HAWRR Chapter 231

Chapter 231 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (28)

Yang Huiying had been waiting this whole time for Lemon Tree Orchestra’s letter.

During this time, her professor often brought her out. This treatment, compared to before, was simply like heaven to hell.

She was laying on bed wearing a face mask when she suddenly received a call from the professor.


“What? I will come right away.” She hurriedly tore off her face mask, tidied up, and left.

“Lemon Tree Orchestra’s chief pianist told me that he heard your [Sunshine] at another place yesterday. Moreover, the other person said that the piece was their original composition. He is now very skeptical about the truthfulness of your words.”

Yang Huiying’s expression changed: It couldn’t be that they met Ning Zhao?

No matter what, I can’t confess to this matter. 

She said indignantly: “It must be the other person lying about this matter. [Sunshine] is my original composition. I have the original music score here as proof.”

Her professor saw her speaking firmly and felt relieved in his heart. In any case, he did not wish for his own student to be someone who plagiarized other’s works.

“I will explain this matter to Lemon Tree Orchestra clearly. Don’t you worry, I will make this clear.” 

Yang Huiying forced a smile, looking somewhat absent-minded.

Her professor saw her appearance and thought she was shocked by this matter. He comforted her with a few words and left.

Yang Huiying returned to her residence. The more she thought about it, the more flustered she felt.

Not good. I need to do something. I definitely can’t let Ning Zhao have the opportunity to prove herself. This song can only be mine!

It just so happened that someone uploaded a video at this time on a large music forum she often visited.

【Yesterday I went to a banquet and coincidentally heard a piece of music. This pianist has heavenly talent. My belief is that enjoyment with others is better than enjoyment by myself, so I specially shared it with all you internet friends】

Yang Huiying clicked on it, and in the video, Ning Zhao was playing the song.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

The angle of the video was perfect. Even the dialog in the video was very clear. Ning Zhao’s sentence of “This song is for you” could be heard by viewers very clearly.

Yang Huiying was anxious and angry. She continued skimming through the comments below.

There were praises for the beauty of the song. There were questions asking who the person playing the piano was. After reading through the comments for a while, someone finally posted that the song in the video was [Sunshine]. As early as half a month ago, he had heard a person playing this song at Qing Songlin University’s graduation ceremony.

The composer was obviously not this girl in the video.

The comments below were chaotic. Yang Huiying saw this and suddenly thought of a plan. 

After half an hour, a new post was posted on the forum.

It was posted by Yang Huiying. 

She publicly claimed in the post that she saw the video in the forum. The girl in the video said that the piano song was her original, but she had already played this song on the big stage of Qing Songling College as early as half a month ago. This girl was just a despicable plagiarist.

She also added a photo. The photo was the piano music score.

This forum suddenly exploded, and many people were condemning Gu Shengyin.

The landlord of the original post was not clear, so he just said that he did not know the girl. This video was taken at the time of the feast. Regarding the netizen asking who the girl was, he kept a tight mouth, unwilling to speak.

Tang Zhongyi received a call: “I’ll say, second Young Master Tang, have you looked at the Music Voice Forum? Some people said the song Ning Zhao played for you that day was plagiarized!”

JMin’s Corner:

YHY lost her chance for redemption…Can’t wait for that B to get what she deserves. uwu

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Ari’s Corner:

YHY you bbbbbb-frickin female dog!

hi guys next two weeks r final exams and projects and essays so byebye see u later

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  1. So far…. I think this is my favourite arc hahaha. Hubby is so protective to wifey 😍… and I kinda like wifey become a fragile girl like ning zhao wkwkwkwk

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  2. Aaaaaand, she has just dug her own grave, all that’s needed is just for her to lie in it. Age old tale: 2 authors are arguing that they are the “real” one. How to differentiate between them? Simple, have the real one continue writing because the fake won’t be able to.

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  3. Gahahahahhaa! What she’ll receive ain’t just some face slapping.. Tang zongyi will probably make her life worse than death. Hahhhaahahah

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  4. Let the face slapping begin *\(^ ♡ ^)/*
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