HAWRR Chapter 220

Chapter 220 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (17)

Tang Zhongyi silently sent Doctor Zhang lao away, who shook his head and sighed.

He carried Ning Zhao, who was like a puppet in his arms, out of the hospital.

Back at home, the Tang Family were waiting for news. They each had their own matters to attend to, and it was impossible to keep watch day and night, like Tang Zhongyi.

Mother Tang was the first to greet him: “How is Zhaozhao?”

She looked at Ning Zhao, who was quiet and staring blankly in Tang Zhongyi’s arms, and felt relieved. However, looking at her son’s expression, it looked like things were not all right.

Tang Zhongyi did not speak, but the Tang Family quickly discovered the same thing about Ning Zhao: She did not react to the outside world.

This was not the same as when she first came. At that time, although Ning Zhao did not talk or interact with other people, she had her own rules and knows what to do on time every day.

But the Ning Zhao now, even when eating, needed Tang Zhongyi to use a spoon to feed her, and she only knew how to open her mouth.

“This…” Mother Tang immediately turned away to secretly cry.

The Tang Family’s Eldest Young Master, Tang Zhongqing, said in a lowered voice: “I already asked all the servants in the house. They have not mentioned anything about Zhaozhao’s parents in front of her.”

Tang Zhongyi said coldly: “Then how did Zhaozhao know? Could it be that Uncle Ning and his wife visited her in her dreams?”

Tang Zhongqing also had a puzzled face. He had people check the whereabouts of everyone from 5:00 to 7:00 PM two days ago. Everyone had an alibi, and no one had gone to Ning Zhao’s room.

“I will bring Zhaozhao back to the room first.” Seeing that Ning Zhao had eaten enough, Tang Zhongyi got up, took Ning Zhao’s hand, and left.

“Hey, let your Lin sao1 help clean Zhaozhao…” Mother Tang thought of this and said.

“No need, I’ll do it.” Tang Zhongyi said in a deep voice.

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“This…” Mother Tang.

Father Tang frowned: “Preposterous! Tang Zhongyi, do you know what you are saying?”

Tang Zhongyi tenderly looked at Ning Zhao: “I don’t feel reassured entrusting Zhaozhao to anyone else anymore.”

The Tang Family was shocked as they watched Tang Zhongyi lead Ning Zhao away.

“Tang Zhongyi, he…” Tang Zhongqing felt somewhat dumbstruck.

Mother Tang, however, suddenly felt relieved: “Forget it, just let him be. This stinky brat had already told me before that he would only choose Zhaozhao in this life.”

“He said such a thing to you?” Father Tang stared at her, “You did not tell me!”

However, he thought that this was also good. With Zhaozhao like that, if she married into someone’s home, they would not feel at ease. They could still be reassured with their second son’s conduct. People like their Tang Family did not need the prestige of a noble daughter-in-law.

Since Zhongyi was willing, then let him be.

Tang Zhongyi took Gu Shengyin into the room and let her sit alone on the bed.

“Wait for me. I will give you a bath.” Tang Zhongyi not immediately starting his task was not because of Gu Shengyin not responding. Every time he did something, he would talk to Gu Shengyin, as if they were two people having an ordinary chat.

He turned on the hot water, added a drop of essence oil, and took Gu Shengyin into the bathroom, ready to undress her.

Looking at his attitude, he was prepared to bathe her directly.

Gu Shengyin, who had a dull appearance on the outside, was already cursing in her heart:…

Although we’re already an old couple, having him help me bathe is very shameful ah!

JMin’s Corner:

Marry MC into their family! Reminds me of an idiom. Keeping the fertilizer in their own field or something.

MC gotta keep that expressionless face as she gets cleaned by hubby~ (ಡ艸ಡ)

Ari’s Corner:

last one for tonight i shall endeavor to continue tmrw pray for me

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1. older brother’s wife/sister-in-law

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  1. thanks for the update~!! thanks to ari and jmin and all the sponsors hehe. now shenying would just stare and stare while her hubby does her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    I mean… with that much pampering even at the current situation, it’s obvious that even if she “broke” Zhao Zhao, all it would accomplish is that the host family would pamper her even more and would have even less time to care about her. If anything, she’d sooner be discarded as the family pour their entire resource and time to care for Zhao Zhao. How is that for dumb…?

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! The FL is a completely self-centred delusional narcissist. Even worse, she seems convinced she deserves a wonderful life just because, and resents having to actually work for it like regular folks. She probably needs a psychiatrist more than the MC… I wonder when it’s going to occur to people that there was one person who might have been in the house that they haven’t spoken to yet?

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