HAWRR Chapter 229

Chapter 229 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (26)

Gu Shengyin was very aware of these issues.

But right now, she was Ning Zhao – the Ning Zhao that held no interest in the outside world – so, towards Yang Huiying’s circumstances, she was ‘clueless.’

She had prepared a great present for Yang Huiying.

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Ning Zhao’s eighteenth birthday quickly arrived.

Tang Family took care of Ning Zhao as if she were their real daughter. Because her condition was unstable the previous two years, they hadn’t dared to let her meet strangers.

Nowadays, Ning Zhao had improved a lot. Mother Tang decided to plan a large birthday celebration for her to announce Ning Zhao’s status to the world.

With Tang Family’s strength, the invited guests comprised of about two-thirds of the imperial capital’s celebrities.

Because Ning Zhao loved music, Mother Tang specially spent a lot of money to invite their country’s celebrated orchestra to perform.

Coincidentally, this orchestra was Lemon Tree Orchestra.

“Feng-lao, this is just a junior’s birthday celebration. There’s no need for you to personally attend, right?” His assistant said quietly.

Feng-lao shook his head. “Tang Qingshan, that guy…if I don’t personally attend, then tomorrow he’ll surely come raging at my door1.”

Tang Qingshan was Father Tang. Feng-lao was very clear on what his old friend’s temper was like.

Father Tang and Mother Tang stood on either side of Ning Zhao. They looked like bodyguards as they introduced Ning Zhao.

They did this in order to left everyone understand that Ning Zhao’s position in the Tang Family was not low at all.

Observant people noticed that although Ning Zhao maintained a slight smile the whole time, she only said a few words. They sighed to themselves about how severely introverted this girl was.

When the evening banquet was about to start, Gu Shengyin walked towards Lemon Tree Orchestra’s chief pianist.

Tang Zhongyi naturally followed her.

Gu Shengyin glanced at Tang Zhongyi and he immediately understood her request.

“May we borrow your piano for a bit?” Tang Zhongyi didn’t understand why Zhaozhao suddenly wanted to use the piano, but he still politely made the request.

Lemon Tree Orchestra’s pianist had an ugly look on his face. Since he could become the main pianist of Lemon Tree Orchestra, he was a well-known musician. This was his personal piano, made by famous experts and very expensive. It was not easy for him to let other people touch it.

He was preparing to refuse when Feng-lao looked over. “Think of it as giving me face2. It’s this young lady’s birthday today, just let her touch your treasure3.”

He’s heard his old friend talk about this young lady Ning Zhao before and knew that she was considered this brat Tang Zhongyi’s future wife. Obviously, he couldn’t let her be stuck in an embarrassing4 situation.

Feng-lao had already spoken up so the chief pianist had no way of refusing. He stood up and moved to the side. He secretly swore in his heart: If this young lady’s skill was too low, no matter what, he would not let her continue and insult his beloved piano.


Gu Shengyin acted as if she couldn’t see the ugly look on the pianist’s face and calmly sat down. She looked at Tang Zhongyi and revealed a beaming smile.

“This piece was composed for you.” She blinked at him.

Tang Zhongyi watched her tenderly.

Their actions had attracted a lot of attention from the guests. They heard Ning Zhao had composed a piece for Tang Family’s second Young Master before glancing at Tang Qingshan’s and his wife’s natural5 expressions. Many of them recalculated Ning Zhao’s standing in their minds.

The moment Ning Zhao’s hands touched the piano keys, her whole temperament changed.

Her face filled with sorrow as her slender fingers danced over the keys and a string of notes poured out from her fingertips.

The pianist’s and Feng-lao‘s expressions had already changed.

JMin’s Corner:

I wish I was attending that feast. I’m sure there would be a lot of delicious food. Munching while listening to MC’s playing the piano like a pro… TwT

Alas, that pianist is also protective of his ‘wife’.

Ari’s Corner:

Some context and explanations:

杀到我家里 – meaning: kill his way into my home; when someone is furious enough to kill/charge his way into your home…but it’s a bit fierce for English-speakers so I just used ‘raging’

giving ‘face’ – respecting someone, doing something based on their reputation; if you don’t give someone face then you’re disrespecting them and acting as if you’re above them.

宝贝 – treasure, baby, precious (when I was reading it I had the image of the pianist acting like Gollum and hugging his piano sobbing ‘my precious’)

下不了台 – xia bu liao tai – meaning: can’t get off the stage; when you put yourself in an embarrassing situation with no way out.

见怪不怪 – jian guai bu guai – meaning: treating something weird/surprising as if it’s normal/natural

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