HAWRR Chapter 225

Chapter 225 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (22)

“Aunt Zhaozhao, this is for you!” Tang Qian held a bunch of white flowers taken from the garden in his hands.

Gu Shengyin leaned over to receive it, and smiled towards Tang Qian.

She still did not like to speak and would also not respond to strangers. But towards the Tang Family, she was already very intimate with them and would sometimes act like a spoiled child.

One time when Mother Tang returned from a trip, Gu Shengyin came forward and gave her a hug.

Mother Tang heard her call out “mama” very softly.

She held back her tears from falling and was overjoyed to be considered Ning Zhao’s mother.

During Ning Zhao’s afternoon piano practice, little Tang Qian sat at the side listening to Aunt Zhaozhao play the piano. 

He did not understand very complicated things. He only thought that Aunt Zhaozhao played the piano very well, and her appearance when playing the piano was very beautiful.

Little Tang Qian always remembered what his youngest Uncle said to him: “Xiao Qian, when Uncle is not here, you need to keep your Aunt Zhaozhao company. She likes you the most.”

Thinking of this, Tang Qian’s face turned red. Aunt Zhaozhao looks prettier than the most beautiful teacher in kindergarten.

He saw that Aunt Zhaozhao was frequently lowering her head and writing something on a paper. Tang Qian curiously walked over and found numerous music notes. He simply couldn’t read it.

“Aunt Zhaozhao, what are you writing here?”

Gu Shengyin heard what he said, and revealed a shy smile on her face. She looked at Tang Qian and blinked before shaking her head without talking.

This song was written by Ning Zhao in the original storyline. Gu Shengyin slightly modified it a bit.

This song was a present that Gu Shengyin was going to give to her lover, but also a choice for Yang Huiying.

She would give Yang Huiying a chance. How she chose would also decide her fate.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

The tranquil and beautiful days passed very quickly. When little Tang Qian was finally entering elementary school at the age of six, Ning Zhao would also become an adult.

And Yang Huiying was also about to graduate.

But she still had not found inspiration for her graduation performance composition.

Yang Huiying was living alone in a small rental room stressing so much that she was losing hair.

The dull and boring performances of the small orchestra day after day whittled away her inspiration. In her current state, if she couldn’t turn in a composition, perhaps even graduating would be a problem. 

This made her very unwilling! 

Feeling hungry, she grabbed her purse in irritation and walked over to the mall.

Tang Zhongyi also brought Ning Zhao and Tang Qian out to play. 

Looking at Ning Zhao’s appearance now, she already seemed no different from a normal person. She also gradually grew more comfortable with places with many people. Tang Zhongyi was wild with joy and intended to bring her out. 

Today, they were going out shopping for little Tang Qian.

He was about to start school, but Tang Zhongqing was very busy. Tang Zhongyi just happened to be off work today and brought him and Gu Shengyin out.

“I want Transformers. I want Spiderman…” Little Tang Qian listed out what he wanted to buy while walking.

He did not forget to always hold Gu Shengyin tightly by the hand, because his youngest Uncle told him seriously that he was a man, and that Aunt Zhaozhao was somewhat afraid of strangers. He needed to protect Aunt Zhaozhao. 

Tang Zhongyi couldn’t help but laugh: “Xiao Qian, you are going to school, not opening a toy store.”

Tang Qian stuck out his tongue. 

At this time, Gu Shengyin’s system notified her that Yang Huiying was nearby.

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Dun dun dun! Our MC is setting up a trap for YHY to fall into. ₍₍ ◝(•̀ㅂ•́)◟ ⁾⁾

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12 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 225”

    1. Averageness? Nope, not even close. IF she decided to take the lot she’s given and make the best of it, MAYBE she’ll be able to do relatively well. Since she had way too much pride for that to happen, the only road for her is a descend to obscurity AKA below average

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  1. Little Tang Qian… Just… What are you thinking…? I don’t think I ever compared my kindergarten teachers like that… I didn’t know what’s “beautiful” anyway at that time.. XD

    Thank you for the chapters~~

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      1. It’s not uncommon for kids to have crushes on their teachers at that age (although their idea of a “crush” is different than, say, a 14 year olds crush).

        Also, since he’s from a well-to-do family it can be assumed that he’s going to a higher tier school, which also typically means higher quality teachers. Although the ability of a kindergarten/elementary teacher doesn’t directly translate to attractiveness, typically you will find younger and more attractive teachers in an expensive elementary school.


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