HAWRR Chapter 233

Chapter 233 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (30)

When Yang Huiying’s “victim of plagiarism” incident was trending, another video was released. 

The person who released the video did not hide his identity. He began to express his standpoint, “I had never thought there would be such a malicious and unscrupulous person in this world, who would despicably plagiarize someone else’s composition and frame the creator as the plagiarist afterwards!”

The person who spoke was Tang Zhongyi, and the video he released was exactly the “gift” that Gu Shengyin gave him.

In the video, a girl in a white dress played [You] over and over again. When they saw the video of Gu Shengyin, those loud protesters on the internet suddenly disappeared. 

The person who shot this video was very attentive. The feelings that the girl threw into this song, even an amateur could see it.

When comparing the two, Yang Huiying’s performance was inferior to this song by more than a single tier. 

Which was excellent and which was inferior could be understood at a glance.

More importantly, the bottom right corner of the video clearly indicated the date.

As early as half a year ago, this CD was recorded bit by bit by Gu Shengyin. Just now, Tang Zhongyi went to Gu Shengyin and asked if she had any other videos. Gu Shengyin also given him some clips and videos that had not been included in the CD.

It was worth mentioning that Yang Huiying’s music score that she used as “evidence” had appeared in Gu Shengyin’s video.

In the video, the girl held a pen to the paper, writing numerous music scores on the white paper and occasionally erased some unsatisfactory parts. An attentive netizen compared the music score in the video with Yang Huiying’s “original.” Surprisingly, they discovered that not only was the handwriting the same, even the corrected mistakes were exactly the same. 

Tang Zhongyi simultaneously invited a well-known computer expert to prove that the video he uploaded absolutely had no traces of falsification.

That netizen uploaded the comparison, and the sound of a face slap was loud.

Obviously, the “music score” that Yang Huiying posted was clearly someone else’s hard work!

She was the one who actually plagiarized.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Yang Huiying received a call from her professor very soon. The other person directly roared through the cell phone, “What is going on with that video on the internet? Didn’t you say that this was your original? Yang Huiying, you! You truly disappoint me too much!”

The professor immediately hung up, and Yang Huiying held the phone tightly.

The university’s decision came very quickly. Yang Huiying received Qin Songlin University’s notice stating that Qin Songlin University could not tolerate plagiarism and maliciously slandering others, and would revoke Yang Huiying’s matriculated status.

In other words, she, Yang Huiying, who had not obtained a graduation diploma, was expelled from the university.

Finished! Everything was over!

From now on, she would bear this kind of stain, and there was nothing that could be done to establish herself in the music industry. 

Classmates who were better than her or classmates who were not as good as her would only have a disdainful face when mentioning her.

Yang Huiying buried her head in her arms and hid herself deeply, as if those things that she could not face did not happen.

Gu Shengyin knew that the threat from Yang Huiying had been lifted.

Then the remaining…

She looked at the man, who had sunlight shining behind him, walk towards her. She smiled like a flower and took the initiative to request a hug. 

JMin’s Corner:

“Pa pa pa!” Face-slapping time! (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”

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24 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 233”

  1. Oh my~~ Finally some good ol’ face-slapping (((8(*゚▽゚*)8)))
    It was quite deserved. Yang got no face left in the musical world and she only has herself to blame for the swollen cheeks.~ ( o>艸<
    Our couple sweet time is coming ~(♡◇♡)~
    Thanks for the new chapter, hope you"ll both enjoy your holiday~ =D

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  2. It’s kind of getting boring now… like it follows the same pattern without any changes… no thrill, only predictability *yawns*


  3. Well, I did say that Yang Huiying is the most malicious rival so far in this novel but she’s also the one most easily solved. What else did she expect from plagiarizing other’s intellectual properties work? Setting aside the fact that an artist’s work is their brain child and love baby, the thing about plagiarizing is that the moment the “real one” showed up and furthermore, able to prove it (an easy thing from the “real one” most of the time) then the only thing waiting for the plagiarizer is that of ruined sand castle.

    In short, there is only 1 word to describe plagiarizers like Yang Huiying: Idiot….

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  4. When I read “pa pa pa,” it’s not face-slapping that I think of…. :3

    I liked this arc more than some of the others. It still feels weak on the impact, but it has yet to finish, so who knows?

    Enjoy your time away! Don’t worry about us.

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  5. yesterday i found this novel and now i just finish read all the chapter… i love the story so much…thank you for translating this wonderfull story and enjoy your trip

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  6. Thank you for the translation, though I have to admit, after reading QT: Cannon fodder’s counter attack, Whenever I read the pa pa pa, it has different meaning there *cough* bedroom activity sound *cough* 😂😂

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