HAWRR Chapter 213

Chapter 213 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (10)

Every day at 3 in the afternoon, Yang Huiying arrived at the Tang residence. Ning Zhao just had her nap, waking up at 2 o’clock. Afterwards, she takes a stroll for an hour and goes to the piano room to practice the piano.  

It just so happens to coincide with the time when Yang Huiying tutors Tang Qian, so they never met.

But one day, Yang Huiying deliberately came to the Tang residence an hour earlier.

Gu Shengyin was taking a walk and Tang Zhongyi was not at home. She was followed by several servants.

This was the housekeeper’s order. Ning Zhao was not allowed to be left alone.

Yang Huiying was not able to meet Ning Zhao. She was stopped by a good-natured and married middle-aged woman.

Yang Huiying watched this with disapproval. Obviously, this Zhaozhao was merely a guest living under another person’s roof and was not as good as her (YHY). What gave her the right to adopt such a high and mighty attitude?

However, she put a smile on her face and said: “Ning Zhao and I had some small misunderstandings before. Today, I came just to apologize.”

After having been severely warned by the housekeeper to not allow strangers to approach Miss Ning, the servant politely hinted her refusal: “I’m sorry, miss. Miss Ning likes to be left alone.”

No matter what persuasive things Yang Huiying said, she was still unable to approach Ning Zhao.

She left feeling extremely angry.

She was interested in Tang Zhongyi, so she set her plans on Ning Zhao.

Having seen Tang Zhongyi’s actions that day, it was clear that he was very careful with Ning Zhao. If she was able to have a good relationship with Ning Zhao, she might be able to change Tang Zhongyi’s opinion of her.

Unfortunately…She hatefully glared at the servant who stood not too far from Ning Zhao. These people were really inflexible.

After several days, Yang Huiying was still unwilling to give up. But in the end, she helplessly discovered that this route to Ning Zhao would simply not work. She was protected by the Tang Family members very well and just couldn’t be approached.

However, this confirmed Yang Huiying’s thoughts: Ning Zhao really did have autism.

She had chatted with a servant and even raised her voice to attract attention, but it did not work. Ning Zhao still quietly stood by herself or kept walking. Towards her (YHY), or even those servants, there was no trace of any reaction.

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Watching Ning Zhao’s behavior, Yang Huiying felt a lot more satisfied in her heart: Look at yourself, you are this proud, beautiful person with outstanding talent, but you don’t even have the most basic, most important aspect of life.

However, on the other hand, she still felt that it was unfair. Why was it that people like Ning Zhao, even if she was in this situation, even if she lost her parents, she still received the Tang Family’s care and affection in every possible way.

At the very least, she will always be a carefree Young Lady, unlike her (YHY), who needed to work hard to make a living.

On this day, Tang Zhongyi got off of work and came back. Just as he entered the door, he encountered Yang Huiying.

He did not even glance at her and continue walking past, intending to leave, but he heard Yang Huiying yell from behind: “Mr. Tang.”

Tang Zhongyi turned his head. What did this woman want?

Yang Huiying glanced at Tang Zhongyi and thought that this man looked even more fascinating after not seeing him for a couple of days.

She felt her skin become a little flushed and bashfully whispered: “The previous time I quarreled with Miss Ning Zhao, I was in the wrong. I was not aware that she had that kind of disease…”

“Shut up!” Tang Zhongyi furrowed his brows and gave her a severe look. “Who told you that Zhao Zhao has a disease? She simply does not like speaking. That’s all.”

It was too late for Yang Huiying to defend herself from Tang Zhongyi’s reprimand. She felt completely wronged and suppressed down the fury in her heart. 

“In short, I was in the wrong and came to apologize.”

Tang Zhongyi was indifferent: “You do not need to apologize. I still have the same words as before: It’s best that you don’t appear in front of Zhaozhao.”

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  1. Hmph hmph! What she cant compare to you? She has a higher birth status, her piano skills are on god-level, her beauty is on god-level. All she doesnt do is chatter and scheme like you. She is a pure untainted beauty. Keep your mortal self away from her! Hmph.

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  2. “Yang Huiying watched this with disapproval. Obviously, this Zhaozhao was merely a guest living under another person’s roof and was not as good as her (YHY). What gave her the right to adopt such a high and mighty attitude?”
    A guest of an employer is still higher ranked than the employee wtf. Plus she’s the adopted child of the tang family now. Even with the adopted child status, she still ranks higher. In what way is that disgusting FL better? (pukes) Surprised she can fit through the door and see what’s in front of her with that huge ego of hers. I want to hit something right now (preferably, FL :P)

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  3. like this girl realizes that she’s an employee right? On the same level as the housekeepers and the “help” that she seems to look down on. My god. Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. This bish is so delusional. She doesn’t compare to you huh? She has everything you don’t have be it beauty, talent or background unlike you who has none

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  5. What a FL we have this arc…. Thank you for your hard work, can’t wait for more! I’m really happy that you are picking up the second arc of “Those years when we killed the white lotus”! Thank you so much!

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  6. Yang Huiying watched this with disapproval. Obviously, this Zhaozhao was merely a guest living under another person’s roof and was not as good as her (YHY). What gave her the right to adopt such a high and mighty attitude?” I think the one with Austism is you Huiying


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