HAWRR Chapter 224

Chapter 224 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (21)

Mother Tang almost dropped her chopsticks. “Zhaozhao……”

She was shocked but happy as she looked over at her son, who was standing at Gu Shengyin’s side. All of his focus was on Ning Zhao.

This was great. She raised her hand to wipe away tears from the corners of her eyes. Her son finally received some happiness1.

While the Tang family members were living harmoniously, Yang Huiying’s life was very rough.

She was graduating next year and had to watch as each of her classmates were brought out by their tutors to participate in concerts. Not to mention those who had already signed contracts for positions in orchestras, but she herself had not had any offers.

With her tutor’s side a dead end, she tried to recommend herself.

Unfortunately, the low-grade orchestras were not good enough for her, but for the high-grade orchestras, she wasn’t good enough.

Also, for her graduation next year, every graduating student was required to produce a piece of their own music. The music institution would select the best piece to be performed at their graduation.

Yang Huiying was the music institution’s top student from Z Country on campus. There would surely be many famous top musicians and orchestras invited to the students’ graduation. Those who managed to be chosen to perform on their graduation stage all had brilliant futures.

But she……Yang Huiying looked down at the white paper under her hand. In a fit of irritation, she crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trashcan.

She was supposed to begin preparing her graduation piece, but her heart was unfocused. How could she create good music?

“Huiying, I’m going to go to West Sea Orchestra to intern! Have you found a place to intern at yet?” The one speaking was Xiao Lin, her dormmate. Xiao Lin and Yang Huiying had never seen eye to eye. This time, she spoke with the intention of kicking her when she’s down.

Out of the four dormmates, only Yang Huiying was still running around searching.

Yang Huiying faked a smile. “Not yet. There were a few small orchestras that didn’t meet my requirements, so I refused them. I’m still not in a rush right now.”

It was clearly that she couldn’t find a good one, but she’s still putting up such a haughty attitude! Xiao Lin sneered before she finished her brows with one smooth motion and lifted her bag and left.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

She was the only one left in the dorm room. Yang Huiying fretfully clutched at her hair before burying her head deep into her arms.

In the end, she had to choose a small orchestra. She had no other choice and she couldn’t just stay at the music institution forever.

This way, she could have an audience and slowly build up her experience; she comforted herself.

The small orchestra didn’t have many rules, but they didn’t have fixed performances either. Oftentimes, there were several days or even half a month without opportunities to perform. Sometimes, when they chanced upon good business, they would go for several days without a break.

Yang Huiying was about to go crazy. Every day, she was dead tired. After returning in the evening, where would she find the inspiration to compose?

The small orchestra finally recruited a student from a famous music institution. The conductor was proud and would make her perform every time.

Yang Huiying felt like she was a circus’ caged monkey attraction. More than once, she regretted her blind decision. If she had known how it would be earlier, she would have gone to a large orchestra to do miscellaneous work instead of this.

However, the contract had already been signed. No matter how much she hated it, she could only endure.

At the Tang family mansion, the sound of piano music would float out every day. Day by day, the music would be brisker. Ning Zhao was already recovering at a very high speed.

She could now communicate regularly with people, though she often just watches them. Also, she was Tang Qian’s new piano teacher……although, most of the time, it was only her playing and Tang Qian was standing to the side watching and listening.

When Old Zhang came to the Tang family home and saw Gu Shengyin’s state, he said in shock that this was definitely a miracle.

Ari’s Notes:

Another one by me (。ì _ í。)

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JMin’s Corner:

I still proofread it for you~

1. 柳暗花明 – liǔ àn huā míng – literal meaning: “The weeping willows are dense and the flowers are dazzling”; it’s from a poem about journeying through suffering before finally experiencing a turn for the better

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    1. There’s no telling if this arc is over with but it can be assumed it is but it truly was a very… Meh arc aside from the scum of hell FL it’s ehh ML is still cute as ever though

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      1. Lol. Like, the villain’s plan was just to shout at our mc telling her that her parents are dead… that’s A class villainy right there xD so I guess the punishment for that crime has to be living life as an average person xD

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      2. Re: Cawa Dragovich,

        You have to remember, the hosts Gu girl is inhabiting are the original female leads of those worlds/stories; with the timing of when she’s introduced, combined with hubbies OP support, it realky isn’t (and shouldn’t be) too hard to correct the timelines back to where they originally should have been (especially when the villianess in each story is not exactly overpowered, and hss no ability to adapt to things outside of their previous knowledge).

        The biggest problems that Gu girl has hsd to face is due to her own complacency/negligence/oversight, not from any particularly brilliant scheme by the antagonists.

        Just as an aside, I realize that the peolle my comnents reply to will most likely never see them, but just want to share my (possibly lacking) insights with whomever may read these after me. I hope everyone else is also enjoying these stories!


    1. Re: Myo Kyaw,

      She hss to play the role of an autistic girl in this world; she’s somewhat limited in the types of responses thst she can do.

      Also, considering that the antagonist really only said something to her (as the limit of her schemes to date), she really only needed to influence hubby a little bit in order to have him take care of the antagonist.

      If the antagonist tried to do something more to her, she may have had to react differently, or try different things, but it hasn’t reached that point, so no need to tempt fate (i.e., mission failure) by doing something that breaks her cuurent hosts persona/role.


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