HAWRR Chapter 227

Chapter 227 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (24)

Yang Huiying was walking along absentmindedly.

Her contract with the orchestra was ending today, so this could be considered her last performance with them.

The location was at a bar. It couldn’t really be called rowdy. Considering the fact that they could hire an orchestra to perform, the bar could be considered a bit classy.

However, the guests were various types of bad people1.

Yang Huiying never would have expected that she would have attracted the attention of a drunk asshole.

“This little girlie’s appearance is pretty good ah……” The oily-faced fatty watched Yang Huiying as he laughed ‘hehe’ twice before turning to yell to the orchestra’s manager. “How much to let her accompany me?”

The orchestra’s manager had a look of indecision on his face. Their company did occasionally provide this type of service, but Yang Huiying wasn’t the same. She wasn’t an official employee and she was still the student of a famous music university.

He laughed along with him and said, “Sir, Miss Yang isn’t actually our orchestra’s employee. She’s Qing Song Ling University’s student. I’m sure you’ve known of Qing Song Ling ba…….”

The fatty was ignoring his words. He widened his eyes to observe Yang Huiying before sneering, “Qing Song Ling Institution? Her? Do you think I’m stupid? The kind of people that attend Qing Song Ling University would come to your shitty company to be a pianist? Let me tell you……”

Yang Huiying could feel that the everyone in the bar was watching her. This sort of attention made her feel a sense of shame.

If, if she could perform for her graduation and earn everyone’s recognition, then she would never have to experience something like today again. These few vulgar people were talking about paying for her and bullying her, watching and pointing at her like they were watching a circus act.

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Her indecisive heart finally made a decision.

In the end, as the manager laughed and socialized with him, the fatty cursed2 and chose another female musician.

Yang Huiying had never imagined that there would actually be such dirty transactions in the company. She fiercely suppressed the disgust in her heart and rushed through the rest of the piano piece before going home.

She pulled out the piece of white paper from the bottom of her drawer.

Sorry, Ning Zhao. At least you’re living in the Tang home and experiencing a life of luxury.3 Looking at it that way, this music piece is just the embroidery on the brocade4 for you.

Also, if you can create this type of music once, then, naturally, you can do it again.

And now I am in this state, so I need it to save my future.

“This is your composition?” Yang Huiying’s tutor looked at her incredulously.

Yang Huiying nodded her head. “I spent nearly a year’s time to compose this. Teacher, is there something wrong with this?”

Her tutor excitedly looked over the music score again and again for quite a while before addressing Yang Huiying: “No, no, you are simply a genius. It has been many years since I’ve seen such a thrilling piece. For the graduation performance at the end of this month, I will recommend you.”

He had already firmed his heart in determination. For this kind of brilliant and stunning5 student, it didn’t matter if the Tang Family disapproved of her. He couldn’t let such a musician be buried.

Yang Huiying left her teacher’s office filled with excitement. She knew that her future was already half-secured.

The end of the month quickly came. That day, Yang Huiying dressed in her carefully prepared outfit, drew exquisite makeup, and stood on Qing Song Ling University’s large stage. 

Before her were countless world-known and famous music artists and top-tier orchestras. 

“Next I will perform for all of you, my composition, [Sunlight].” She greeted them elegantly before slowly placing her fingertips on the piano keys.

Ari’s Corner:

Who’s ready for her stealing to be exposed?

last update for this break, updates will go back to p much normal

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1. 牛鬼蛇神 – niu gui she shen – literal meaning: cow ghosts and zombies; it originates from a Buddhist term for evil monsters from the underworld; now it’s a metaphor for evil and ugly things
2. 骂骂咧咧 – mamalielie – meaning: vulgar and foul-mouthed, interspersed with curses
3. 锦衣玉食 – jin yi yu shi – meaning: brocade clothing and jade food; describes a luxurious and extravagant life
4. 锦上添花 – jin shang tian hua – meaning: adding flowers to the brocade; make beauty more beautiful; English equivalent: ‘icing on the cake’
5. 惊采绝艳 – jing cai jue yan – meaning: the literary talent is amazing and the rhetoric is gorgeous; simply stunning and brilliant (talent) 

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21 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 227”

  1. Thank you translators and donors. It feels like my birthday because there are so many chapters.

    Why can’t YHY get over the ML and focus on her studies? Instead, she takes the easy route and steals. The worse part is when she makes lame excuses for her wrong action.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. inb4 FL destroys her own future by this stealing. When it comes to artistry, the worst crime possible is stealing and plagiarism. Forget lose of possible employments, she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t end up in jail for it….

    Liked by 3 people

  3. MC is pretty evil too, saying she’s giving YHY a chance when she already knows the ending. If the FL stole that work when she was fine, imagine how it’ll be now that she’s stuck.


    1. true but YHY deserves it — don’t forget YHY drove the original NZ to suicide in the original timeline; GSY is still giving YHY the chance to be a better person


    2. The moment MC enters that world, there’s a chance to have a butterfly effect. Unfortunately, the author wanted YHY to not be a nice FL, like the one with the Demon Lord.


      1. Within the context of the story, YHY still could have made better choices, but she was a selfish, self-centered character from the start so it wasn’t likely she would make those better choices within the timeframe of this arc (especially when her circumstances became more difficult, which is when you see someone’s true character emerge).


        1. And the difference with Eve is that she wasn’t really that bad of a person, she just had difficult circumstancrs that resulted in her contracting with her “god”, the Demon King. However, when she was given an opportunity for better choices, she didn’t hesitate (i.e., she had a better character than YHY from the start).

          Now, that wouldn’t excuse her from anything she did wrong, but in the new timeline she only used self defense against her abusive father, which was perfectly justified.


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