HAWRR Chapter 228

Chapter 228 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (25)

Pa, pa, pa……” Thunderous clapping filled the auditorium and Yang Huiying smiled.

She knew that she had succeeded.

As she expected, as soon as she descended from the stage, people flocked to her.

“Greetings Miss Yang, I am Lemon Tree Orchestra’s conductor’s assistant. If I may ask, that piece just now, did you really personally compose it?” The man was wearing a formal suit and leather shoes with a smile on his kind face.

Yang Huiying nodded her head in a reserved manner. “I was interning at a small orchestra before. This past year, I’ve worked past many ups and downs1. This piece, [Sunshine], was created based on my experiences this year.”

The man frowned a bit but still nodded his head. “Experiencing countless storms and frustration2 without giving up before finally finding your own sunshine. Miss Yang’s composition’s implied meaning is excellent.”

Yang Huiying maintained her small smile. 

The two continued chatting for a while before the man gave Yang Huiying his business card and left.

After waiting until the man had left, Yang Huiying finally lost control of her inhibitions and revealed her excitement — Lemon Tree Orchestra! That was mainland China’s ranked first or second major orchestra. The chief musicians within were all internationally famous and the rest were all relatively reputable as well.

This type of orchestra would not take the initiative to contact people. For them to come find her, it was easy to guess that they wanted to invite her.

Her mood was great as she returned to her dormitory. The other dormmates knew that she had been chosen to perform at the graduation and congratulated her enthusiastically.

Even Xiao Lin, contrary to the past when they had never seen eye to eye, smilingly congratulated her. “Congratulations Huiying. Who knows, maybe our dorm will produce a big shot musician in the future.”

Yang Huiying glanced at her and said indifferently, “I can’t compare to you. You haven’t graduated yet but you’ve already confirmed your contract with West Sea Orchestra.”

Xiao Lin’s smiling face froze, understanding that she was still miffed from her words before, and left with a sly smile.

Yang Huiying sneered. When she was down-and-out, she had thrown stones3 at her, but now that she had turned over her luck, she wanted to be friends? Did she think that she was an idiot?

The man who had talked to Yang Huiying earlier returned to the orchestra.

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“Feng-lao4.” He respectfully greeted the old man. 

“How was it?” The old man known as Feng-lao asked.

The man said, “Miss Yang claims that [Sunshine] was personally composed by her and that it was inspired by her experiences in the past year as an intern in a small orchestra.”

Feng-lao frowned. “That piece’s first half was filled with depression. Those feeling of desperation were almost overflowing. What exactly did she experience at that orchestra? So that she didn’t even have the desire to live?”

Music was the best medium for expressing one’s feelings. An expert like Senior Feng would be able to understand what the music wanted to portray at a glance. 

Yang Huiying did not know that others were still discussing her music. In actuality, Gu Shengyin had not had the time to sign it. [Sunshine] was actually what Yang Huiying named it according to her understanding of the piece.

But she truly did become hot5 because of this piece. 

The whole music institution knew that the piano department had produced a genius. She had shown herself as a number one talent at the graduation performance and created a piece that had internationally renowned artists praising her endlessly. 

Yang Huiying had received innumerable invitations, but she continuously didn’t reply as she waited for news from Lemon Tree Orchestra.

Yang Huiying believed that, she, who could produce a composition like [Sunshine], would definitely not be passed over by any orchestras that had foresight.

Ari’s Corner:

*waggles eyebrows* someone is suspecting her~

Also, some random Chinese cultural knowledge: seniority in terms of age means a lot. If you disrespect someone from a senior generation then gg everyone thinks you’re uneducated and disrespectful. (also that’s why when ppl are insulting each other they’ll call themselves ‘your great-aunt’ or ‘your grandfather’ bc they’re putting themselves in a position of seniority.)

hi guys (26 Nov) i had a dream that someone donated 85$ so i overslept and now im an hour and a half late to work so heres another chapter dont laugh at me

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JMin’s Corner:

*laughs at Ari’s dream* (ಡ艸ಡ)

1. 酸甜苦辣 – suan tian ku la – meaning: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy; metaphor for the vicissitudes of life, its ups and downs
2. 风雨挫折 – feng yu cuo zhe – meaning: storms and frustrations; a famous saying about never giving up; “Our life will only be valuable if we grow up in the storm. In fact, there will always be too many storms on the road of life , and we will inevitably experience pain and struggle.
3. 落井下石 – luo jing xia shi – meaning: throwing stones down the well; when you see someone fall into a trap or a well and throwing stones at them instead of helping; English equivalent: ‘adding insult to injury’
4.  – lao – meaning: old; it’s a suffix of respect for someone in a senior generation
5. 火 – fire/hot like last arc; means popular (as much as I enjoy the imagery of her on fire)

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  1. I had a really nice dream too but my body alarm clock was saying I have school and I’m contemplating in “accidentally” burning down the school or “accidentally” destroyed the electricity (ahem, I’m just joking)

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  2. This greed will doom her.
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    But, nooooo. She wants to turn into a dragon in one leap. Sheesh.

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