HAWRR Chapter 221

Chapter 221 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (18)

Fortunately, Tang Zhongyi did not have any thoughts towards a patient, and Gu Shengyin’s acting skills had also reached the point of perfection.

The two were silent and finished this business.

“Zhaozhao, good night.”Tang Zhongyi gently kissed Ning Zhao’s forehead. Seeing Ning Zhao’s motionless appearance, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

His Zhaozhao would no longer look at him with a smile or pull his sleeve to give him a good night kiss.

Tang Zhongyi was lying next to Ning Zhao. He looked at Ning Zhao, who did not react to him lying on her bed. Seeing her close her eyes, Tang Zhongyi turned off the lights and stared into the darkness for a long time.

Contrary to him, with a familiar person and a familiar atmosphere by her side, Gu Shengyin quickly fell asleep.

In the following days, Tang Zhongyi set aside company matters and accompanied Gu Shengyin with one heart and one mind1. Every day, he personally made her meals, used a wheelchair to take her out for a walk, and even brought her to the piano room.

“Zhaozhao, don’t you like to play the piano? Play a song for me to listen to, okay?” He softly coaxed her.

Gu Shengyin sat in front of the piano. She looked at the familiar object in front of her, and her eyes seemed to slightly turn.

Tang Zhongyi saw this and was ecstatic in his heart. He did not dare to disturb her. He could only hope that the piano would let her come out.

Gu Shengyin placed her hand on the piano keys; however, she only played a few notes randomly and stopped moving.

Tang Zhongyi was extremely disappointed, but he still kept a gentle smile on his face.

He wanted Ning Zhao to try again, but found that Zhaozhao was somewhat conflicted and could only temporarily give up. When they went back, the two ran into Yang Huiying.

Yan Huiying did that kind of thing, so she did not dare to ask about Ning Zhao’s condition these days.

However, she clearly felt that the atmosphere in the Tang residence was very heavy these past few days.

She did not dare to face Ning Zhao. Therefore, she would make a detour around the piano room every day. She didn’t expect that Tang Zhongyi would push Ning Zhao around the entire Tang residence today.

Seeing Ning Zhao sitting in a wheelchair, as if she had not been affected, she (YHY) felt baffled.

Tang Zhongyi did not like this woman from the bottom of his heart. He originally intended to take Ning Zhao and leave directly, as if he didn’t see her.

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However, he didn’t expect the quiet and calm Ning Zhao to suddenly become emotionally stirred up when she saw Yang Huiying.

Her eyes stared at Yang Huiying with anger, and her mouth constantly shouting ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama’. Yang Huiying felt that the other person had deep-rooted hostility in their eyes, and her entire body was pinned to where she was standing, unable to budge.

Tang Zhongyi was shocked by this scene. It wasn’t until Ning Zhao seemed to want to stand up that he reacted: Her feet was still injured!

He leaned over to appease Ning Zhao, who was emotionally stirred, and shot a sword-like glance at Yang Huiying.

Yang Huiying felt cold from head to toe from that glance; however, Tang Zhongyi did not say anything. Instead, he covered Ning Zhao’s eyes and brought her back to the room.

Yang Huiying let out a sigh of relief. Just a moment ago, she thought that Tang Zhongyi would do something to her.

However, she imagined things too simply.

When she came to Tang Qian’s room the next day, there was only one person in the room.

“Mr. Tang…” She looked at this man, who she had been thinking about in her heart. She felt delighted, but there was some uneasiness in the depths of her heart.

Tang Zhongyi turned around and looked at her with expressionlessly: “Miss Yang, can you explain what you did to Zhaozhao in the afternoon four days ago?”

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Zhongyi, kick her out! And I mean it literally… (# ゚□)┌@≡@≡@)Д)ノノ☆

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hi guys still dying 

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one heart and one mind – i.e. completely focused on the task

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