HAWRR Chapter 222

Chapter 222 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (19)

Yang Huiying felt frantic.

No one knows what you did. She comforted herself.

She looked at Tang Zhongyi in bewilderment: “What happened four days ago? What matter?”

Tang Zhongyi was disgusted by her act: “Not many people know about the matter of Zhao Zhao’s parents. We checked them one by one, and there’s only you left.”

He looked intently at Yang Huiying: “Xiao Qian told me that he told you about this matter. Moreover, you promised not to speak out about this matter to anyone.”

Yang Huiying kept calm: “I know a few things about Miss Ning Zhao, but didn’t Mr. Tang not allow me near Miss Ning? Everyone in the Tang Family villa knows that I, Yang Huiying, would make a detour when I see Miss Ning.”

Tang Zhongyi looked at her: “Then how do you explain Zhaozhao’s reaction to you?”

Yang Huiying defended herself: “How would I know? You’d have to ask Miss Ning this. Perhaps it’s because we already have an unpleasant relationship, so she would instinctively not like me.”

Tang Zhongyi silently looked at her for a while: “Since Zhaozhao does not like you, you do not need to come to the Tang residence later on. You’d best hope I don’t discover that you are related to this matter!”

Yang Huiying couldn’t accept this: “Based on what? You’re firing me with no reason and no cause…”

Tang Zhongyi had already thrown open the door and left.

The Tang Family’s housekeeper held an envelope and handed it to Yang Huiying: “I’m sorry, Miss Yang. Recently, the Tang Family has a lot of things going on. Little Young Master’s tutoring…”

Yang Huiying grabbed the envelope in the housekeeper’s hand: “No need to make more excuses! You don’t want me to come, right? This lady does not care!” 

Tang Zhongyi stood in front of the window and watched as Yang Huiying’s silhouette disappeared from the Tang residence, his eyes endlessly dark. 

You think that by not admitting, I wouldn’t be able to do anything?

Recently, Yang Huiying’s life was quite unfavorable.

Although her talent in the music academy was not considered top-notch, it could also be considered to be medium-level. However, in the various college activities, her professor seemed to completely neglect her, not bringing her out for opportunities.

For the students, the most important thing during their school days was for their professor to bring them to see the world and have the opportunity to show their skills. If a large orchestra took a fancy to them, it would also be a very good future. 

Especially Yang Huiying, with her kind of family background, she could only rely on herself. If the professor did not let her go out, it was possible to imagine that until graduation, she would have no opportunity to go out.

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She got impatient and went to look for her professor.

The reply she got was very perfunctory: “I think your foundation is not very solid. If you have the time to think about this, it is better to spend more time consolidating your foundation.” 

Yang Huiying wanted to swear. Foundation? My foundation is not solid? If I really had a weak foundation, how could I get into this nationally well-known music academy?

However, she did not dare to. For students, professors were the existences that mastered their life and death. Even if there was hate in their heart, they still had to keep a smile on their face.

Looking indifferently as Yang Huiying walked away, the professor shook his head.

This schoolgirl was not aware that she had somehow offended the Tang Family.

He couldn’t keep her.

“Zhaozhao, isn’t it beautiful here?”

Tang Zhongyi and Ning Zhao were lying on the beach.

The specialist said that it was better to take Ning Zhao out for a while. During this half a year, Tang Zhongyi took her traveling around the world. Of course, beautiful scenic places with few people were chosen.

JMin’s Corner:

Hmph, now that she’s out of the Tang residence, let the downfall of YHY begin!!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Ari’s Corner:

y’all only want me to not die so u can get more chaps 😡

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