HAWRR Chapter 215

Chapter 215 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (12)

Yang Huiying hid to the side.

She watched Ning Zhao slowly walk towards her hiding spot.

The Tang Family maid following behind her seemingly had something to do and looked around. Seeing that there was nobody around, the maid suddenly left in the other direction.

Ning Zhao was left alone in this large garden.

Of course, there was also Yang Huiying hiding in the dark.

Watching Ning Zhao, who seemed to be unaware of anything around her, a malicious thought flashed in Yang Huiying’s heart. 

She knew that autistic people must not be stimulated; otherwise, it was extremely possible to have serious consequences.

Perhaps this was the reason why the Tang Family did not tell Ning Zhao about her parents.

Now, there was no one around. If…If she told her that her parents had died, what would happen to this girl? The thought swelled in Yang Huiying’s heart, like a plant that had taken root, unable to pull it out.

On one hand, she reproached herself, but still felt more secret excitement. She wanted to destroy this girl. This way, Tang Zhongyi’s eyes would turn to look at others, right?

Just as Yang Huiying’s thoughts turned dark, the Tang Family maid, who had left earlier, came back. She hid in the dark and watched them slowly walk away, disappearing at the end of the path.

This plan, she needed to carefully think it out. She couldn’t just throw herself in. 

Gu Shengyin was sitting in the room alone when Tang Zhongyi pushed open the door.

“Zhaozhao.” He called out.

Gu Shengyin slowly turned her head and looked at him.

Tang Zhongyi was very happy. His Zhaozhao was slowly accepting his existence. When he called her name, she would look back at him and sometimes even smile at him.

This was the Tang Family’s unique honor. Even the others and the 5-year-old Tang Qian could occasionally receive Zhaozhao’s glance.

He pulled out a large object out from behind him.

Gu Shengyin was surprised to find out that this rabbit wore the same clothes as her. The head had a headband, and even the shoes were the same as her own.

Obviously, this was what Tang Zhongyi specifically asked people to custom make.

Tang Zhongyi looked at the girl’s peach blossom eyes become wide with rare curiosity. She even reached out to touch it.

Sure enough, it was useful. A smile flashed in Tang Zhongyi’s eyes.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

“She is called Xiao Zhao. From now on, she will sleep in the same room as Zhaozhao.” Tang Zhongyi saw that Ning Zhao really liked it and handed it over.

Gu Shengyin had difficulty hugging the doll that was larger than her, but her eyes were full of joy.

Seeing her like this, Tang Zhongyi was also very happy. He had been contacting the specialists who were in charge of Ning Zhao. The specialists said that Ning Zhao’s situation had been very stable and had been continuously improving. If this was maintained for a long time, one day, she might be able to recover to a normal level of communication with other people.

Gu Shengyin was also putting in extreme effort to cooperate with the specialists’ “treatments”. She didn’t want to live within a shell for a whole lifetime, but she couldn’t recover so conspicuously.

Tang Zhongyi would be pleasantly surprised later on.

He gave Ning Zhao, who was lying in bed, a good night kiss as usual and was ready to leave. He did not expect that his sleeves would be gently tugged.

He stopped and turned his head, looking at the person in bed with disbelief.

Afterwards, the girl, whose eyes were originally closed, slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and lightly kissed his forehead the way he usually did to her.

Then, she raised her eyes to look at him, her eyes full of smiles.

JMin’s Corner:

YHY is so vicious ;(

Ari’s Corner: 

awwwwww I wonder how Zhongyi is gonna explode

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