity, her body would no longer be pure, her belief in Light would be contaminated, and she would be discovered immediately.

Gu Shengyin lit a candle for her lover in this world.

JMin’s Corner:

Damn, she so hardcore. Dying when told to by the Light God. 

Also, MC gotta keep a pure body. Poor hubby, have to live like a monk in this world *wink wink*

Ari’s Corner:

i only have one more final exam, one more 10 page essay, one more group project presentation hahahahaaaaaaaa

“lit a candle/incense” – offered prayers for him; pitied him LOL

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28 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 235”

  1. It would be more interesting if her hubby was the God of Darkness… but that wouldn’t really fit into the scheme of things would it? Unleeeesssss… there is a plot beneath the given plot and… *cough* I’ll just read and enjoy and not speculate any more lol

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    1. No in qwfotd novel ( one of the top 3 best yaoi novels in novelupdates) it had a similar arc. Joshua (world hopper) was the priest and the ML was the light god+darkness god Adounis. And there was lot og smut.

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  2. thanks—
    i’ve read this series to near completion in MTL, but i’m still gonna come round to the chapters i like and comment on them wheee! ufufufu!
    for this chapter, wow, jealousy/envy and hate are truly such dark emotions aye?


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