HAWRR Chapter 217

Chapter 217 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (14)

“Xiao Qian, what are you doing?” Yang Huiying came into Tang Qian’s room and saw him holding a furry and small white rabbit in his hands.

“Does Xiao Qian like rabbits?” She asked with a smile.

Tang Qian shook his head: “I am a man. I do not like such girly things.”

“But Aunt Zhaozhao likes it ah!” Tang Qian’s dark eyes brightened as he chattered. “Little Uncle gave Aunt Zhaozhao a very big rabbit. Aunt Zhaozhao really liked it. I also want to use my pocket money to buy a small rabbit, let it wear the same clothes as Aunt Zhaozhao, and send it to her as a gift!”

Yang Huiying’s smile faded.

It was that Ning Zhao again! Why did everyone like her and want her to like them?

She pretended to carelessly say: “Didn’t you say that your Aunt Zhaozhao ignores you? Even if you send her a gift, it is probable that she wouldn’t notice.”

Tang Qian immediately refuted: “No! Recently, Aunt Zhaozhao smiled at me!”

Yang Huiying was shocked. Wasn’t Ning Zhao autistic? How was she already well?

During the entire afternoon, she was somewhat lost in thought. When she was teaching Tang Qian, she even played incorrectly several times. This made Tang Qian shake his head and imitate a kindergarten teacher’s tone of voice saying that she was not serious.

After 5 o’clock, Yang Huiying once again walked towards Ning Zhao’s piano room.

She looked at Ning Zhao from a distance and found that she was still the same as before. It was estimated that the situation that Tang Qian was talking about before was rare. It was still very possible that Ning Zhao was recovering.

Yang Huiying felt the crisis in her heart getting heavier and heavier. Ning Zhao’s existence could cause Tang Zhongyi’s entire attention to be placed on her. If she got better someday…

Could it be that she didn’t even have one bit of chance?

The more she thought, the more she became flustered.

The thought that she had in her mind from before became more and more appealing.

During the next few days, Yang Huiying secretly observed Ning Zhao’s routine.

She discovered that, every time Ning Zhao came out to play the piano, someone would be following at the side, and Tang Zhongyi would also sometimes accompany her.

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The Tang Family’s servants never leave her side, so she would definitely have no chance.

Finally, one day, the opportunity that Yang Huiying had waited for had come.

The Tang Family’s servants accompanied Ning Zhao to her room after her daily routine of playing the piano. 

No one was allowed into her room, so those people simply sent her to the door of her room and left.

Today, Tang Zhongyi had not returned home from work.

Yang Huiying stood behind one of the pillars at the side of the corridor. Ning Zhao’s room was far away from the rest of the Tang Family, because she should not be disturbed. That was why only Ning Zhao lived alone in this wing. Usually, the Tang Family’s servants were warned by the masters to not casually come to this place.

As a result, this place was extremely quiet without a single person.

Yang Huiying hesitated for a long time before she decided to open the door and entered the room.

Gu Shengyin sensed that someone had entered the room and turned her head to look. When she saw Yang Huiying, she seemed surprised. 

How did she come here?

Seeing this girl’s eyes filled with panic like a small deer, the malice in Yang Huiying’s heart increased more and more.

“Ning Zhao, right?” She slowly approached Ning Zhao, who was sitting in a chair.

The distance between them already made Ning Zhao feel unsafe, but she did not stop approaching.

Yang Huiying’s tone was filled with malice: “Do you want your mama and papa?”

Seeing that the girl’s attention was attracted by her words, she coldly laughed: “You want to see them, right? But let me tell you, you’ll never see them again. They are dead!”

JMin’s Corner:

AAaaaaaahh! YHY you so viciousss! Slowly burn in hell plsss

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YHY u bbbbbbbbb 😦

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27 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 217”

  1. You know, I thought the FL would be smart. Really, if our MC-sama were to have a mental relapse of any sort, the first suspect would be the FL. At least, she could’ve put the same amount of effort she put into stalking our MC-sama. It doesn’t take that many brain cells. For example, the FL could have ‘inadvertently’ revealed the info through a bribed subordinate, in the form of a newspaper clipping, or something. Honestly, the FL is horrendous in both moral integrity and in IQ.

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Doing this is just sick and twisted like I’ve read a lot of books with a lot of horrendous things but this is just cruel like an autistic girl did nothing to you and is no threat to you and this Btch is just going out of her way to harm her in one of the worst ways possible 😠

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Wow… what a b*tch 😤🤬. Seriously how black can this chick get?? And on a side note, how stupid can she get? Because this obviously isn’t the smartest way to get rid of a love rival 😒

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Gu Shengyin should just turn hyteria and slap that b*tch over and over till they are bleeding until someone comes.
    And then just crying that she said my pa and ma is gone. 😀
    It is a rare chance for our MC where she looks weaker than the enemies. Let’s switch tactic.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. *Taking a frantic deep breath to calm my blazing rage* FUCKING BITCH!!! Disregarding the fact that Gu Shengyin is alright, Ning Zhao was a fragile piece of glass! She’s a precious treasure! WITH A MENTAL SICKNESS!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!! I hate this kind of people the most! They looked down on people who got no choice but to be sick! It wasn’t their choice to be sick! I dare you to be like them and remain in that high pedestal of pride that you used to look down on people!!! She’s a bully! I WANT TO BEAT HER UP TILL SHE GOT SICK IN THE HEAD TOO!!!

    I hope ML installed some CCTV in that place. Please.

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  6. So she thinks she still has a chance with ML? Bych, you delusional af. The moment MC existed in your world and ML meeting her, she already captured his heart. They already fell in love a loooooong time ago so move bych you’re just a third wheeler who destroys a beautiful relationship. If you throw a tantrum like little baby bych then fite me, FITE ME.

    This little baby bych really needs spanking and face-slapping ( I just had a revelation like last chapters that the more evil and vicious a biatch or an enemy is the more satisfying it is to see the face-slapping, if the face-slapping was done beautifully)

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Sorry for the rant! This FL really gets in my nerves with her train if thoughts and sht. She acts really childish but she, a FL, actually has a plan for once and not just dumb rash actions. Too bad she ain’t going to succeed because she’s attacking the wrong girl (Great God~☆)


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  7. ah, i thought she’d be so desperate that she’s going to skip the -your parents are both dead- bit and jump straight to -i’ll wreck your hands- plan.


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