HAWRR Chapter 214

Chapter 214 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (11)

Yang Huiying stared blankly at Tang Zhongyi, who never turned back as he left.

She felt incessantly wronged in her heart. She was a beautiful woman with the right curves, and there was also no lack of people pursuing her. When did she ever lower herself to apologize like this?

However, against her expectations, that man did not appreciate it and still spoke so coldly.

But…Recalling that face of Tang Zhongyi’s, Yang Huiying couldn’t blame him.

She could only transfer her heart-filled rage to Ning Zhao — It’s all that woman’s fault! If it wasn’t for her, she (YHY) wouldn’t have left a bad first impression on Tang Zhongyi.

Gu Shengyin was randomly notified by the system just as she finished playing a song: “Target Yang Huiying’s hostility value towards Host rose to 30%.”

Gu Shengyin’s finger pressed the last piano key, and the melodious music stopped.

“Why?” She was rather puzzled. Even if there were conflicts between them before, Yang Huiying’s hostility towards her was only 10%. How did it suddenly increase by 20%?

The system’s light flashed and replied: “The system detected that Yang Huiying’s primary emotional state is hate and anger.”

Gu Shengyin could not understand the source of this hate and anger.

She suddenly thought of something: “Did Yang Huiying fall in love with Tang Zhongyi?”

System: “When Yang Huiying met Tang Zhongyi, her heart rate was abnormal. There was a small increase in her body temperature and an increase of brain activity. After testing, it is possibly in line with humans falling in love.”

Gu Shengyin knew what the situation was, and after thinking about it, this pot being placed on her back was not misplaced1.

“Zhaozhao?” Tang Zhongyi had come over.

Gu Shengyin smiled at him for the first time.

Tang Zhongyi was shocked but happy in his heart. Zhaozhao acting like this, wasn’t she expressing that she was more intimate towards him?

He was delighted in his heart and tried to hold Gu Shengyin’s hand. He was pleased that, although she slightly pulled back her hand, she eventually did not pull her hand away.

Although Gu Shengyin had only smiled for such a short time, it was still enough to make Tang Zhongyi happy. He led Gu Shengyin by the hand all the way back.

In the evening, Gu Shengyin’s hair was wiped dry by him as usual. Tang Zhongyi gave her a good night kiss after she lay down in bed before slowly leaving her room.

On the other side, Yang Huiying did not give up at all. Several times, she “accidentally” bumped into Tang Zhongyi and tried to attract his attention.

However, besides impatience towards this woman, Tang Zhongyi did not have any other superfluous emotions. 

Unfortunately, Yang Huiying still managed to see him several times. The Tang Zhongyi, who was always indifferent towards her, would be carefully holding Ning Zhao’s hand, their fingers interlocked as they slowly walked through the garden.

Occasionally, Ning Zhao sat in the glass piano room playing the piano. To the side, Tang Zhongyi watched her quietly and the gentleness in his eyes was overflowing.

Like this, Gu Shengyin, who did not do anything, watched as Yang Huiying’s hostility level towards her increased more and more.

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Yang Huiying came out of Tang Qian’s room.

She should go to the residence’s entrance to leave, but with demons and gods at work2, her footstep turned and headed towards that familiar place.

As expected, she heard the familiar sound of the piano. Just as she walked to the door of the piano room, the sound of the piano had come to an end, and the person who was playing the piano stood up.

She stood to the side and watched Ning Zhao come out.

This was not her first time seeing Ning Zhao, but she would feel amazed by this girl’s appearance every time.

The warm sunset quietly shimmered over Ning Zhao’s white dress, which gave her a warm glow. Seeing Ning Zhao like this, Yang Huiying remembered a line from a poem:

She tread upon the sunlight, bringing the pure fragrance of spring wind and plants, breathtaking Dawn. 

This kind of person, even when she (YHY) looked at her, she couldn’t help but become absent-minded, let alone Tang Zhongyi, who was a man.

JMin’s Corner:

Is it time for MC vs YHY Round 2?!

YHY trying too hard to get ML’s attention *rolls eyes*

Ari’s Corner: 

Yikes green tea bitch YHY has appeared…

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1. idiom: carrying the ‘pot’ is carrying the blame for something (usually misplaced); in this case Shengyin is saying that since Zhongyi is in love with her, technically this hatred isn’t misplaced
2. idiom: unexplained event (for unknown reason)

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  1. How can you have so much hatred for an innocent, disabled person… Is this amount of jealousy really possible.? Is it because she believes herself to be superior? Can’t relate

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