HAWRR Chapter 223

Chapter 223 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (20)

Tang Zhongyi’s efforts were not ineffective. 

About half a year later, Ning Zhao no longer completely ignored people.

If he opened his mouth to ask a question, Ning Zhao would glance at him before lowering her head and remaining silent.

Although he didn’t receive replies, Tang Zhongyi was very satisfied. Compared to before, wasn’t this already a huge improvement?

Gu Shengyin was also waiting. She could only let Ning Zhao slowly recover.

The slower Ning Zhao recovered, Tang Zhongyi’s disgust towards Yang Huiying would only grow deeper. Like this, Yang Huiying’s life would become more difficult.

However, this was unfair to that man. Gu Shengyin could only sigh in her heart and decided to speed things up a bit.

After this trip ended, Ning Zhao’s situation made a rapid advance in progress.

It was as if she returned to the her from when she had just arrived at the Tang house. She could take care of herself, dress up her little rabbit, and pick out an outfit she liked from her dresser to wear. 

On the first day of their return to the Tang house, Ning Zhao actually revealed a smiling face towards the Tang family members that were welcoming them back.

Tang Zhongyi’s hands were faintly trembling.

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On the second day, Ning Zhao even actively pleaded to go to the piano room to practice piano.

When the melodious music was once again experienced, Tang Zhongyi felt like he could hear the sound of flowers blooming deep in his heart.

Everything was changing for the better.

Ning Zhao could already live independently, but because of the previous failure, Tang Zhongyi didn’t dare let her sleep alone in her own room, so it was still the same as before with both people sleeping together.

This past half a year, the Tang family members had already seen how deep Tang Zhongyi’s affection for Ning Zhao was. Therefore, there was nothing left to be said and they only gave the two their blessings. Hopefully there would no longer be any hurdles or setbacks. 

“Zhaozhao, good night.” Tang Zhongyi follows his normal routine of pressing a kiss to Ning Zhao’s forehead.

Ning Zhao’s closed eyes suddenly opened. She stretched up and, similarly, lightly pressed a kiss to Tang Zhongyi’s forehead.

“Good night.” Her voice was very small, so quiet it almost made people think it was an illusion.

But Tang Zhongyi still heard her. Instantly, he almost had the impulse to start crying.

“Zhaozhao, just now, you told me…… ‘good night’?” He feared he was dreaming.

But the small girl seemed shy. She rolled over, blanket facing him, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

She left Tang Zhongyi, a full-grown male, lying there grinning stupidly for quite a while. He finally raised his hand and carefully held the person before him.

The person in his arms shifted a bit, but didn’t struggle free.

Tang Zhongyi hugged his treasure1 to his chest and felt like he had the whole world in his arms.

Their silhouettes fit firmly together as if they were fated to always be together like this. Tang Zhongyi had never felt so peaceful and fulfilled before.

The next day, Gu Shengyin woke in her lover’s embrace. She just opened her eyes and Tang Zhongyi, who had been watching her, immediately spoke.

“Zhaozhao, good morning.”

He looked at his girl’s sleepy eyes, her long curly eyelashes fluttering for a while until she finally fully opened her eyes. Her dark and clear pupils focused on him.

“Good morning.” Gu Shengyin instinctively responded to him before suddenly realizing.

Oh no! This was Ning Zhao’s body!

Tang Zhongyi only felt that today was extra beautiful and great. That was this lifetime’s best ‘good morning’ he had ever received.

Gu Shengyin thought for a bit. It was good that her progress recently had been good preparation. Her actions hadn’t seemed too unexpected.

The two washed up and arrived at the dining table. Since she had already ‘recovered’ quite a bit, Gu Shengyin decided to not be stingy and give them a surprise2.

And thus, the Tang family watched the young woman wearing a white dress reveal a happy face and tell them, “Good morning.”

JMin’s Corner:

I just read this through and I could tell how much better the translation is compared to my crappy version. Very happy to have Ari here helping out~

On a side note, I’ve been seeing the B word being used so many times in this arc, it’s hilarious ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

Ari’s Notes: (06 November 2018)

This one is translated by me. First chapter that is completely non-MTL! Also, lol am I the only one who thinks Gu Shengyin giving the Tang family a ‘happy shock’ is rather mischievous? (if anything the original Chinese portrays a more mischievous air)

notes from 25 November 2018, before posting:

hi guys i forgot to tell u last chapter, but i’m ending the discount cuz i’m too swamped so it’s gonna be 15$/chapter again

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1. 宝贝 – bao bei – meanings: treasure (precious metals and stones, etc), baby (child), someone precious; (sometimes if you read an MTL, you’ll see someone asking for the baby but it probably means treasure)
2. 惊喜 – jing xi – means ‘happy shock’

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  1. ……my heart cannot take this. This couple’s just too sweet and adorable, ah! Thank you so much! (Please do take a rest in between though. Even if you don’t feel the strain, your body does)

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  2. “She left Tang Zhongyi, a full-grown male, lying there grinning stupidly for quite a while.”

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