HAWRR Chapter 234

Chapter  – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (31)

Tang Zhongyi felt that being able to chance upon Ning Zhao in this life had taken up all of his life’s luck.

That day when he first met her, the sunlight was bright. In Ning Family’s garden, that girl was lightly swaying on the swing with her hair loose; and, just like that, she swung her way into his heart.

Afterwards, he brought her back to the Tang home.

Tang Family’s second Young Master learned how to take care of someone else for the first time — dry her hair for her, cover her with her quilt… At night, he definitely had to watch her fall asleep before he could relax.

Before all this, if someone had told him that he would one day do so much for a woman, he definitely would have sneered in contempt.

But now……

He raised his gaze to look over. Ning Zhao was already a mother of two children, but even now, it was like they were meeting for the first time. She sat lightly on a swing, studying a book seriously.

The sunlight filtered through the canopy tree leaves above them, dappling on her hair. It seemed as if the passing of time never left a trace on her. She still looked exactly as she had when they met ten years ago — quiet and beautiful, but no longer unapproachable.

He watched his little two year old daughter run over to her mother. The two were talking as his little girl stuck her head into her mother’s cup. The two collapsed into laughter.

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The Zhaozhao today didn’t even have a trace of the Ning Zhao who once closed herself off from the world. She loved laughing and would teach her children how to play piano and play family games.

“Daddy daddy, I want to go to Disney to play on Sunday! Mommy already agreed!” His four year old son looked just like him, especially his eyes, which were almost an exact copy of the original.

“Alright then, tomorrow our whole family will go!” He smiled and lifted his son into a hug before walking towards the two most precious treasures in his life.

Gu Shengyin was sitting on a bench, watching her husband and her two children riding the carousel. 

She couldn’t ride the carousel. As soon as she sat down, she felt dizzy, so she simply sat back and watched the father-children group of three play happily.

“Excuse me, are you Ning Zhao?” A girl’s hesitant voice sounded.

Gu Shengyin looked over at the speaker. The woman was wearing a janitor uniform. Her looks weren’t bad, but her face was filled with tired wrinkles from the ruins of years and life.

She was oddly familiar.

Gu Shengyin was deep in thought for a while before she realized who it was. “Yang Huiying?”

Seeing that Ning Zhao had recognized her, the woman sighed and laughed. “It’s me. I never thought that you would still recognize me.”

Gu Shengyin had never thought that she would ever meet this woman again.

After her task was completed, she will no longer be threatened by the mission target so the system will not be bound to her at all times. Instead, it will enter a ‘sleep’ state, so she was not prompted beforehand.

Seeing that Gu Shengyin’s response was rather indifferent, Yang Huiying didn’t really care. Through the years, the rush of working to make a living had worn away her edges.

“You seemed really familiar from behind. I never thought it would really be you.” She looked at Ning Zhao and said sincerely, “For what happened that year, I have always owed you an apology.”

Gu Shengyin had never imagined that this woman would actually want to say this. She stared blankly and immediately replied, “Those things are in the past, so let them pass1.”

Knowing that the other wasn’t willing to talk with her for long, Yang Huiying smiled and walked away.

Far away, she turned back and saw the man she had liked in her youth. He walked to Ning Zhao’s side and the two leaned together intimately to talk.

She shook her head and smiled freely2

Ari’s Corner:

Pretty good ending imo; YHY ended up as a decent person after going through so much hardship uwu

can i just say i hate the new editor layout for wordpress; they added sm unnecessary cra——poop

also, don’t forget about the chapter discount from Dec25-Jan1

(also im really sorry for not posting the sponsored chaps recently ive been dying from final exams and 10pg research papers and group projects with MIA groups pls forgive)

JMin’s Corner:

Sooo, YHY had learned her lesson. Do you guys forgive her?

( ὅ )ʃ The kids are so cute~ 

1. i.e. move on from the past and not bring it up again

2. The actual translation was ‘relieved’ but freely works better to get the meaning across. She finally put down her guilt and her old love so she was relieved and could smile freely.

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19 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 234”

  1. Quite surprised it escalated THAT quickly. Prev chapter just eliminated YHY then here we got NZ who had birthed two kids. XD
    My eyes popped when I read that. Hahahaha.

    And huh. To think YHY got back to normal. That’s good. I guess.

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  2. Indeed there was an interesting element in this ending. |∀・)×
    This arc’s female lead YHY experienced a positive growth and seems to have learned from her mistake, thus turned out decent.
    d(^ ~ ^)
    Forgiving? Well in Zhao’s shoes I wouldn’t care enough to even resent the person. Then, knowing the original ending and what she did try to do in this arc…Thinking how it could have turned out if Zhao was totally clueless and innocent is sad. So I’ll settle for a neutral feeling with a tiny weeny positive since she did apologize sincerely and didn’t end up twisted by “blaming all the things going wrong in her life on the MC” Zhao.

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  3. Yes, she realized her mistakes and became a decent person but its also caused her life and her face. She learned her lesson, first time seeing a FL like that, at least she’s better than those btchy FL who died because they really court death every second.

    Thank you for the chapter♡

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  4. Thanks for the chapter 😊
    That ending was so refreshing, I’m so used to the antagonists in QT LN having a dog’s end once they get face slapped by the ML/FL. Personally I think it gives the character more realizum, she will probably be one of the antagonists I remember most in this LN just because of the fact that she managed to grow and learn making her more relatable.

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    I do enjoy seeing a reformed FL every once in a while. It’s more realistic than every single FL going crazy/blaming the protagonist. That’s why I like this author, it’s got more variety

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  6. Together with the gaming arc, this was my favorite. It’ll be sad to see it go.
    And I don’t think the antagonist deserved to even talk to her at the end. She might have matured some but it doesn’t negate the things she did and how she always treated Ning Zhao.

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  7. Even though I’m a bit unsatisfied with Yang Huiying’s not so bad ending, I’m kinda proud that she didn’t turn crazy or go down a bad road and ruin herself. I guess all the small bad piled up is a big bad ending for her.

    Thank you for this arc.

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  8. I was actually unable to hate her for some reason even before they showed her reflecting on her mistakes, maybe because she was already punished for what she did


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