HAWRR Chapter 218

Chapter 218 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (15)

Ning Zhao seemed unable to understand her words, staring at her in a daze.

Yang Huiying was afraid that she did not understand and deliberately said: “They will never appear in front of you, disappeared.”

Watching the girl’s face instantly turn pale, a twisted pleasure rose in her heart. Afraid that she would be discovered if she continued staying, she quickly left the place.

Tang Zhongyi was in a very good mood today. He specially went to a famous cake shop in the city to customize a rabbit-shaped cake. When he thought about Zhaozhao’s eyes shining like the moon when she saw the cake, he felt happy.

When he arrived back at home, dinner was not ready yet, so at this time, Ning Zhao should be in her room.

He opened the door of Ning Zhao’s room: “Zhaozhao, I brought you something good…”

His words cut off. The scene before him scared him, his pupils shrinking in horror. The cake fell onto the ground with a “kuang”.

The tidy neat room appeared as if it had been ransacked, and everything was smashed. However, Tang Zhongyi’s eyes did not focus on these.

Right now, his girl was standing bare-feet in the room, and in front of her was a shattered floor-length mirror. Her white jade feet were stepping on the shards of glass.

Covered in blood.

Tang Zhongyi felt that those shards were not piercing into Zhaozhao’s feet, but piercing his heart.

He walked over quickly: “What happened?” He wanted to pull her to the side.

However, the usually docile and quiet Ning Zhao seemed to have gone crazy and she rejected his approach. Her feet stepped backwards on top of the broken mirror shards.

She appeared to feel no pain, and Tang Zhongyi, who witnessed this scene, was stunned.

Regardless of her struggles, he picked her up.

He couldn’t let her hurt herself anymore.

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Ning Zhao struggled in Tang Zhongyi’s arm. She opened her mouth and made a painful cry.

Tang Zhongyi carried Ning Zhao downstairs, and everyone that they passed by were scared by Ning Zhao’s condition.

“What’s going on?” Mother Tang rushed over and saw that Ning Zhao’s feet were bloody. She asked hurriedly: “What happened to Zhaozhao?”

Tang Zhongyi shook his head. Ning Zhao’s condition had been very stable. He did not know why she suddenly became like this.

At this time, Ning Zhao, who was in his arms, suddenly whimpered in a low voice choked with sobs: “Papa, Mama.”

Everyone present could hear it clearly and became silent.

Tag Zhongyi looked at everyone in the room, and then carried Ning Zhao to go out. “I will send Zhaozhao to the hospital first, and then come back to settle accounts. This matter, there was someone who told Zhaozhao!”

Because of Ning Zhao’s unwillingness to cooperate, Tang Zhongyi could only bring his family’s driver with him and kept holding her without letting go.

“Zhaozhao, Zhaozhao…” He kept whispering in her ear and kissing her forehead.

“I am here. I am Tang Zhongyi. I am here…”

Ning Zhao simply ignored him. She didn’t struggle. She just cried and occasionally called out “Papa” and “Mama”.

When they arrived at the hospital, she was sent to the ward. Because the patient refused to cooperate, the doctor could only give Ning Zhao a tranquilizer.

Tang Zhongyi kept watch by her side. His eyes were fixed on her face, and because she was asleep, she once again had a lovable appearance. The anger in his heart became more and more heavy.

Who was it that told Ning Zhao about this matter?!

JMin’s Corner:

My poor baby Zhaozhao… (๑ १д१)

Ari’s Corner:

AAAAAAH YHY u big bad baby (must not curse)

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10 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 218”

  1. This is my most favourite chapter of all! The FL carried out her role perfectly and the ML react out with great emotion and we as the reader can see he really love the FL like a normal person instead of because she IS the FL.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I cried 😭 I hate this YH so much. I’m not even going to call her the FL cause she isn’t one. All these new chapters made me happy. Thank you ❤️

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Re: CatBunn,

    That’s because she ISN’T the FL; the host for Gu Shengyin in each world is the actual FL, but for one reason or another (rebirth/reincarnation/transmigration/etc.) the original FL (host) had this role stolen away from her, and Gu girl is here on the mission to set things right.

    At least, that’s the premise behind the whole overarching story. There have been a couple of worlds (like this one) that haven’t explained how or why the FL halo got stolen away (which leaves plot holes), but no story is completely perfect.


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