HAWRR Chapter 226

Chapter 226 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (23)

Yang Huiying had come to the mall to buy daily essentials.

She had never expected that she would actually chance upon familiar people.

Tang Zhongyi was the first person whose existence had entered her heart. She couldn’t erase memory of him no matter how hard she tried. During this past year, she had forced herself not to think about him, but she had never predicted that she would meet him again at a place like this.

Standing by his side was a girl. Gu Shengyin’s back was facing her so Yang Huiying didn’t recognize her.

She subconsciously thought that there was no way Ning Zhao would appear here.

However, when Tang Qian pulled at her sleeve to say something with a face full of excitement and she turned around to laugh, Yang Huiying saw her very clearly.

How was it possible!

Hadn’t Ning Zhao secluded herself? Wasn’t she in a state where she couldn’t receive stimulation or see other people? When she had told her about her parents deaths before, hadn’t her condition become more severe?

Then who as this lively girl who was laughing freely?

Yang Huiying only felt that her heart was full of bitterness. She had paid the price of staying away from the Tang Family as far as possible, but Ning Zhao actually seemed like she hadn’t been affected.

This was completely unfair!

She felt like she was a shameful voyeur as she silently followed behind the group of people, watching as they entered luxury goods stores she would never have dared to dream of entering. The three of them looked very close and affectionate.

As Tang Qing began fussing about being hungry, they decided to enter a desserts shop.

Yang Huiying also followed them in and sat at a neighboring table. Conveniently, there were two large potted plants between them.

“Greetings, may I ask what you’d like to order?” A pleasantly smiling waitress looked at her.

Yang Huiying swept her eyes over the menu before randomly pointing at one.

She didn’t know why she wanted to follow them, but the bitterness in her heart wouldn’t let her stop. It forced her to board this boat of self-abuse as she watched the girl she had always envied laugh with a face full of happiness.

Of course, Gu Shengyin knew that Yang Huiying was following behind her. This was perfect for giving her an opportunity.

She stretched out her hand to dig out her phone from the little white rabbit bag by her side. No one noticed as a sheet of white paper unintentionally floated out as well, perfectly landing under Yang Huiying’s table behind her.

“When you’re eating, don’t play with your phone.” Tang Zhongyi watched her in a half-helpless, half-spoiling manner.

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Gu Shengyin sucked on her tongue before opening a game without hesitation. 

That man was only saying it anyways. He was reluctant to take away the phone when it made her happy.

Only Yang Huiying saw that piece of paper.

She glanced at it. The paper was packed with writing…it looked like a music score?

She calmly picked up the paper and placed it in her clutch. Her heart was beating a bit quickly.

“Miss, your coffee.” The waitress’ voice woke her from her thoughts.

She absentmindedly stirred her cup of coffee until the group of three had finished eating and left and her drink was completely cold.

This time, she couldn’t be bothered to follow them. Instead, she hurried home, her original purpose of shopping forgotten.

After locking her room door, she carefully and cautiously took out the paper and slowly looked it over.

The more she looked at it, the faster her heart beat.

She was very confident that this wasn’t an already publicized or famous song. The whole thing was handwritten and there were many traces of revisions.

The composer was, without a doubt, a genius. She had already seen Ning Zhao’s talent before and this had fallen from Ning Zhao’s bag. This music score had an eighty to ninety percent chance of being Ning Zhao’s composition.

Ari’s Corner:

Ning Zhao wearing a little white rabbit bag while acting like a little white rabbit…

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Playing pig to eat tiger 😮

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12 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 226”

    1. Gu girls attitude has been “you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone; you bother me, I’ll give you plenty of rope to hang yourself”.

      She only enacts revenge for the things the antagonists have done within the timeframe she’s in the hosts body (or prior). Perfect example is the gaming arc; she took revenge on Small Rain (by pushing her back to level one and taking all her gear) since it happened PRIOR to her occupying the host; she would have left it at that, but Small Rain kept digging her own grave after that.


      1. (Gu girl = Gu Shengyin, the MC of the whole story, aka the soul thst occupiesthe hosts body in each world arc….in case someone forgot)


  1. While the villain here sucks absolute a*s, it doesn’t make sense to say you’re going to give them a chance to redeem themselves by testing them to see whether or not they will steal your music. Additional to that, knowing they are currently in a tight spot where this single sheet of music could totally change their life, is quite unbalanced and the test itself, ridiculous. Stealing is bad (except when ur doing to survive ig) doing get me wrong, but this seems like a scheme planned to later on justify whatever punishment the mc and ml place on the villain. Anyways there’s some food for thought ❤


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